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irinia Feb 7
kanso infuses my eyes
everywhere there
even in a deer
my heart recognised him
skipped a beat in overwhelm
the sacredness of the air
touched everything
the great temple
the red shrine
its emptiness
so vibrant
pure beauty
my atoms turned
into God's particle

in my heart
misses him
in the unseen
surreal so
so it is
kanso of the soul:
I kept on
to be a deer
in Nara
Mark Wanless Apr 2022
not even a buddha who can
count the raindrops of a storm
that last a thousand years
can understand another persons karma
Joseph Miller Feb 2021
The more enlightened
   you become
the more power
   you have

to create
a new mind
a new life
a new world!
Michael T Chase Mar 2021
Is mystery dependent on me thinking of mystery?
It is a safe bet.
For when what is central is knowledge, then I can only become aware of mystery if upon something new or unknown.
Thus, mystery is not knowledge, but the lack of it.
Mystery is ignorance.
Thus, my meditation is rather reflection on ignorance,
As if I'm trying to better describe ignorance, or find a way out of ignorance with only the experiential.
I think of mostly consciousness and the universe here, in terms of my and humanity's ignorance of them.
Not only am I limited by my own understanding but also the understanding of others, however much they are even more intelligent than me.
I see others working on problems that have proven to not solve the mystery, the mystery being ignorance.
The only thing that could solve it is omniscience.
Then it follows that what I'm really trying to solve is omniscience.
"Infinite cognition" as the Buddha put it.
Even if a person could have omniscience, it would be colored by how they can make sense of reality.
Knowledge would take the form of what is most familiar.
Thus, when wondering about a question as to what is pi, they may say about 3.14.
The answer conditioned on how people and the omniscient one would have the capacity to hear.
Maybe this seems more like intuition.
But omniscience would denote the person as a speaker, yet only allowable to speak as what was conducive for everyone's best.
This is how Baha'is look at Manifestations of God: only allowed to share a certain amount at a time.
Just as the Son said "I have many things to share with you, but you cannot hear them now".
Still their capacity would be limited to what they themselves were interested in.
For one who is marginalized and oppressed or even thronged by multitudes, often has no willingness to delve deeply into subject matter, it causing some to stray from a correct path.
Since fractal systems work strongest in more diverse settings, it would seem that the very thing that makes it strong also makes its capacity to hear weak.
Omniscience therefore, if given to only a few, has a limited range of effect.
But even this limited range would change the entire system.
As Baha'u'llah calls His followers "the leaven" and the Son calls His followers "the salt".
"Many are called but few are chosen" seems derogatory in a world where "ye are all the leaves of one tree".

World consciousness almost arose to love tonight, but the lover ensared it in his anger once again.
If I close my ears to them, will it go away?
If they close my ears to me, will I go away?
Strength in the diversity of parts.
Strength really meaning pain.
E Pluribus Unum.
"Meditate down"
Chad Young Feb 2021
Ear worms during zen prove that left to nothing, popular culture will take my attention.
So let them create their music: an evil in the Hadiths of Islam, and a degradation in the Pali Canon.
Music's flames burn away the veins and stupify the mind.
The heart is replaced with straw and the liver is poisoned.

Baha'u'llah said music is lawful as long as it uplifts the spirit.
But I say:
It eats the organs, toxifies the blood.
It makes me forgetful of liberation.
Its words are idols against the Path.
It masks the senses.
It trivializes reason.
It points the disposition into darkness upon darkness.
It deafens the ears.

It lightens the body.
It stammers the sense of smell.
It invades attention and enslaves the mind.
It dries the throat.
It displaces the sense of location.
Beautiful is the vision
Troy Wylie-Hill Feb 2021
They say that God sees all
But of course…
He sees wonder through my eyes
Hears all sound through my ears
Discerns scent through my nose
Feels another’s touch through my skin
Speaks kindness’s through my lips
Loves unconditionally through my heart
Dreams of peace through my mind
And cries through my tears for the suffering in all souls
He writes with this hand
My will be done
On Earth
Within your heart
As it is in Heaven
Within Mine
Traveler Nov 2020
Eternity is right now
In this moment
Eternal life belongs to those
who live in the present
Profoundly we forget
Limiting our’s or other’s
Power of equality

The power of quality
Isn’t what it ought to be
If you think you’re powerless
Or crazier yet
More powerful than me
Then ask yourself why do you
Believe what you believe
Then start to
Set your spirit free
Catch up with the rest of us!
Traveler Tim

Chad Young Oct 2020
I sought visions;
I sought unific feelings;
I sought insights.
I got visions that churn imagination,
  history, and Gods.
I got unific feelings that made
  my whole body pulse together
  with the world and universe.
I got insights into origins, essentials,
  and outer limits.
All this through silence, and
  I ached.

Then I stared at the light,
  and remembered the darkness.
None of these seemed important
  any more.
The only thing that mattered
  was deed, good deeds.

Call it detachment from senses
  as the Buddha would say.
Call it an impulse to help others.

But all I can really say,
  is that I stared at the light,
  and it was so commonplace now,
  it was even as dust.
And all this inner travel
  and work meant nothing anymore.
How can I serve?
ChinHooi Ng Oct 2020
Ancient temple bathed in morning sun

lotus blooms quietly in front of the hall

here i am an uninvited visitor

lost in the golden Sanskrit sounds

bells of the temple echo deep in the mountains

looking at the solemn face of Buddha

unspeakable thoughts flow slow

thousands of books i've read

just to find an answer

thousands of miles traveled

just to find a place where the soul can dwell.
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