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Aug 10 · 646
She Is Now Used To That
S Bharat Aug 10
She Is Now Used To That

By day, she is happy
And able to spend the time
In her own imaginary world.
She manages it with her selfies
Which keep her away
From nervousness.
By the time it darkens,
The effect of her imaginary world deserts her, And she is down to earth,
Again engrossed with the harsh reality.
She becomes introvert,
Exposes herself to me
And sheds tears every night
Saying that in her showy life
There is nothing in lieu of sorrow.
But the next day, she does the same.
She is now used to that.

S. Bharat
Jun 2 · 195
I End Up Silent
S Bharat Jun 2
I End Up Silent

Suddenly I end up silent
And put aside the book
When smitten with memories.
I tilt my head backwards
In the chair and always feel
Warm tears trickle down
From the corners of eyes.
How long shall I gulp back
Tears and placate myself
That I'm happy without you?

S. Bharat
Jun 1 · 145
The Stage
S Bharat Jun 1
The Stage

I love his lines;

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women
Merely players."

And he outshines.

I hereby write on a page,
"Where are all men and women?
Bygone years?"

S. Bharat
May 22 · 360
S Bharat May 22

You don't know
How far
You appear to be

When you avoid
Don't talk to me

S. Bharat
May 19 · 294
I'm Wrong
S Bharat May 19
I'm Wrong

I'm wrong, because
I care for none
but you.

I'm wrong, because
I talk to none
but you.

I'm wrong, because
I want none
but you.

I'm wrong, because
I befriend none
but you.

I'm wrong, because
I trust none
but you.

I'm wrong, because
I love none
but you.

I'm wrong
I'm wrong?

S. Bharat
May 4 · 159
I Was Looking For Me
S Bharat May 4
I Was Looking For Me

I was looking for me.
I trudged in my sphere
And unknown boundaries crossed.
I peeped into your heart to see.
I didn't find myself there.
I was lost.

S. Bharat
May 3 · 842
So Called Friends
S Bharat May 3
So Called Friends

So called friends
As the feelingless words
They always use

Friendship with me
As mine are emotive words
And in them
I cannot

S. Bharat
May 1 · 211
The War
S Bharat May 1
The War

I remember
No white and no brown,
But gasp for air
I drown!

S. Bharat.
Apr 29 · 114
The Lamb
S Bharat Apr 29
The Lamb

Frolicking in garden, it became mute.
It thought itself as lonely as destitute.
It was threatened by the wolf in wood
And afraid to be taken away for good.
It was but young and had yet to flock.
The wolf tried it as a stumbling block.

S. Bharat
Apr 29 · 106
Let Me Tell You
S Bharat Apr 29
Let Me Tell You

Dear friend,
I saw you and found
That you are unhappy.
Please, don't feel sick at heart
After looking at those
Who are happy and revelling
At this moment.
Let me tell you one thing.
They are at peak of their joys
And have to come down.
Time flees.
The person looking outwardly happy
Can be nervous from within.
The person who continuously
laughs is lonely.
The person whose smile
Soon deserts
Him or her is really
In need of somebody's company.
The person who wants
To be surrounded by others
And in popular zone is not stable.
You may ask then
"Who is happy?"
I'll say, "No one!".
Those who claim to be happy
Are deceiving others
And themselves too.
Those who leave the people
In search of happiness
Are the ones who long for
The company of the people.
Happiness is temporary.
Mind is truth
And truth is permanent.
Keep it in your mind.
You will never be sorry.

S. Bharat
Apr 27 · 154
S Bharat Apr 27

"Look at yourself.
You are wrong all along.",
She blamed.

"Okay! I accept that
if you think so.
Will you believe
if I say that
there is nothing of the kind?",
He said.
the silence pervaded
all over.

S. Bharat
Apr 19 · 754
My Childe
S Bharat Apr 19
My Childe

Bloweth a wave of air
By the sun doth rise.
An Angel doth appear
In a Lassie's guise.

"I will take birth
As thy childe - wise,
Fairest on the earth
With pretty eyes."

"The God's grace!"
Quietly I replied
Glowed her face
And she smiled

"I change thy race",
Quoth the Lassie,
"As doth fair dress
Enrich form classy."

