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CDs Dec 2019
The gardener from thee-
a meager seed and humble need,
With a leaf within his reach,
The spell enclosed, apricot and peach,
pineapple in bloom, No rose,
No jessamine Symbols of all interposed
With a flower so sweet, like a blue eye
the gardener sighs
this Plant, is not mine.
excerpt from a cut up, unedited from it's original cut-pasting, for your pleasure.
that's it
that's the poem
A poem every day.
Ray Dunn Apr 2019
Scarring yellow acid
lovely as can be—
dripping down my cheeks,
stinging my skin
and adhearing to all—

burning the tastebuds
that keep honing it in.
Yet those yellow cubes
that break apart like strings,
will forever be my most welcomed agony
Just about pineapple. I really love pineapple but my mouth is BURNING
Riley June Apr 2019
A girl carved from pain and sculpted by trust,
She carries men on her shoulders,
Strong through christ and sure in her faith,
But a girl can't stay a girl forever so she became a queen, no,
A warrior,
Weapons in her hand but open heart she greets new friends,
Come forth and share a laugh,
Do not betray her trust not because you fear but because she should be cherished,
But at the end of the day a warrior must rest,
Take off your armor and let yourself take a break to feel everything you've stored away,
Just as you are a warrior you are also human,
That means you may fall or be tempted but don't lose focus,
Even if your body can't be strong your mind will be your engine,
So take your rest now warrior for in the morning you go back to work,
Place your pineapple armor back on and secure your pink helmet,
Life may not be safe but it is an adventure for you to enjoy,
Please remember not all who walk with you will stay,
But when they leave it opens a space for something better,
Continue your journey as you gain another year in memories you become wiser,
You have grown from the person you once were so look forward to potential,
Don't let anyone try to hold you down because a pink pineapple is rare and deserves to be celebrated.
Masha Yurkevich Apr 2019
Be a
Stand tall,
wear a crown,
and be sweet.
Naptural Mermaid Jan 2019
It’s been told she has the heart of the Sun A bright bronze sphere
That can never turn down fun
Brazen is she towards those who stand in her way
Guided by faith, her feet never stray
No matter the currents or the strength of the Tides
She goes low when they fly high
Like Hawksbill, Green, Loggerhead and Leatherback
She attains the longevity they endure
Her voice is as sweet as the Black Pineapple
Her beauty resembles the Antiguan hibiscus
Some might even say more
For her beauty is something you can’t ignore
Whenever one door closes
She makes one more open
Always giving faith a fighting chance
Whenever the option arises
She always chooses to DANCE!
As the soca rhythm flows into her blood steam
And the bright colors of carnival collide
There outshining the others
You can find the person I call my “MOM”
My Antiguan Queen
Always representing red white black blue and gold pride
Anya Oct 2018
I just realized,
I have a painting of
A pineapple
In my room
Made by
Yours truly

I have a pineapple
Hat bought on a whim
At Walmart
Last year

I have a newly bought
Because of
The sheer

I nearly googled pineapple
I used to watch Sponge Bob
(For those of you who don’t know, he lives in a pineapple)
I don’t even eat pineapples that much
What’s going on?
I think multiple
Sets of coincidences
Became a serious
But I don’t have a pineapple obsession!
Do I?
Possible weird, mildly worrying obsession of your own? Feel free to comment!
Anya Oct 2018
Today, we went backpack
and I got one
covered in pineapples
that matches my hat
from a year ago
So happy!
You know when random, little, nonsensical things make you happy?

If not, being completely confused by this poem sprung from my random bout of strangeness works too.
Cana Jun 2018
I bought a perfect pineapple
It screamed of being sweet.
It’s burnt orange blush,
It pale green spiked leaves.
To try and preserve such beauty,
Would bear sour fruit.
To fight for its posterity when it will not fight too.

So I lopped off it’s head
Carefully removed its fruit and
Casually discarded its core
And satisfied my craving
Done before you begin. Safe.
Live for the day. Trust no one with your heart. Seize what happiness you can make for yourself.
almanaK ab May 2018
21st century

on the 3rd wave

I don't gotta shave

and I'm still getting laid

Not always proud of it

But I don't gotta doubt about it

Not an Aphrodite type

Still a mighty mighty type


More like Napoleon ****

When the ego is a portal to immortal ingenuity

Lack of continuity

Paired with ambiguity

Temporary lookin scary

Pineapple prickly

Someone got the sticky

Yes I'll be home

Yes I'll be home again

I don't always need a friend

Though they always round the bin

I'm letting go I let you in

Saw the Sun felt the wind

I don't **** with retrograde

I don't always get payed

Gotta learn to make my own bliss in this day and age

Once I was a thought to them

Now I'm just that THOT to them

Back and forth her to him

Meet me in the middle then

Prickly on the outside

Juicy in the center

I could get tender

But I'm rolling with the tides
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