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S Bharat Apr 17
On Love

I hate you as much you're loved
Because you've saddened a lot
Now I don't want this melancholy
To settle down upon my spirit
But still I'm unable to get you off

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 13
The Beauty

She was the artistry
Of the artisan
That they spent their
Hours to see

They lost themselves
Or the reason
After watching - they
Spoke with me

She was the beauty
Curing the pain
That they adored and
Could not part.

I was suggested by
One of the men
I should show her my
Broken heart.

With my heart she had
Nothing to do
She remained mute and
Unfeeling too

I realised I could not
Fulfil my goal
For she was the idol
Without soul.

 S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 12
Your Love

Your love was very quaint
Like the dew upon leaves.
That in the jiffy vaporised
As though streaks of rays
Incident upon them burnt.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 10
The Sparrow

I desired to be loved
and flew down to them
They were so kind that
They just fondled and
Set me free to fly away.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 11
The Girl

My life was dull and lonely
She had put her steps in.
Oh God! I had loved wholly
The girl before never seen.

What the beautiful grace!
She had forelocks let down.
Curled around a long tress!
She was a queen with crown.

My world her arrival changed.
My happiness reached high.
No sphere it left to be ranged.
No bounds knew my joy.

One day our relationship
Was affected by an evil eye.
Her ailment sank me deep,
And she said me goodbye.

"Have company of someone"
She said before she went.
"My heart beats for none"
I said, "but the heaven-sent"

How could He be unkind?
She had the untimely death?
No defect was in my mind.
I'd love till my last breath.

As she was my one and all
I have been weak and wept.
Each day and night I recall
Her ever since she has left.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 10
The Hummingbird

The golden egg, an Owl put
In the nest of nerd,
Out of which came then
The Hummingbird.

A gemmy nestling saw nerd,
the sooty Raven
He was terribly shocked and
in grief driven.

Aware Peahen asked Raven
Eyes aren wet?
Seethingly he answered her
The little I hate.

The restless little flatters,
As a bee unstable
And hovers above flowers
Which do wobble.

Belated Peahen took Raven
To Peacock White.
The incident she explained,
And story did recite.

Let my wisdom *******,
In thy empty brain,
Love begets love; hate hate
Said Whitish sane.

Take care of her, no her liberty,
The little be free.
Wish she pearches on loyalty;
A branch of Tree.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 10
The Flowers

What happy and pretty
You look
I said to some flowers
And shook

Happiest moment in life
Said the flowers
When in search of nectar
The bee hovers

I said it's very interested
and swollen
Has selfish purpose and
Carries pollen

You pluck, hand over us
When you meet
***** down us on floor
We lie at feet

Our friends, our chums
Butterfly and bee
Bluntly said the flowers
And rejected me

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 9

I waited
for long time.
My hope will

changes clime,
When you will

I asked for.
Some bliss
To me.

I desired
Not a life nor
You just miss

You become
And express

Felt some
And confess
The heart leap,
Your aptitude,

The heart keep
And in solitude

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 9
The Man

I was thirsty; he gave no help.
Thence I kept no book on my shelf.
All ocean he wanted to gulp
And keep rest of them to himself.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 9
The Master

The Master had a dog
And a docile goat.
Once he went through
Jungle in the boat.

There, he left his dog
Known as bad hat.
The dog returned home
And received a pat.

The Master's was then
A sweet darling pet.
It made the dog happy,
The goat very upset.

The goat annoyed none,
Made no mistake.
Still she was ******* to
A rusty-iron stake.

S. Bharat
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