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S Bharat Apr 2020
The Other

"Panyacha barka tambya dya, Kaku",
From outside, a boy cried
For his father had toiled in field
And his throat completely dried.

Kaku shouted at him
"It's Chhota, not Barka" with her eyes-wide.
"Run away from here,
Stupid guy from countryside!"

"Panyacha Chhota tyamba dya!"
Then he preferred to say;
"It's Lota, not Tambya, Duffer!" Chachi harshly said.
From there too he wended his way.

He didn't have any courage
To ask anyone for water for his father
Whom he should reach out?
He was considered to be the other.

An Aunt stood in the corner
And was watching this drama all along
She offered him a glass of water
Since then the boy started singing her song.

S. Bharat
Sometimes people judge others by the words which they speak and the place where they live.
S Bharat Apr 2019
Save Me

I quench thy thirst
And rear thee,
Thou consume and
Just eat at me.

Thou deaden a lot.
I expect fee,
Not thee to yield,
Come to knee

Solely I am thine,
I love thee
When thou care for
And save me.

When devastated
I will be, See!
Thou will also, Dear,
No longer be.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Feb 2020
The Conquerer

Plunged the sword
Into my heart,
"Conquered the world" he said,
"I left no part."

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 2019
The Condition

I liked when I partly heard
They had the vacancy
Reserved especially for a girl.

They didn't want very educated
But the beautiful one.
And my head was in a whirl.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 2019
On Birthday

Wake up, my shining pearl!
The moon has bidden adieu.
You are such a lovely girl,
The god can't help loving you.

Wake up, my little sparrow!
The day is fresh and new.
Take yourself out of sorrow.
Everyone is waiting for you.

Hello, the chaos will ensue,
Dear, if you avoid them all.
They are dying to see you
Since the previous nightfall.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Feb 2020
Let Us Not Wait

Minutes tick, moments slip
And the days pass by.
Let us not wait. Let us not say
"Why should firstly I?"

You, do not hold the grudges,
Always let them go.
There are good people around.
Yet, you never know.

Life is too short to have room for Reticence and anger.
Speak with the loved ones now,
For they'd be no longer.

Lest you lose them for good
To them, you, walk.
God forbid you regret later and
Say, "I wish I could talk."

S. Bharat
S Bharat May 2019
I Was Looking For Me

I was looking for me.
I trudged in my sphere
And unknown boundaries crossed.
I peeped into your heart to see.
I didn't find myself there.
I was lost.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 2019
In the Street

As I walk alone
in the street
I see the people
and greet.
No matter if
They are lovely
Or cheat.
I love them for
Who knows
whether or not
We'd again meet?

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 2020
In the House

Away from them
I always walk.
Wherever I go,
To me they stalk.
A shelter from them
Now I seek.
Everyday I'm violated,
And getting weak.
I don't find
Any place of stillness;
Away from them,
From getting into mess.
I don't want to be
Here any longer.
Please, stick me out.
For I'm stuck
In the house called
The body with
Love, lust and anger.

S. Bharat
S Bharat Apr 2020
Facade of Love

She loved Butterfly
So much
Its songs she used to sing,

So, I placed one
On her hand.

She screamed
Threw it away.
For it was without wings.

S. Bharat
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