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S Bharat Apr 8
The Peak of Success

The reason
My professor loved me
So much,
I thought there was
Something to be known.
When I asked him
To give its account,
He smiled and
Had something nice
To be shown.
He opened his diary then,
Some lines he sought.
Once you'd opined,
he said then,
It was the great thought
On the peak of success
(in your mind).
He continued his talk
And told the rest,
It shouldn't be having
The tip and cliff
Or that of the Everest.
A question you'd raised,
What if it is
The Table Mountain
And its land?
You meant, its crest,
Where everyone
Could stand.

S. Bharat
Dr Bob Bruck Apr 7
I climb to feed the rat
           A gnawing unsatiable parasite
I climb not to die
            But to live
The knife-edge ridge beckons
             Could cut me to ribbons
The vertical ice shines - come forth
              Into my womb
One foot after another
My lungs heave
               My body yearns
I see visions
                But are they real?
The white citadel calls
                 Come- and see God
Like a snake
                  In a Gadda Da Vida
Come to me
                  And die in my arms
Toxic yeti Mar 10
As I climb Everest
I end up seeing
Maybe if the climbers
Who didn’t make it
I am starting to hallucinate
Or are there ghosts?!
Toxic yeti Mar 1
As the full moon
Roses over the mountain tops
In a plum purple sky
Of dusk
There stands Everest
Waiting for me
To climb it.
Toxic yeti Feb 12
I as I think of
The next chat
We have
I have question
That might shock you
Would you
Mind climbing Everest
With me
Maybe we can
We can couple in
The safety and comfort
Of our tent.
I won’t go
Monk chasing.
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
That mountain that you climbed
You told me it felt like Everest
You were so blind
In a land so treacherous

But in reality
It was just an anthill
A speck of salt in the dead sea
On a diet of sleeping pills

Far from base camp
Give me your hand
I will be your hurricane lamp
You and I will trek this land

Let me be your guiding Sherpa
And conquer this depressing frozen peak
Baby steps to conquer inertia
Companionship is what we both seek

You don't have to be alone in your depression
At least I don't want to be
I guess this is my confession
I need you and I want you to need me
Bee Feb 2018
Every morning I
jump out of an airplane with
out a parachute:

Swallows Starlings and
Ancient Sparrows caress Me
through Mt. Everest,

Humming Magpie’s hang
on to my fingertips past
Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Plummeting over
the lark’s meadow the loon’s lake
and today seems small.

Fifteen-thousand feet
holds the rebirth of rubber
band resiliency,

Chant with my feathers
now bound to tumbling shoulder
blades like holy fowl.

Destiny a grail
all-embracing imminent

Morning endures as
I ascend our reflecting clouds
“Today is the day”.
aurora kastanias May 2017
Each pace forward moved the summit further
As I climbed my Everest, twenty-nine thousand and six
Footsteps in the past, twenty-two more to go,
When suddenly the mount, the goddess,
Mother of the Universe, smiled at me from above.

Her grace was gentle though her presence alone
Felt like a menace. I knew I carried within me
All the ignominy of human being. An offense to her essence,
Physics and doing, ‘How dare I be there, scramble over
And trample her only to prove to my Self I could?

Fear suggested my surrender, retrace my steps
Back to humbleness, place my Self where it belonged.
Yet I froze and could not move, immensity had got the best
Of me, making me believe that I was too little of a creature
To attempt being greater than what I was.

The paralysing nature of such ludicrous belief had me
Hanging from a root seeking to survive despite it.
The goddess continued to smile at me from above, unwilling
To help, I thought. And as I was losing my grip, conquered by fatigue,
She spoke: ‘If you trust in me, let go!’ and so I did.
n.b.: Chomolungma is the Chinese name for Mount Everest, meaning Goddess Mother of the Universe, 29,028 feet high.
Ronjoy Brahma Sep 2016
आं मासे दाउसिन जानायमोनब्ला
अब्ला आं बहा बिरलांगौमोन-
माउण्ट एभारेष्टनि जौसिन थिखिनियाव
बिरलांगौमोन आं बर'फनि गेजेराव
बयनिबो जौसिन थिखिनि
दुलाराइ मुलुगनि
जौसिन गासै हाजोफोरनि
आं गाहायाव नायहरगोन
सारिगिदिँ मुलुगखौ
सावगारि एरखांगोन
बेसेदि समायना नुयो बुहुमखौ
हिमालय हाजोनि सारि
नेपाल आरो तिब्बेत
गाखोगोन आरो गाखोगोन थाखो थाखो
जेब्लासिम थिखिनि मोना
एभारेष्टनि थिखिनि गोजौसिन
अख्रां मोनहैजासिम गोजौआव
आं मासे दाउसिन जानायमोनब्ला
अब्ला आं बिरलांगौमोन एभारेष्टआव
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