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a golden stage of holy voices
hide us all from  the rain
a pastor, fulfilled by the holy spirit
today we are forgiven, forgiven

a young male in the audience, dancing
god is mighty, god is mighty, god is mighty
a sturdy background singer, grateful
today we are forgiven, forgiven

our god is awesome and he will be
our god is awesome and he will be
walls, decorated with kindness
today we are forgiven, forgiven

love is in the air like lights, lights
love is in the air like lights, lights
a pastor, fulfilled by the holy spirit
today we are forgiven, forgiven
Today is a holy day.

Much Love to:

YouTube: My God Is Awesome Charles Jenkins

May God bless all of you poets, poetesses and readers.
Our God is awesome.

This poem is dedicated to all of you, it's dedicated to Charles Jenkins and his amazing team of background singers, it's dedicated to my family, my wife and to my children.

Heaven yeah!
Mikey Kania Jan 31
...get between me and god.

Today is a good day.

Mark Wanless Dec 2019
i called a dog
it bit me
i understand
Stephen James Sep 2019
I've studied
the ancient

from sacred

loved with
a heart
that's tainted

a dead

the realm
of gods

can decipher

see through
the lies
of demagogues

and write
with the hand
that appeared
in Babylon

I've traveled
Prince Siddartha


and revealed
a holy

that's spoken
by the
Dalai Lama

the world's
in her
death throes

i've witnessed
a seed

as I reform
and reshape

9,000 years
we're reborn
in space...

now let us create
a poem
Juan Bot Sep 2019
Where there are humans
You'll find flies,
And Buddhas.
After I travelled to Japan, I was inspired to write this haiku.
she's no deva of mine
no caterpillar concubine
no cocoon consort
no butterfly  courtesan
she's four tigresses in one
suckling, wandering, denned and leashed
And I'm following the track of them all
She's my white tigress of Nanjing
and though I haven't ever practiced kungfu nor qigong
I have applied to be her jade dragon
Or at least one of her green dragons
In order to help her to reach one of her nine illuminations.
So I fused my qi and ching and  shen
and turned myself into a Knight of the Order of the Porcupine
and offered to gently tatoo with my quills
Her *******
with a motto of invisible yet immortal ink saying :
"Qui s'y frotte s'y pique"
Written phonetically [kisifrotsipik].
I thought because I sat just like a buddha
I was at that moment a buddha
I thought that if I breathed like a green or jade dragon
She'd let me have a bite at her immortality.
No way, my tigress said :
You just can't be and have been
Joseph Miller Dec 2018
Meditation frees your mind
with practice
you will find
enlightenment is a glow
through the dusk
and the dawn
the soul of life
shines on
those who strive
for gentle worth
and merit won
will save the earth
by the good
they have done
Kobu Sagiyama May 2019
For though we might,

We cannot fight the wind;

Try as we may,

The mist eludes our grasp;

Shadows defy our clutches,

Rainclouds form,

The sun and moon rise and set

Despite our will;

Controlling nothing,

Still we do not see,

And frame our lives with an order

That is illusion,

Timetables and inventories

Of ignorance;

Labels and times and convenience

We set in stone that crumbles

Like sand before the winds

Of Impermanence;

Change is the symphony,

And fluid the score

Of this dharmakayic waltz,

And though we dance

We fancy ourselves but

Onlookers to the show;

That when the crashing finale

Resounds -- as it must --

We stop our ears and wail;

Not seeing, deaf to the choir

That has but turned the page

To sing a new song;

Our own melody ended,

We fade only to be played anew

From the string of another bow;

The song goes on, rising, falling,

And Bliss is the one

Who follows as the Piper leads

With Namu Amida Butsu.
A Pure Land Buddhist poem.
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