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Apr 2020
The Other

"Panyacha barka tambya dya, Kaku",
From outside, a boy cried
For his father had toiled in field
And his throat completely dried.

Kaku shouted at him
"It's Chhota, not Barka" with her eyes-wide.
"Run away from here,
Stupid guy from countryside!"

"Panyacha Chhota tyamba dya!"
Then he preferred to say;
"It's Lota, not Tambya, Duffer!" Chachi harshly said.
From there too he wended his way.

He didn't have any courage
To ask anyone for water for his father
Whom he should reach out?
He was considered to be the other.

An Aunt stood in the corner
And was watching this drama all along
She offered him a glass of water
Since then the boy started singing her song.

S. Bharat
Sometimes people judge others by the words which they speak and the place where they live.
S Bharat
Written by
S Bharat
   Debra in Silence
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