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Northern Poet Sep 14
My timeline is filled
With self indulgent selfies
Searching for gratification
And self satisfaction
Need to get an instant reaction
Some social media traction
There's no time for distraction
From this digital attraction
You can't get enough
Of the interaction
1,000 poses in your camera roll
Narcissists are taking control

It doesn't matter
What the time
Come wind, rain
Snow or shine
Just make sure
You look devine
Lick your lips
You're looking fine
Flip the camera
And strike a pose
Making sure
Everybody knows
Here's your next
Digital daily dose
Does it really matter
Which ******* filter you chose?
I feel like I've lost my soul
Narcissists are taking control

The bathroom
Is the perfect spot
Take your picture
Before you Photoshop
Bunny ears
And a rainbow smile
Frogs legs
And a crocodile
Snapping away
Well all the while
You could have been
Down the Curry Mile
Instead you're out there
On your own
Sat at home
On your ******* phone
Sharing pictures
With people you don't know
You'll end up on the ******* dole
Narcissists are taking control

1,000 poses in your camera roll
Mirror selfies
And online trolls
Constantly searching
To find your soul
There's no way out
Of this black hole
Just one more post
On your way home
Narcissists are taking control
Starry Aug 31
The doctor smile
So gently yet
Full of joy
I am smiling because of I good
For the was no drama
For me.
AsianTapWater Aug 20
Drones fly through the hivebatch,
Watching those disgusting lowbloods
Go on with their day.

Burgundy, bronze, gold.
Lowblood, lowblood, and yet another lowblood.
How dreadfully boring this place is.

Why don’t we change things up a bit?
Why don’t we hear those little ones scream?

Missile after missile
Is shot from my ship.
Scream after scream
Is let out by the children.

Something fun!

Why don’t we take a picture
To remember this day?

Scarlet flames dance around
Ashes that were once bodies.

I grab my palmhusk
And take a selfie.

Ψish you Ψere here!
I replayed Hiveswap: Act 1 yesterday. Here’s a poem inspired by Trizza Tethis’s selfie at the end of the act.

When is Act 2 coming out???
S Bharat Aug 10
She Is Now Used To That

By day, she is happy
And able to spend the time
In her own imaginary world.
She manages it with her selfies
Which keep her away
From nervousness.
By the time it darkens,
The effect of her imaginary world deserts her, And she is down to earth,
Again engrossed with the harsh reality.
She becomes introvert,
Exposes herself to me
And sheds tears every night
Saying that in her showy life
There is nothing in lieu of sorrow.
But the next day, she does the same.
She is now used to that.

S. Bharat
Zywa Jul 15
A saint of stone
has broken his neck
embraced by a boy

His head is in the middle
of the parvis, between the ribbons
red-white like the ambulance

for the wanton tourist
who wanted to appear
with a unique background

without a notion of art
or an eye for the craftsmanship
of Bernardo Falconi

let alone some sense
of the religious meaning
of Sebastian's martyrdom

but attracted
by the divine beauty
of his naked body
“Grand Hotel Europa” (2018, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, § 19-5)

Collection “Blown sand”
Stanislav Jun 18
Clear blue skies;
under the coconut trees
I’m taking a selfie.
H3L3 May 18
So you're insecure...
You've come to the right place
I wear the mask of alter
and then dance the night through peoples eyes
Oh sweet golly another one? Hidden meaning maybe.. :)
S Bharat Apr 8
When I Take A Selfie

I always have a lot of fun
In the mist of my own
I fall in love with me
When I take a selfie

I walk around the place
Caring for my pretty face
It is so pleasing to me
When I take a selfie

I meet girls and women
And tell them in vain
This is memory for me
When I take a selfie

My beauty drives me crazy
Always keeps me busy
I always think only of me
When I take a selfie

I get an immense pleasure
To open up the treasure
I look at none but me
When I take a selfie

S. Bharat
Anya Mar 26
I took a selfie today, on the swing
For some reason I've been taking them all week
Bored at the grocery store
No motivation in my room
A smile,
constantly displaying my bulging acne,
like little polka dots
marring my-
Smile a little strained,
Unable to release or
Just no

I took a selfie today, on the swing
The swing obviously more suitable for my ten year old brother
Left behind by one of the previous occupants
Quite low to the ground,
Meant for children                        Not
a teenager searching for an escape
Making a fool of herself
Back and forth              back and forth                    back and-

I took a selfie today, on the swing
And it's the prettiest I'd ever been
Because I didn't care anymore,
and I      was                                                    f
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