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Sophie Sep 17
I will paint these words,

On the wings of your sparrow.

To fly, into tommorow.
Romann Sep 16
I once was laying in fields of verdant grass
Relaxing, feeling the wind caressing my face.
There, a sparrow flew by
Agile in this shining morning sky.

As it flew to its peaceful nest
Did it ask itself, “is this how I must?”
As this fleeting moment came to an end,
The sparrow flew away, far from me.

Now that I have lost it,
I wonder where it’s gone, and where it’s been,
And if I’ll ever see it again,
Bringing with it those moments of peace.
Life was easier in the past... but was it more fulfilling?
Is it worth it?
That's for you to decide.
you should see the way the

sunflowers swivel to stare at you;

your shadow outshines the sun.

you walk through beehives and

emerge dripping in honey.

haven't you noticed the

sparrow on your windowsill; she

sings her sweet song

solely for your sake,

and the wildflowers that

blossom in your footprints

and the wavelets that ripple

from your words —

don't you hear your name beneath the

rustling of the leaves and the

crackling of the fire and the

whistling of the wind?

if nature marvels at the

magnificent masterpiece you are, then

so should you
Ackerrman Aug 9
I once caught a sparrow, small and black, its wings shivered as I took it in,
Fed the poor little thing, stroked its breast and listened for a heartbeat,
There it was, small but strong, its pulse erratic. Scared creature,
After the day, it had recovered and was ready to fly away, as it was born to do
So, I broke my sparrow’s wings.

Now my sparrow sits in its box, its heart is small and strong,
But I don’t let it out to see the light of day for too long,
I love my sparrow, I look at it night and day,
My warm embrace, from time to time, reminds the thing that it’s mine,
I keep my sparrow in the dark

Today, my sparrow was looking as effervescent and as strong as ever,
It hopped with pride and glee and looked so lovingly at me,
So, I took it out of its box and placed it by the open window,
The wild-eyed adoration of Raa was in its eyes as it peeped at freedom,
So, I broke my sparrows wings.

My sparrow is looking a little tired and upset,
I placed it in the box without a friend or a strand of hope to live on,
I told my sparrow that I love it and that it is special,
And it believes that I love it as it loves me, but I only like it because it is black.
I keep my sparrow in the dark.
I am not sure if I am the sparrow or the tyrant...
MJL May 11
Lovers peck wee initials deep in Tulare County bark
Letters grow more historic with each passing tick tick tick
Flitter-flutter tickles the breeze whispering beloved's anthem higher
Chestnut feathered flights of fancy pierce the sweetheart's crest
Juniper berries laced with honeysuckle and rosy sweetness
Will them to taste and savor each jittery moment
Heart beats syncopate with their May swoon and sway
Counter clockwise then clockwise, away then toward Yagura
Taking turns leading then following
They nock their dream
Every nestled embrace they etch deeper
Every page their timber tune ripples rings wider
Every ardent kiss with open eyes pounds louder
Their heart radiates a single fleeting verse
Two wee birds
One lovely voice
One timeless plunge
Begging their tango to last
Wishing their story to always be
Loves mark upon the ages

© 2019 MJL
Etching the largest tree in Tulare County represents creating our lives together. Sequoia is Cherokee for sparrow. The giant redwood is named for a Cherokee Indian of the early 19th century who created the Cherokee language. Yagura is a Japanese high wooden tower used in a May folk dance celebration of springs rebirth.
S Bharat Apr 10
The Sparrow

I desired to be loved
and flew down to them
They were so kind that
They just fondled and
Set me free to fly away.

S. Bharat
Welcome to the world of shadow
A world without a knee and toe
Protected by a little sparrow
Surrounded by the army of arrow
He said, "Forget about being grow
You just need a dream to follow
It will guide you everywhere you go"
a distraught sparrow,
tries to dodge the arrows of heat,
mother nature's ire!
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