It's easy
To be critical of one's parents,
As one ages,
And one has difficulty adjusting to change,
One can't really blame one's parents
For one's problems.
Though the Buddha
Spoke of impermanence
He wouldn't be able to deal with
The rapid pace of change in this world either!
One just has to ask for help,
Many people will refuse to help you.
I think this is why a lot of poeple
Turn to drugs.
I look into the heart of Madness and see Tranquility.
You must not fret if you seek waking. Waking happens as natural as night and day.
Mystic Ink Feb 18
Animated society
With a fake smile
Undesired social greeting
Happiness in chaos
Loud noise turned music
With a box of lies
Slave to “Yes”
Distance to equilibrium

In a dark night
Being biased to the rest
In search of bliss
I saw the Buddha
Silent, he was
Silence is learning.

Let the insanity of the world end.
Genre: Inspirational spiritual
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Mystic Ink Feb 17
Elements of non-sense
Ego, desire, greed, anger, and attachment
Wonderfully wired
Culture of hate, cruelty and war
Radiant flame
Caged human rights
Tears of humanity
Portrait of maternal society

Need air to breathe
Try to discover self
Nothing more sacred
Than a spiritual denominator
Anthem of love
Being human
True value of life
Smell of a human touch
Foundation of hug
Vote for humanity
Everyone wins
Rest in peace

बुद्धम् शरणम् गच्छामि
बुद्धम् शरणम् गच्छामि (Buddham saranam gacchami), means go to the Buddha for refuge. Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Kevin J Taylor Sep 2017
The road is littered
With broken bowls and buddhas
Flung in bits from cliffs
The Buddha that one,
Who renounced the World
For wisdom and peace,

And we are the one,
Who acquire the wealth
For lust and Caprice.

Ajay Amitabh Suman
All Rights Reserved
Martin Mikelberg Dec 2017
I am not a Buddhist , but I have read quite a bit about the tenets of Buddhism and have visited many temples - fascinating
staticghost Dec 2017
no man alone has sole dominion over violence/
equally the same I have no mercy over thee/
life alone can only mean one thing/
certain death will take and every poison shall seethe/
every toil and every greed/
burning with desire in He/
now comest the noontime/
can you breathe?/
i know the cool sunset is sooner than should be/
take not pity in thee for we all sure to suffer/
love your weakness, your grandeur,/
and your noontime glee/
timeless and forgotten/
legend of no one’s dream/
broken by leisure last man doth scream/
his last scream in the monkey horror/
no pale blue eyed monsters/
to pay your last heed to/
Mark Wanless Nov 2017
"Wet Man"

Wet man walking in the clouds
In the Himalayas dripping nectar
Of the gods upon all equally
Monkeys and monks travel purposefully
To buddhahood
One compassionate moment at a time
Who arrives first?
The answer is nearer when
We see the question as
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