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Vivian Zems Jul 2020
In life’s rearview
Rosa refused to stand
Nelson paid the price for his land
King’s dream was shattered by a bullet
which birthed more bullets for the chocolate man
Until we said NO MORE!
CasiDia Jun 2016
on the horizon of our tribulation
 variables hover as unwritten expressions
       the plane of abstract thought
         a stream of consciousness
           holds memories from long ago

                       what comes forward
                     as sudden flashes
                   blurs the distinction
           between past and present
   uncertainty holds us close as a ghost
       our worlds float further away but
       the fatigue remains intimately alive

      when i sit alone
     he shows me that i'm small
      too imbued with a tendency
          to exude, to emote
              i am barely vocal

         the plan is predictable
       you pluck sentiment from thin air
          and with a flap of your wings
               take off into trepidation
Sydney Ann Mar 2015
All we want is to be free,
you lacked our opportunities.
You sat down with a goal in mind,
and others thought you’d crossed the line.
You fought silently until the end,
in such a sad and lifeless land.
You were a hero, plain to see,
in our hearts lives your bravery.
Kiara del Valle Jul 2014
Imagina un mundo sin guerra

Imagina un mundo sin luchas políticas

Imagina un mundo sin racismo

Sería un mundo aburrido,

un mundo sin desafíos.

No hubieramos tenido el placer de a

John Lennon

Malcom X



y Parks


Seguiriamos creando ídolos de proceres inútiles.

Por lo tanto,

gracias por la lucha,

gracias por la valentía

gracias por enserñarle a la humanidad a que no se rinda.

— The End —