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Nigdaw Sep 2019
We walk
In glow of silver screen,
We talk
In acronyms and SMS slang,
The star
Of an everyday movie
Camera man, script writer, director
Floating in the ether
Weaving our tapestries,
Between radio masts
Life on earth, live on earth
Spaceman, time traveller
On a voyage of discovery,
Walking and talking to ourselves
Without noticing the outside world,
Only interested in our own
Time for another selfie…………….
"The people will not revolt. They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what’s happening" - George Orwell ©
S Bharat Apr 2019

I waited
for a long time.
My hope will

changes clime,
When you will

I asked for.
Some bliss
To me.

I desired
Not a life nor
You, just miss

You, become
And express

Felt some
And confess
My heart leap,
Your aptitude,

The heart keep
And in solitude

S. Bharat
yellow-thoughts Sep 2018
i sent a risky message
to be honest I hoped for the best
possible outcome

but guess what?
to my words, to all explanation
his answer was : ill pass

that left me shocked
i was left with no words to convince him
i could have replied almost to anything

but what was that?
ill pass..

i wasnt asking you to the movie
or even a date
i was confessing my love to you...
me & my bae we met 6tn
wot i z woz wot r u werin
she txt bak crox n jeggins
inbetwn my toes thers webbin
wrds paint sugapix she woz etchasketchin
erotigger far from fetchin
but i h8 2 c a norfuk grl goin beggin

me & my bae we met 6tn
lyk rebeca l%s &  dvid bekham
xcept my readin age is ova 11
innerspishus st<3
but now we do sunset thang

me & my bae we met 6tn
so u hv my blessin
2 keep yr fones swtchd  on @ our weddin
wher arnt evlyn is 6tn the rite revren
who is 6tn mary magdalen
up 2 her ol trix agen
tho she art in heavn
netwk w/ major connex probs amen
SelinaSharday Mar 2018
Left with no suga for lemonade..
You didn't give me any.
Its the bed you made.

My suga hidden locked away I always keep plenty.
Yet you should've  given me some.
You didn't give me any.
Should things become unraveled undone.

Like gentle flavors
Gifted courtesies.
Texting etiquettes.
Is like a lumpy  preserved sugar cube.
Know that rules in texting has its magnitude.      
Proper mannerisms set for the right attitude.
Like sensual videos from youtube.

Proper texting skills.
Sets the flow for good word adjectives.
If texting don't just walk away.. at least say bye  have a good day.
You were texting me and simply vanished away.
Didn't hear from you till some other day.

No good morning no how are you.
No Sorry I hadn't replied back to you.
The stems that builds proper relationships.
Simple actions that can untie good friendships.
Rude mannerisms, actions, bad timing..too many crazy smilies.
Too much giving, too much doing, way too many gifs cheezies.
Texting at wrongful innappropriate times.
Like at the movies or on a date no good signs.
Manners gone like public phone booths uneeded dimes.

Your rudeness Your going I can't miss.
You have no suga cubes.
Just sour lemons..
Easy to dismiss.

You gave me nothing to make lemonade.
Can't fix this mess you have made.
No suga for lemonade!
By selinasharday all rights reserved..3-2018
texting skills learn some.. like if you were on the phone you wouldn't just hang up,, be kind be considerate.
Emm Sep 2017
--------------------                             ------------------
------------------------------                ­   ------------------------------
----------------------------------­--          ------------------------------------
----------------------------­-----Love is not----------------------------------
---the roses in a dozen,------@@@@@@@----------------------------------
-----------­----------------------------|>=<|-------you tie in a knot,---------
---------------nor words spoken, nor unspoken,------------------------
------------------------ but when our hearts meet, --------------------
------------- being one of the reasons they beat,------------------
-------------- in comfort,------------------------------------------
--------------­-- only we understand,-------------------
-------- walking hand in hand,-------------------
-------------- side by side-------------------
Jaydeep Oct 2014
Quite a picture of a happy woman ... in love ... or falling in love perhaps - two rows across me. Her earphones are plugged to her ears, but she is listening to no song. She is busy; typing messages - perhaps whatsapp!. Someone is teasing her ... must be quite adept at it. It has to be a boy ... not yet her boyfriend. Her smile ... her blushes ... are giving away the truths hidden in their secret flirtations.

She has to wrack her wits ... she must win this war of words. She purses her lips and her cheeks cave into a lovely dimple .... that flattered glitter in her eyes has enough for a novel to begin. She is determined to reply to this message and is scanning the lounge through the corner of her eyes as if we have a cue to offer. Her head tilts and a strand of hair falls across her temple curling in a single curve from her thick eye brows to her lips, presently secured between a thoughtful bite of her teeth.

The dimples are back again ... and her smile tells me that she finally has won this conversation ... and my mind tells me that while the war of words is her to win ... she has pleasurably lost the battle of hearts.
Erin Jean Aug 2014
i waited for the reply  
                                                    for hours
                                                                                       and days
it never came
Francesca Jul 2014
Friday, 12:32am
I don't understand the reason you left me. You didn't even try. You gave up on us. And that's something I'll never forgive.

Sunday, 1:04am
I can't even describe my hate for you. I loathe every inch of my body that you touched. I wish I never met you.

Wednesday, 3:00am
I  can't do this anymore.. I need you. I miss you...

Friday, 12:01am*
I really hope you think of me when you **** her.
you never deserved me ****.
Alisha Patel May 2014
Nahi hota kisi tabib sy is marz ka ilaj,
Ishq la ilaj ha bas ahtiat kijiye...!!!
Bewaja nahi rota ishq mein GHALIB,
Jisy khud sy barh ky chaho woh rulata zaroor ha...!!!
Sukoon aur ishq wo bhi dono aik sath,
Rahny do GHALIB koi aqal ki bat karo...!!!
Misl shesha hain hamein thaam ky rakhna GHALIB,
Ham tery hath sy choty to bikhar jaein gy...!!!
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Mirza Ghalib was a great poet of India.

— The End —