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Asominate May 2019
They come in twos and threes
Glistering silver seas
Overwhelming nausea
Worsen anxieties

I feel so far apart
Separate but not separated
How can I rest in peace?
When I am here resting in pieces
Danielle Jun 2018
To dance?
The oncoming storm,
All breezy bluster and
Quicksilver lightening.
You dance in my mind
All silken whispers
And subtle grace
You dance.
Whoops a Doctor Who poem, for my favorite Doctor. Enjoy!
Zero Nine Nov 2017
Saw you on the balcony
Saw you on the asphalt
Going to your car? So,
"Hello" is what I get,
and all of it.

Saw you at the office, I
Saw you at the pharmacy
First day, your new job. So,
I won't take your time away
Thank you for the pills

Fight and fight the feeling
but there's no fight to fight.
My routine is writ in river rock,
you're looking beautiful, free,
even if your phone is in your head,
and you've routine like me.

Romance and its fickle game
stitched me up young
After years, there's no way
to escape getting better
It's better now and I'm devout
to no one but myself, but
it's been forever since
I've seen as sweet a face
when each morning delivers
bitter afternoons before
the night brings reminders
your entire day is hate.

Amber, Oceanic Blue, and Violet
In the sky, particles align

You trace the stars for me
You make me feel what I seek
Is more than drawn in dream
K Balachandran Oct 2017
As if one  moving with an intent,
the flock of birds,of same feather,
with out any flight plan whatsoever,
or navigational chart,all approved,
change formations in lightning speed,
in to shapes none can ever imagine,
breathtaking to view, different each minute,
they do this in mid flight, reminding the quicksilver
dynamics of ocean waves,each minute day and night.
Alisha Vabba Sep 2015
What a thrill to chase
Little bubbles everywhere.
Acrid shiny silvers –
They are drops of mirrors.

Look there: it is me!
It is my reflection I see,
Blazing sunlight and glee:

My volatile moods,
Etched with smiles and deadly fumes,
On my ever-changing moons.

An eternal river,
I gurgle with promise
In the soil, the air, the water –
Breathtaking and flawless.

My shiny surface
Draws you in closer.
I’m your road to gold,
the gods’ messenger.

But my scalding skin
You cannot touch
You greedy treasure scavenger.

You’re too avid and bitter
With your truths and reason –
Your reality addiction!

In the gaping darkness
I will eat you whole
Like a death trap –
A black hole.

I’m liquid metal,
I will melt your brain,
Destroy your swollen liver.

Only the mad can dip their toes
In these pools of chaos and clatter.
I’ll be the gloss on your top hat

If you’ll be my mad hatter.

— The End —