"Thy wife be the gal
Purely thou love
Be thy beautiful pal;
Be thy heart's dove"

"Speak heart to gal
What lie deep in mind
How she doth enthral;
How she is so kind."

"Call her in a way
She shall surely come",
Lassie doth say;
"Me - thy child at home"

"No, My Childe!
She won't come."
"Is she not mild?
She hath other home?"

"Yes, My Childe!
She hateth me,
Soon goeth wild
And will scold thee."

"Forgive me, I see no ray",
Imploringly I do plea.
"This maketh her no day.
But unknown doth see."

"She too doth thy care.
No, Pop, think no evil.
A mask she doth wear,
Being afraid of Devil."

"Wish Mom doth dare,
Beareth me in no dispair",
Lassie doth disappear.
Her voice vanisheth in air.

S. Bharat
Apr 18 · 509
On Birthday
S Bharat Apr 18
On Birthday

Wake up, my shining pearl!
The moon has bidden adieu.
You are such a lovely girl,
The god can't help loving you.

Wake up, my little sparrow!
The day is fresh and new.
Take yourself out of sorrow.
Everyone is waiting for you.

Hello, the chaos will ensue,
Dear, if you avoid them all.
They are dying to see you
Since the previous nightfall.

S. Bharat
Apr 17 · 93
The Tears
S Bharat Apr 17
The Tears

An empty heart
in curled arm
Pretends to be
solid rather,

Trickle down
the tears warm
For I feel myself
the other

S. Bharat
Apr 17 · 388
On Love
S Bharat Apr 17
On Love

I hate you as much you're loved
Because you've saddened a lot
Now I don't want this melancholy
To settle down upon my spirit
But still I'm unable to get you off

S. Bharat
Apr 17 · 80
My Heart
S Bharat Apr 17
My Heart

A tight feeling is there
In my heart
It has begun to throb
I miss you

A shudder runs through
All my frame
I decide to brace myself
But I relent

S. Bharat
Apr 17 · 122
The Mirror
S Bharat Apr 17
The Mirror

Since she was distressed
At miss or languor,
She broke into the room,
Muttering in anger.

She turned head to right,
Again slowly to left.
Keenly she observed face
And noisily wept.

She wore the fancy dress
Made up of the wool,
Before Mirror she cried,
"Am I not beautiful?"

"You, lowborn!" she ground,
"I tried the whole"
Mirror said, "I wish I could
Show your soul."

S. Bharat
Apr 15 · 881
The Condition
S Bharat Apr 15
The Condition

I liked when I partly heard
They had the vacancy
Reserved especially for a girl.

They didn't want very educated
But the beautiful one.
And my head was in a whirl.

S. Bharat
Apr 14 · 257
The Gust
S Bharat Apr 14
The Gust

I shatter the lull and drift
The dry leaves and dust
Even inside the threshold
Because I am the Gust

Today I have brought
Cool wind of the sky dull
Sky has sent the message
Of the Rain's arrival

The sizzling Day living
In May has been told
But his Night is remained
Completely untold

Black clouds rule over Sky
I convey you renegade all
You will be responsible for
This upcoming rainfalls

Lightning threatens Soil
War has begun with Sound
Birds shall take shelter and
Cry with yelping hound

I carry the smell of lumps
Yet, it is pleasing to some
And they are unaware
Of what is about to come

S. Bharat
Apr 13 · 351
The Beauty
S Bharat Apr 13
The Beauty

She was the artistry
Of the artisan
That they spent their
Hours to see

They lost themselves
Or the reason
After watching - they
Spoke with me

She was the beauty
Curing the pain
That they adored and
Could not part.

I was suggested by
One of the men
I should show her my
Broken heart.

With my heart she had
Nothing to do
She remained mute and
Unfeeling too

I realised I could not
Fulfil my goal
For she was the idol
Without soul.

