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gracie 14h
Who taught us to be so
reckless? I never kiss and tell
but we’re exhaling secrets like stars
into the night air. He’s laughing at my stories and
I’m taking in the sight: sun-kissed skin and
messy brown hair, peach chapstick lips parting slightly
when I press them to mine. Spontaneous Bravery. I‘m
catching him blush then falling face-first for a
stranger, the silly boy from the bagel shop but
Does he really see me?
the bruises and lonely eyes, hands
grasping at his t-shirt when he says goodnight.
a desperate creature. He’s standing so close but
I’m begging to be closer, please

I don’t want to be alone.
KCibot Jul 27
In a tower
I built

By her
Fear and hope
Not sure

One scares
Her more
But one day
She must

Cause no
One's coming
For her
But unafraid
Anastasia Jun 12
i like
peach: the color
peach: the flavor
peach: the scent
Veronika Feb 18
I remember standing in the sea
With a pale peach grasped between my hands,
And as the wave grew closer near,
I held it up against my lips.

And closer still, the wave came near,
And there I stood, still looking on
For what to me, was an entire year
I knew I'd let the wave swallow me whole.

And for a second I caught a glimpse
Of the wave curving over my head,
I closed my eyes and held my breath,
And let the wave wash over me.

Then there remaining, I still stood
having survived the passing wave,
Peach pressed still there, against my lips
I took a bite and tasted salt
And then the sweetness of the rest.
Cataloguing my childhood
Could you smell my perfume
As you stood beside me
With him on my arm
I was hurting so badly
That was the last time we spoke
You only said "hey"
I responded with a smile
As my heart beated away
The months have flown by
This has gone on too long
I can't control my feelings
I've done nothing else wrong
Why can't I end this
I need to let go
I fell in love with a man
That I don't even know
Annie Oct 2018
I am soft.
Soft like a peach.
Peachy like a peach.
yummy like a peach.
Soft like little kisses.
I love little kisses.

I am strong like a girl.
Fight me, I bite,
not just peaches.
I am strong
of tongue and heart
and arms and legs.
Strong like carved muscle.
I love my muscle.
I write a poem every time I turn another year older; here is nineteen years old.
Amare Leslie Oct 2018
Peach roses bloom from the horizon once again
As the sun climbs underneath the sheets
before going to bed
tc Sep 2018
i wake up,
drenched in lucid dreaming
trying to hallucinate you in my room
holding buttercups under my chin
to resemble the gold in your eyes
and i’m reminiscent
of a time when peach meant
holding hands in your living room
and the specks of dust would
encircle us as though everything
was trying to show us happiness
and its various forms and so i
held your hand and we danced and
the peach curtains lit up the room.
it was your favourite in the whole
house and i remember how happy
you would get when the sunlight
poured in like flash floods.
i am drenched in lucid dreaming
reminiscent of a time when you took
my hand to hold it;
not to say goodbye.
Inked Quill Jul 2018
I’m voracious
For his passion
Seeded in
Too deep into me
My parched lips ache
To surround
His growing urgency
My gaze glides
On peachy contours
Of his chiseled body
That naked shrine
Elizabeth Jun 2018
I ate a peach the other day
It was delicious.
It reminded me of a summer day
Or a summer afternoon but,
Something of warm weather and fresh fruit.
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