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Chaos in my mind

                 Spirals on repeat

They left me behind

                  Blisters on my feet

I’m lost and I’m blind

                   Empty and Complete  

I try to chase my thoughts

                    But they end up chasing me
anna Mar 2020
Dying out in dreams
Living another nightmare
Anxiety screams
These unlettered fears
A cosmic scare.
Will you ever shut down? Had to ask.
CasiDia Dec 2019
Providence the dreadful mystery;
The impeccable dignities and places
Sweep in spirals, from the sand;
that blowed And licked at your feet
The world Conceived before those hills
Foot-fast; Look, where He strove to get at.
BlueInkDitty Oct 2018
At a place where no one hears
At a time when no one sees
Waves flows down along with tears
And a full lovestruck world begins

There is a bitter metaphor
That let the days drip off the sun
And all the dreams that we adore
Were that full world that had begun

Spirals, spirals
The way it is
We keep going on
Spirals, spirals
The way it feels
We keep moving on

At a place where the night ends
At a time when stars burn down
Hearts open along with men
Voices become an only sound

There is a late evening laughter
That let the talks come back to live
And made the words become lighter
So the voices again could breathe

Spirals, spirals
The way it goes
We keep advancing
Spirals, spirals
The way it loves
We keep on wishing

At the center of the circle
The warm beating of living souls
That noise so soft and so little
A small echo of it still falls

At the top of the sky
Dazzling embraces in the heat
Holding close whatever comes by
Turning it into years so sweet

The way it was
We keep on learning
Spirals, spirals
The way it shows
We keep on spinning.
Maya Oct 2018
i don't want to die.
just not exist for a while.
sleeping but
the world forgets about you
for as long as you lay down.
a quiet body
in an empty room.

i am running from my problems
but i
run in
staircase infinity
Danial John Mar 2018
So what if I love you?
Do you care?
I don’t.
If you don’t try, I won’t.

I’ve tried to the best of my abilities.
To me this is a mystery.
Why do you hurt so much?
I’m in constant misery.

It’s not your fault.
Please just tell me why.
Poking and prodding,
Until they die.
Sasha Ranganath Feb 2017
drifting in and out of wakefulness
feeling everything and nothing all at once
that lump in my throat
but i can’t cry

i shut my eyes and press against them my palms.
i see swivels and vanishing spirals,
i see everything and nothing all at once
and i’m begging for it not to stop.

i scream into a pillow leaving traces of saliva
i still can’t cry, i still just can’t cry.

my head hurts like a hundred fingers flicking at it
it tingles like ants crawling underneath.
it feels sunken like the titanic with all its people
and i’m jack in the freezing water.

my eyes heave and try fluttering shut
i say no, not now.

it’s strange how my brain is a different entity,
almost like a guest that is always “going to leave”
but ends up staying the whole time.

maybe if i slit my forehead open
the ants under my skin will stop
maybe my head will finally feel light
even though my hair has been gone for days.

dear disheveled mind,
Rigmarole Aug 2016
Close your eyes
staring at the sun
it’s dropping fast
burnt umber runs

Mountain auras
dividing shadows
lights the purple line
between day and night

Dark silhouettes
sinking deep
illuminates behind
the promise of sleep

Night stars cascading
emu peeps
between milky light
eternally creeps

Shooting stars bright
inner eye sees
cacophonies of colour
shapes our very lives

It’s dreams, it’s time
it’s endless and divine
this half way place
all here, sublime

It’s spirals, it’s dots
it’s country, it’s us
explaining the universe
simple yet complex
Leal Knowone Apr 2016
There are storm clouds up in the sky
raining down terror on my eyes
humanity spirals for a slow demise
all our documentations are filled with lies

oh please wake me now this dream it is foul
see lighting touching down
am i finally awake now

see the clouds slowly passing by
see myself as I slowly die
am I falling trying to fly
searching for truth with the lies
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