 S. Bharat
Apr 13 · 83
Defining Beauty
S Bharat Apr 13
Defining Beauty

"In being the beauty lies
Above all does rise
Through efforts and errors
Not before the mirrors"
- S. Bharat
Apr 12 · 108
The Best Friends
S Bharat Apr 12
The Best Friends

Breath and Love, the best friends
Have a quarrel one day.
"I stand by you. Do you know that?"
Vehement Love says;

"You are unworthy. Bear in mind",
Love harshly blames.
Breath is listening to Love silently
And nothing claims;

"I reside in longing and yearning"
Overhastily Love raves.
The words "Where are you?" hurt
And make Breath grave.

As Love has disowned as a friend,
Breath turns to depart,
With a wistful smile says to Love,
"Ask your own heart."

S. Bharat
Apr 12 · 509
The Drama
S Bharat Apr 12
The Drama

The Naari and the Sage in the glade
The drama is being played.
What beauty on earth turns your gaze?
The Naari asks to the Sage.
My bonny waist, neck, face or curves?
The Sage is out of his nerves.
Neither your body nor a beautiful saari
Turns my gaze to you, Naari.
In Karma that power takes its origin.
That is the beauty, he grins.
What the hell puts on the face avarice?
In the ******* husky voice?
The Fury bursts and vents her anger,
What raises an ****** hunger?
Why on earth do you have comely god?
And the **** is seen as odd?

S. Bharat
Apr 12 · 300
The Magician
S Bharat Apr 12
The Magician

Listen to my song
That I sing, O folk!
I play these tricks,
And feelings invoke.
I make you believe,
You take a pause;
Astonished you all
Give me applause.
I make you fool,
Have a demonic smile.
It gives pleasure
That makes me vile.
Lo, l laugh at you;
I feign happy or wise;
But it is short-lived
As I tell you all lies.

S. Bharat
Apr 12 · 235
The Earth
S Bharat Apr 12
Save Me

I quench thy thirst
And rear thee,
Thou consume and
Just eat at me.

Thou deaden a lot.
I expect fee,
Not thee to yield,
Come to knee

Solely I am thine,
I love thee
When thou care for
And save me.

When devastated
I will be, See!
Thou will also, Dear,
No longer be.

S. Bharat
Apr 12 · 185
On Impertinence
S Bharat Apr 12
On Impertinence

Today I smile by myself
When you long for
Speaking with me.
I remember you turned
Your back on me.
Tossing your keys
In the air you stalked out.

S. Bharat
Apr 12 · 378
Gliding Veil
S Bharat Apr 12
Gliding Veil

With gliding veil in dark wood
Unknown woman years stood
Beheld the way-strayed King,
Fuddled in his amorous ring.
Undressed her backward view
He saw and cloth tried to give.
To extend hand, to touch skin
Were his ideas her heart to win.
The glory and kingdom I shun,
In search of true queen do runn.
Noble thou look, on thee I dote,
He handed and lines did quote.
She fell and into pieces broke
Just as he touched as a crock.
In fright chest began to heave,
Come to senses - he withdrew.
The sedate King lost in thought;
Beauty, the volant veil brought?
Put life in an immovable queen,
Fostered feeling wind unseen?

S. Bharat
Apr 12 · 812
A Lad
S Bharat Apr 12
A Lad

Since they spoke
And made me do,
I saw they cut a joke,
And I did too.
Why they hit me then
I didn't know.
I learned by myself
And did grow.
Then I saw them and
How they spoke;
I laughed at them when
They cut the joke.

S. Bharat
Apr 12 · 1.5k
The Roses
S Bharat Apr 12
The Roses

O, the Flowers lying
On the bed!
Never blame the Roses
That rise far afield and fade.
For they never lose
Their grace
Like the Flowers wilted
In the vase.

S. Bharat
Apr 12 · 779
Your Love
S Bharat Apr 12
Your Love

Your love was very quaint
Like the dew upon leaves.
That in the jiffy vaporised
As though streaks of rays
Incident upon them burnt.

S. Bharat
Apr 12 · 101
When I Talk To You
S Bharat Apr 12
When I Talk To You

You're very close
When I talk to you
I trust you twofold
When I continue.
Don't mistake me
When I do explore.
For you're a friend,
Loved even more.

S. Bharat
Apr 12 · 95
The Bridge
S Bharat Apr 12
The Bridge

I'm afraid of you all
running fast.
You are not to
get to other side.
The bridge is
unending and vast.
You have
its chunk
not very wide.
See, you just have to
walk along.
Someday we will
stop our course.
Look on both sides,
sing its song,
And make your journey
no worse.

