Kevin J Taylor Sep 2017

The road is littered
With broken bowls and buddhas
Flung in bits from cliffs


The Buddha that one,
Who renounced the World
For wisdom and peace,

And we are the one,
Who acquire the wealth
For lust and Caprice.

Ajay Amitabh Suman

All Rights Reserved
Martin Mikelberg Dec 2017


I am not a Buddhist , but I have read quite a bit about the tenets of Buddhism and have visited many temples - fascinating
staticghost Dec 2017

no man alone has sole dominion over violence/
equally the same I have no mercy over thee/
life alone can only mean one thing/
certain death will take and every poison shall seethe/
every toil and every greed/
burning with desire in He/
now comest the noontime/
can you breathe?/
i know the cool sunset is sooner than should be/
take not pity in thee for we all sure to suffer/
love your weakness, your grandeur,/
and your noontime glee/
timeless and forgotten/
legend of no one’s dream/
broken by leisure last man doth scream/
his last scream in the monkey horror/
no pale blue eyed monsters/
to pay your last heed to/

Mark Wanless Nov 2017

"Wet Man"

Wet man walking in the clouds
In the Himalayas dripping nectar
Of the gods upon all equally
Monkeys and monks travel purposefully
To buddhahood
One compassionate moment at a time
Who arrives first?
The answer is nearer when
We see the question as


in the wind….

now in the falling



calling us home…

Namu Amida Butsu


Just as I am,
right now

floating in an ocean of light –
the Great Compassion carries me across,

–  Namu Amida Butsu


” Chanting “Namu Amida Butsu,” which translates as “I entrust myself to the Buddha of Infinite Light and Life,” is not a form of petitionary  prayer or mantra. It is a means of communication between a relative being or consciousness and the Buddha deep within. When I chant, there is the expression of Namu Amida Butsu not only from this side, but also from the side of the Buddha. “ T. UNNO

My mouth,
Amida’s breath.




From the West
calling me home

my true self –


Blinded by
passions , I
complain out
loud in
the darkness
of my own


not noticing

the one
the boat
to the Other

shore, not
in the light

namu amida butsu


The Voiceless voice;

she calls out from within,

with these lips

& this breath.
Namu Amida Butsu
Namu Amida Butsu

even as I am,

the Buddha
& I are one.

Namu Amida Butsu
Namu Amida Butsu



My blind self
pierced by Amida’s light
illuminated and dissolved
into the great ocean of compassion

into the Oneness of life –
Palms together, embraced

just as I am.
Each step with the Buddha,
my truest self, my Amida self –

the deep flow of the oneness of realty –
all beings one with me,
palms together

and bowing,

“namu amida butsu,”
“namu amida butsu,”

embraced just as I am.

get laid
get stoned
get smashed
get a headache
get a venereal disease
but did you get
Anything about this life yet?

This poem was composed at Denver's Chada Thai Restaurant

The late, Allen Ginsberg,
Composed a famous poem called Kissass.
Because I,
Do not experience any sexual intimacy,
In my life,
I have not had the pleasurable experience
Of actually
Kissing a woman's butt.
I think I still have an Asskissing Problem,
And I want God to help me overcome
My tendency to Asskiss
During the upcoming
Days of Awe.

Airplanes on a Still Day

(Two in One Hour)

The sound softens
Something inside my brain—
Tangible, hypnotic,
Remote and forgiving,
Like a little Buddha within,
Or flying this sound trail
Through the draftless heavens.

The tiny drone
Rids the world of
Human clatter and its rush.

As a child, I savored it inside,
A sliding down the spine
And into the heart and through me;
A reverse of the rush of wine.

Back then, it was unquestioned, enjoyed.
But fifty or more years later, I asked why.
Time moved by and left no answer.
Nothing but a spring-like stillness aloft,
Unbound by seasons below.

But as I relished that sound this afternoon,
I felt the sense of spring again
In that aimless hum.
And knew at last why pilots sailed
In any weather, in crystalline air.

Up there, it was always spring,
Always sweet and calm
With promise;
A miracle that they ever descend!

If silence had a sound
Or utter calm
Were an elixir,
This would be its form.

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