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S Bharat Apr 2019
The Secrets

It is mind which brings for what you yearn;
This is the gist of book by Byrne.
“Thoughts are contagious.” I changed mine.
“Let them be positive” said Einstein
Energy, frequency and vibes you ever knew
Are the secrets in Tesla's view.
What Buddha had told made my head reel;
“You can attract what you feel.”
“If you think you lack nothing” said Lao Tzu
“The whole world belongs to you.”

S. Bharat
b mafika Mar 2017
Should I wait sometime
to tell her how I feel for her? If so,
when does the coral reef know
when to spawn? They say on the fifth night
after the November full moon. Her birthday
is too far away to see from here; her eyes:
two flashes of light on the horizon.
My mother and sister mentioned I stay still
12 weeks, Lao Tzu said until my mud settles.
Tamia and Charmaine insisted now. I looked
to Rumi, and he smiled back patience.
A patient person does not have to ask how long?
And here I am: counting
the minutes between her texts,
on her replies as breaths;
poring over
the pictures of her - in my hand, in my mind.
One moment she feels close, the next
she is the grain of sand I try to keep in my palm.
Patience is praise, says Rumi.
In it the right action will arise, added Lao Tzu.
That is where I must be, whispers my heart.
Beau Grey Apr 2016
Vapid people
dribbling vapid ****.
A society of ****-eyed,
drunken infants
debating politics memorised
from Fox News.

We, the awakened,
plastering social media
with doll-faced mannequins
captioned with some Eastern Philosophy
we read in Cosmo,
enhanced with a filter
titled "Who The **** Is Lao Tzu?"
Comments read: goals af.
(Insert emoji here)

And praise the Indigo Children!
It's a true gift indeed
to talk about activism
until blue in the face.
My, what a spiritual hue, are you.
Are you?

A generation of craft makers,
weaving their way
through the alcoholic labyrinth,
drawing the Hungover Man
from a Rider Waite tarot deck,
for another episode of Dull and Duller
next weekend.
I'm not as cynical as my writing.
Matt Jan 2015
Look, but you can't see it
Listen, but you can't hear it
Reach out, but you can't touch it.
Invisible, inaudible, intangible.

The One.

I was going for another drive
An evening drive
Everyday consciousness
People coming and going
Walking dogs
Truly beautiful
First six lined are from a poem by Lao Tzu
Matt Sep 2014
The Highest Excellence
The highest excellence is like (that of) water.
The excellence of water appears in its benefiting all things,
And in its occupying,
Without striving (to the contrary),
The low place which all men dislike.
Hence (its way) is near to (that of) the Tao.

The excellence of a residence is in (the suitability of) the place;
That of the mind is in abysmal stillness;
that of associations is in
Their being with the virtuous;
That of government is in its securing
Good order;
That of (the conduct of) affairs is in its ability; and
That of (the initiation of) any movement is in its timeliness.

And when (one with the highest excellence) does not wrangle (about
His low position), no one finds fault with him.
By: Lao Tzu
Chad Chumley Jun 2014
The Sage is only one form of life or attitude.
There are many other attitudes that I must portray
To feel a sense of connection.

Lao Tzu wrote:
“(Sages) conduct the teaching of no words.”
Silence is special to me.
When it rests in my heart
It allows me to soar in the realm of transcendence.

Lao Tzu wrote:
“They work with myriad things but do not control.”
It’s like my alter ego of Facebook
Trying to control the thoughts of others
With my own thoughts.
In reality I’m just sharing ideas,
But sharing can take on it’s own demon.

Lao Tzu wrote:
“They succeed but do not dwell on success.”
I’m on a successful curve in life right now.
At times I’m afraid I’ll lose what I have.
Success seems to be the dream of a lot of people,
but what is success?
I’ve heard there’s a place in our brain that
Judges gains and losses.
I think my only alternative to dreaming of success
Is to simply BE.
This is said as if I didn’t need to say it.
All positions of reality are true in their own realm,
But when comparing them
What can beat the Sage?

Lao Tzu wrote:
“Too many words hasten failure.
Cannot compare to keeping to the void.”

— The End —