S. Bharat
Apr 12 · 338
S Bharat Apr 12

"Watch this video today",
Say the laughing boys -
Far afield from warmth,
Tenderness and joys.

"A person has committed
Suicide under the train;
He is cut and writhing dies"
Is their constant refrain.

"He struggles violently for
The two minutes in suicide",
They reiterate and I frown
At them - dumb wide-eyed.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 11
What We Have We Give Away

A fake smile she wore.
But her eyes betrayed.
"What we have we give away
...but", she cut herself.
I wondered at the way
She spoke, "Lovers deserve that",
And how much pain
So far she had weighed.
The sorrow she smiled away
And "Leave it" she said.

S. Bharat
Apr 11 · 82
S Bharat Apr 11

"Here I live where
I decided to depart,
I sit alone. From me,
everyone lives apart."

"Everything is barren.
No one calls on me,
Though I don't speak
to them, they flee,"

"I'm tired of my face,
I miss my earlier days,
Ask the God for my life
again", the ghost says.

S. Bharat
Apr 11 · 63
In The Street
S Bharat Apr 11
In the Street

As I walk alone
in the street
I see the people
and greet.
Some are lovely,
some cheat.
No matter if they
retreat and hit,
I love them because
Who knows
whether or not
We'd again meet?

S. Bharat
Apr 11 · 223
If You Were
S Bharat Apr 11
If You Were

If you were my friend,
All things you would share;
I would not be alone there.

If you were my friend,
You would not talk to HER;
I would not be the stranger.

If you were my friend,
You would tolerate my SLAP;
You would not widen a gap.

If you were my friend,
You would firstly ask "WHY?"
Binding you would not untie.

If you were my friend,
You would not make a fuss;
I would not be YOU but US.

S. Bharat
Apr 11 · 353
The Girl
S Bharat Apr 11
The Girl

My life was dull and lonely
She had put her steps in.
Oh God! I had loved wholly
The girl before never seen.

What the beautiful grace!
She had forelocks let down.
Curled around a long tress!
She was a queen with crown.

My world her arrival changed.
My happiness reached high.
No sphere it left to be ranged.
No bounds knew my joy.

One day our relationship
Was affected by an evil eye.
Her ailment sank me deep,
And she said me goodbye.

"Have company of someone"
She said before she went.
"My heart beats for none"
I said, "but the heaven-sent"

How could He be unkind?
She had the untimely death?
No defect was in my mind.
I'd love till my last breath.

As she was my one and all
I have been weak and wept.
Each day and night I recall
Her ever since she has left.

S. Bharat
Apr 10 · 366
The Post
S Bharat Apr 10
The Post

I went to picnic spot and had a lot of fun
With cousin and di
I took some selfies and later on posted
Them on WhatsApp to see
I checked in the morning I got two views,
Thirty two at noon and in the evening added few,
Seventy five by eight and eighty four by nine.
But they were not seen by the best friend of mine.
Why he didn't see? Why he didn't see?
Wasn't he angry with me?
Was he angry? He was angry? Was he?
With me! With me!

S. Bharat
Apr 10 · 726
The Sparrow
S Bharat Apr 10
The Sparrow

I desired to be loved
and flew down to them
They were so kind that
They just fondled and
Set me free to fly away.

S. Bharat
Apr 10 · 910
The Post
S Bharat Apr 10
The Post

I went to picnic spot and had a lot of fun
With cousin and di
I took some selfies and later on posted
Them on WhatsApp to see
I checked in the morning I got two views,
Thirty two at noon and in the evening added few,
Seventy five by eight and eighty four by nine.
But they were not seen by the best friend of mine.
Why he didn't see? Why he didn't see?
Wasn't he angry with me?
Was he angry? He was angry? Was he?
With me! With me!

S. Bharat
Apr 10 · 936
The Hummingbird
S Bharat Apr 10
The Hummingbird

The golden egg, an Owl put
In the nest of nerd,
Out of which came then
The Hummingbird.

