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H3L3 May 18
So you're insecure...
You've come to the right place
I wear the mask of alter
and then dance the night through peoples eyes
Oh sweet golly another one? Hidden meaning maybe.. :)
S Bharat Apr 8
When I Take A Selfie

I always have a lot of fun
In the mist of my own
I fall in love with me
When I take a selfie

I walk around the place
Caring for my pretty face
It is so pleasing to me
When I take a selfie

I meet girls and women
And tell them in vain
This is memory for me
When I take a selfie

My beauty drives me crazy
Always keeps me busy
I always think only of me
When I take a selfie

I get an immense pleasure
To open up the treasure
I look at none but me
When I take a selfie

S. Bharat
Anya Mar 26
I took a selfie today, on the swing
For some reason I've been taking them all week
Bored at the grocery store
No motivation in my room
A smile,
constantly displaying my bulging acne,
like little polka dots
marring my-
Smile a little strained,
Unable to release or
Just no

I took a selfie today, on the swing
The swing obviously more suitable for my ten year old brother
Left behind by one of the previous occupants
Quite low to the ground,
Meant for children                        Not
a teenager searching for an escape
Making a fool of herself
Back and forth              back and forth                    back and-

I took a selfie today, on the swing
And it's the prettiest I'd ever been
Because I didn't care anymore,
and I      was                                                    f
Aatir Kamaal Mar 21
Selfie... Selfie... The trends been going selfeye...

With this trend comes a blend, pouts... like they are kissing themselves for being screen ******

With social media in place, selfie is the one with pace

They even got an app out for it instagram, that make people instapout

People get 1000 likes for posting instant selfie, giving false notion of that they are friendly

People chatting all night long becoming woolly when it comes to confront with face on

Do you know the fun fact, selfie kills more than shark bites

Futile competition of FRIENDS + LIKES = NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY over the time

Close ones want to know how are you doing, a mere picture of you is just a façade

So when are you dialing that number in your phone, just to know how you forgot to talk

The very same social media that promise to bridge the gap, made you incapable of having a conversation with the very same friend’s list you flaunt
What is a selfie ?
Lew Dec 2018
i've been off the grid for some time now
even deleted my Facebook account
and all that's left when you search for me
is my mugshot from 2003

i guess i'm just a criminal
nothing to show to the eyes of the world
but I don't care about
proving myself to you

i look around me and all i see
are people looking down at cellphone screens
how many more deaths' by selfie will there be?

i guess i'm just too cynical
nothing to show to the eyes of the world
but i don't care about proving myself to you
Micaela Nov 2018
you give
a lot more
likes on my selfie

than you
give to my
attentive words.

i get
a bit more
sense of my self-fee--

thank you--
now i know
what you preferred
ashley lingy Nov 2018
I pretend I don't know why I take you.
But really,
I like to chronicle my days, my moods, my looks.
Did I put makeup on that day?
Was I tired?
Was I happy? Smiling?
Forcing a smile?
Using a filter?
The truth is written all over my face,
if you know where to look.
The Nada Nov 2018
It always hides
The twinkle in black and white
It dances in the bright
Masked in the deep night.
This is me, your smile.
The Nada
Scorpius Jul 2018
I find
In the frame,
Bound by
The aperture
And the mirror’s edge.
I trace
The slopes
Of shoulders
Into arms,
Of bones
Over *******.
I circle the button
And sink within.
And today,
In this hotel bathroom
With modern lines
And a touchy thermostat,
I remember
Other mirrors
In other bathrooms
Showing me what you see.
So I click and hit send
Before looking again.
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