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He was just a simple man
Who was trying to find his place in the world
In times where everybody felt
That they didn't belong here
A four line, one stanza poem, that represents my desire and somewhat my longing for the last few years of my life.
Regina May 28
mother faded....thirty years ago,
she's a living ghost, haunts me
Sometimes I can feel it
     when we're thinking the same thing
sometimes I can feel it
     when you're thinking about me
sometimes I can feel it
     when you're looking at me
sometimes I can feel it
     when you're watching me
sometimes I can feel it
     when you're there
sometimes I can feel it
     when you're not there

sometimes I don't feel anything at all
S Bharat May 2019

You don't know
How far
You appear to be

When you avoid
Don't talk to me

S. Bharat
Jo Barber Apr 2018
Glaciers, white and blue,
fill the spaces between me and you.
In a torn, faded photograph,
a happy family displayed
as they joke and laugh.

A mother's smile,
a father's firm grip
on that of his only daughter.
The gentle waves of water
and rocks the shade of emery,
lay the scene for this sweet, fleeting memory.
A brother pulls down ******* his hat,
the wind blowing it flat.

Each face a sweet montage of a life lived,
the wrinkled eyes showing all they've survived.

Father's dead now;
the mother holds her son,
their love an unspoken vow,
the likes of which
is broken now.

In this frozen photo, all of this remains unspoken -
a family of which I now have only this small token.
This poem was inspired by an old family photograph that I stumbled upon. Feedback is always appreciated. :)
goodtea Apr 2018
They never tell you
In the books
How weird it is to
Be the ****** up one
Of your friends
They make it sound dark and broody
But they never talk about the distance
And how no one can relate and all
Those awkward pauses and silences
That happen when you speak
Hey they never tell you in
Books and movies
That it ******* *****
Being the ****** up friend
Bleeding hearts and tragic poetry
Have no space
In real life
Sometimes late at night you’ll reach
For your phone and realize you
Have no one to call
Cause when you’re the ****** up
Friend everyone else sleeps easy
And you’re left alone with all your
Demons and truths you can’t swallow
Hey it’s weird being the ****** up friend
i can still taste the blood in my mouth
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