A gemmy nestling saw nerd,
the sooty Raven
He was terribly shocked and
in grief driven.

Aware Peahen asked Raven
Eyes aren wet?
Seethingly he answered her
The little I hate.

The restless little flatters,
As a bee unstable
And hovers above flowers
Which do wobble.

Belated Peahen took Raven
To Peacock White.
The incident she explained,
And story did recite.

Let my wisdom penetrate,
In thy empty brain,
Love begets love; hate hate
Said Whitish sane.

Take care of her, no her liberty,
The little be free.
Wish she pearches on loyalty;
A branch of Tree.

S. Bharat
Apr 10 · 1.3k
The Flowers
S Bharat Apr 10
The Flowers

What happy and pretty
You look
I said to some flowers
And shook

Happiest moment in life
Said the flowers
When in search of nectar
The bee hovers

I said it's very interested
and swollen
Has selfish purpose and
Carries pollen

You pluck, hand over us
When you meet
***** down us on floor
We lie at feet

Our friends, our chums
Butterfly and bee
Bluntly said the flowers
And rejected me

S. Bharat
Apr 9 · 710
In The Engulfing Sea
S Bharat Apr 9
In The Engulfing Sea

On the voyage sets out a crew,
In the engulfing sea
Where the storms of thoughts brew,
A sound comes "Save me",
On the board is a man taken new
Saved, seeking peace
Who has his journey to pursue
And always feel at ease;
Where he finds Jesus Christ grieve
For His innocent children,
On the shaft, Socretis decipher dew
Supposed mad by men,
Exploring world Darwin and a Jew
The origin and the gale,
Tukarama explaining Chitta to few
Thinking on smaller scale,
The ways for salvation Buddha hew
To avoid painful death,
Shakespeare saying; "Brutus, You
Too" during last breath.

S. Bharat
Apr 9 · 1.9k
The Master
S Bharat Apr 9
The Master

The Master had a dog
And a docile goat.
Once he went through
Jungle in the boat.

There, he left his dog
Known as bad hat.
The dog returned home
And received a pat.

The Master's was then
A sweet darling pet.
It made the dog happy,
The goat very upset.

The goat annoyed none,
Made no mistake.
Still she was ******* to
A rusty-iron stake.

S. Bharat
Apr 9 · 4.0k
S Bharat Apr 9

I waited
for long time.
My hope will

changes clime,
When you will

I asked for.
Some bliss
To me.

I desired
Not a life nor
You just miss

You become
And express

Felt some
And confess
The heart leap,
Your aptitude,

The heart keep
And in solitude

S. Bharat
Apr 9 · 701
The Man
S Bharat Apr 9
The Man

I was thirsty; he gave no help.
Thence I kept no book on my shelf.
All ocean he wanted to gulp
And keep rest of them to himself.

S. Bharat
Apr 8 · 5.6k
The Peak Of Success
S Bharat Apr 8
The Peak of Success

The reason
My professor loved me
So much,
I thought there was
Something to be known.
When I asked him
To give its account,
He smiled and
Had something nice
To be shown.
He opened his diary then,
Some lines he sought.
Once you'd opined,
he said then,
It was the great thought
On the peak of success
(in your mind).
He continued his talk
And told the rest,
It shouldn't be having
The tip and cliff
Or that of the Everest.
A question you'd raised,
What if it is
The Table Mountain
And its land?
You meant, its crest,
Where everyone
Could stand.

S. Bharat
Apr 8 · 1.3k
The Secrets
S Bharat Apr 8
The Secrets

It is mind which brings for what you yearn;
This is the gist of book by Byrne.
“Thoughts are contagious.” I changed mine.
“Let them be positive” said Einstein
Energy, frequency and vibes you ever knew
Are the secrets in Tesla's view.
What Buddha had told made my head reel;
“You can attract what you feel.”
“If you think you lack nothing” said Lao Tzu
“The whole world belongs to you.”

S. Bharat
Apr 8 · 243
S Bharat Apr 8

They're footsteps in a way
Left behind on a sea shore
By the girl who walks away.

The footsteps slowly fade
With some distance and
With her every step ahead.

They're no longer the same.
For the ageless waves are
Constantly wiping off them.

S. Bharat
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