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Mark Wanless May 27
a sparrow twitters
it's happiness and does not
know its wonder mind
SøułSurvivør Aug 2022

Plain and brown
Seen yet never seen
Like street workers
Or bellhops
Or busboys
Or homeless.

Scrappy little scavengers
Scraping out a small lifespan
In cracks of concrete
In city streets smelling
Of asphalt and skidmarks.

They hop along
Like  yesterday's newspaper
Or a 5X81/2 inch flier
For last night's bar-band.
Dandelion's fluff.

Outside of McDonald's
They congregate competing
With each other for
Hamburger buns which
Cling to cold
Half eaten cheeseburgers.
Greasy french fries
Which cause congestion
In their legs so severe
That they shrivel up
And fall off.

Yet God sees every one
Of them. Loves them.
His eye is always on them.
They do not fall
From the branch
Without being

A freedom we
Will never know
Is their portion.

They are unencumbered
By the ground
While we are
It's slaves.

Their 🎶🎶🎶
Tells us we will
Always be thus.
We will  always envy
The soul of sparrows.

Write of Passage aka
Heidi Franke May 2022
I will stay for today

Tomorrow has me

I know not where I go, hence

I hope for splendor

And the spark off a

sparrows wing.
Ayesha Oct 2021
Tomorrow hatches a cursed sparrow
Her pink-spotted wings and red-stained beak
They say, she ****** the song out her mother’s marrow
Her eyes, of gold and shimmer reek
Her voice is bleak and shrill an arrow
And a patient dawn she comes to seek

As will stumble her kins towards old light
She, scrawny, outside my window will sit
And sing and sing and sing on alright
Clumsily wake and my teeth I will grit
Squint and stare at the silhouette in bright
In sky alight, her little small being will sit unlit

Sleek with lone her innocent song
Though ugly and strange, I will hear on
Through rise and noise; however long, however long
Spring-kissed birds and the battles they won
Then I too will sing— what for I wish and what for long
Till, ever rushing, the flushed dawn will be gone

Then giggle she will and whisper a verse
A little advice from a little bird
To love, to love and never curse
This fine, fine, wretched little world
Then smile, and into the sky she will disperse
And I, serene, into the crown of dirt

Lazy Ramblings - II
sarah crouse Jul 2020
they look at you with cold eyes
hard-set mouth and eyebrows rise
venom drips from their tongue
very coarse for one so young

so much anger within their soul
the glowing red embers of burning coal
they won't show weakness they won't show pain
they won't stop till their enemy's slain

that is what they show the world
fists clenched and eyebrows furled
they hide behind a tough guy charade
so no one can see them afraid

but ones you see past the mask
you'll be shocked and left to ask
why they are so nice and kind
but keep it all close, confined

An old man smiles and points the arrow
"you don't know they're just a sparrow."
a girl who seems tough, angry and mean, but after you get to know her you realize she is the exact opposite. Often young-looking.
Yeah, she seems coarse, but that's just because she doesn't know you. She's really just a sparrow.
by chattertonbeats April 03, 2015

Also kinda thinking of changing my name to sparrow
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