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Mark Toney Oct 2019
Albert Einstein
Expanded our view beyond the skyline
Reluctant superstar and intellectual force
Relatively speaking, of course!

Poetry notes:
Albert Einstein's childhood nickname was "the ***** one." Einstein reportedly was slow in learning how to talk. That, combined with his tendency to whisper words softly to himself before saying them aloud led the family maid to nickname him "der Depperte"—the ***** one, according to "Einstein: His Life and Universe." (
6/10/2019 - Poetry form: Clerihew - Sometimes described as the literate cousin of the Limerick, the Clerihew is childish, flat-footed and eponymous, composed of two rhymed couplets designed to lower the tone and cut everyone down to size. These Clerihew poems are perfectly cooked in their own juices, resulting in Clerihew Au Jus ! -
Robert C Howard Jul 2013
If I could be a fly on Einstein’s wall
I’d buzz about from chair to curtain
watch him check out plans and gadgets                                            
and scratch remarks on his papers.
When the clock edged to noon
his stomach would growl,
he’d fold up the prints and say,
“It’s a relatively short walk to the café.”

With Albert out I’d take the run of the place -
practicing banks and dips and vertical lifts.
I’d munch on scraps of Brie and fowl
left fused to the edge of his table.

When the tumblers turned
I’d buzz back to my wall, eager to witness
whatever this sage would chance to say.
He’d go to his desk to file reports
and stack them neatly into a tray.

Without warning he’d rise from his chair
scattering papers across the floor.

“MASS AND ENERGY ARE ONE, ” he’d shout, -

I’d buzz and swoop and fly circles and loops
and taxi in on his collar.
I’d beat my wings to cool his brain.
But wait…Whose voice do I hear?
Oh, it’s you gentle reader.

“Stop, hold it right there, ****** pest!
It couldn’t have happened that way!
Have you no shame or respect for God’s truth? ”

But I’d stare you down with my compound eye
and scornfully twitch my wings.
Consider this, troubled sir,
you’re the one scolding a talking fly.

*July, 2006
Included in Unity Tree - Collected poems
pub. CreateSpace -
Brandon Conway Apr 2019
Gaze upon the hidden
an impossibility
light is forbidden
in this distorted intangibility

But we see
we see
general relativity
S Bharat Apr 2019
The Secrets

It is mind which brings for what you yearn;
This is the gist of book by Byrne.
“Thoughts are contagious.” I changed mine.
“Let them be positive” said Einstein
Energy, frequency and vibes you ever knew
Are the secrets in Tesla's view.
What Buddha had told made my head reel;
“You can attract what you feel.”
“If you think you lack nothing” said Lao Tzu
“The whole world belongs to you.”

S. Bharat
Rochelle Foles Mar 2019
Black as coal
        Darker than a moonless night sans stars
           As blind to sight as a blizzard to a      

   is this mystery

      Yet with sooooooooooooooo many black       holes one has to wonder

How ever does this universe exist?

Einstein would have thot it child's play

      "Simple you bafoons,
                  One creates the chaotic world they exist in
the other is throughly  entrenched in the theory of a chaotic universe —

so no matter the
                                                head banging

there is a  river running thru
and   rivers   of  l  o  v  e  

are rare


And when found

than imagining.

                Flowing strong
                           from time immemorial till time ceases to exist.

            But  rivers

                   Be they crashing as white water over hidden boulders
                    or pooled
                   black as night
                                   masquerading as swimming holes

never,never,never run clear and bubbling
                                                    Like brooks strayed from streams.

rivers  are     a. L. I.                V.   E
           In constant f, l, u,x

Always flowing

Ever moving.

So why are you surprised to witness this miracle?  E=MC2  "

                [Silly,  expecting constancy when change is the only constant to be true]
relationships are ever so much more than they appear to the outside world
Gandy Lamb Feb 2019
Albert Einstein once said
that the Gorvanian constant of
Uranium-235 was 1.6*10^-41.
Albert Einstein died.
Rizna M Rameez Feb 2019
World War 2
Managed to break even the

Thought to be unbreakable,
I know. I know :)
ashley marie Oct 2018
I sometimes forget that I do work hard.
I'm no Einstein heaven knows
I do put in the effort though
And when the results come back
I tell myself I deserved it
for not practicing enough

But when I reap what I sow
And life starts piecing itself together
I feel good
I don't hesitate to show my accomplishments
Because there are only so many aspects of life
that one can say they have conquered
I feel blessed to say that I will aspire to be greater
And I will continue to challenge my intellectual muse,
Mentally, Emotionally, Physically.
We all will study the music,
and one day we will harmonize.
Happiness takes time, sometimes its hard to remember.
Einstein-Rosen Bridge

"A wormhole can be visualized as a tunnel with two ends, each at separate points in spacetime (i.e., different locations and/or different points of time), or by a transcendental bijection of the spacetime continuum." -Wikipedia


A metallic or translucent disk with
little people, gray skin, large eyes
also translucent or ephemeral and
moving within a fixed space.

Ask yourself;

"What do people from the future look like?"

"What would someone see if they looked through the other end of your tunnel?"

Think about it;

"In the future our Sun becomes destabilized altering the physics of our local space therefore an Einstein-Rosen Bridge is possible once the star begins to collapse."

Our Sun is dying

We are studying the past...
                                                               not physically here,
craft move erratically
                                                           because they are not physical.

The other end of the bridge.
                                              They are us.

The tunnel moves, jostles
as physics, space-time, change.
Who watches The Watchers?

Physical beings cannot
                                                      travel through time,
Can they see through it?
                                  Can you?

You're traveling through time right now,
in your mind,  
                                                     with your imagination.

What does the other end of your tunnel look like?

UFO's solved
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