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No legend needs
February air
To confess
What they mean

Twice upon a time
If they ask
The same
"Are you single?"
Just for once

"I am divine."
Genre: Observational
Theme: I don't belong here.
OwO33 Dec 2019
Your life will lead into a dead end, after mine I'll become a legend. I will not be forgotten, while your body is down there rottin', nobodys gonna remember and I'll be crashing through your head like the planes on the 11th september.

I am relevant and am able to do everything you can't.
The only thing you do is screaming, while locking yourself up in a mental prison and losin' the key matching the sealing.

I am the champion of my state of mind, yours made you a puppet and got you stuck on rewind. I wake up every day and enjoy everything I do, you wake up every night thinking about killing yourself but aren't brave enough to pull through.

If I face problems I am not looking away cause I am the only one allowed to stay and you can't even handle the smallest pressure, your life really isn't much of a pleasure.

I'll die with a smile and yours died long ago, but then I tell myself, is that really so? We're cursed and followed by impiety, cause we share the same body but not the same life, mind and Personality. You're inside my head and sometimes take control over me, but that doesn't make you me.
francine Dec 2019
bottle service
bottle service

hotties dancing
bodies swerving
this is crack, inspired
Mark Toney Oct 2019
asylum seekers
abandon hope who enter-
Don T's inferno
10/2/2019 - Poetry form: Senryu - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
it was raining that night
when we sat down at the
patio surrounding
the well - lit
building that I used to
love and hate

we were there
and it's almost
to hear you breathe
as the raindrops fall audibly
on the roof.

"what am I to you?"

was the thing I had never
imagined asking

and I could almost feel
the churning
in the pit of  my stomach
and the upwelling
feeling of regret

if I would ever, ever
like your response

and there, I realized
in a chain of thought that

asking you of what
I perceived me to be

is a
dead-end risk
and the moment
I doubted
'what we are'
I knew
things are never going
to be the same

I tried to focus on the rain
waiting for your answer
and you muttered
'I don't know'

we drown, together
in the silence
and I can hear us
what am I to you?

things we hate to ask
OwO33 Sep 2019
Is it real or is it fake, whatever it is, it's a mistake.
Am I still living or am I just barely alive.
Everything seems so fragile and dangerous like the edge of a knife.

Do I make the right decision or should I just submit to total submission.
Do you value my words or will anyone else, what even is that question if I don't even do it myself.

There's nothing left to lose and the emptiness inside me is still growing, which might be a good thing, cause it makes it easier to choose.
I could search for something or someone nice or just continue to live in this world of disguise.
But I really feel like it doesn't matter, I just hope that it someday gets a little better.

Despite all this negativity around and within me, I know that life can be worth living and just as breathtaking as watching the sun sinking into the sea.
Dealing with depressions and mood swings isn't easy and sometimes hard to explain, I just pray that my last bits of hope for change will still remain.
I just want my feelings to be free and finally get rid of this aching agony.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2019
I'm blah blah blah
What do you do for a living?
If asked

Beside maintaining
Nothing more

Just reply
Genre: Clinical Raw
Theme: Breathing Air
OwO33 Aug 2019
I am an empty body with no feelings, it feels like my emotions are beneath tons of sealings.
I can't laugh, I can't cry, I just want to say good bye.
I've been hurt, used and left alone, now writing this text while listening to a sad tone.

I have no purpose, no meaning. My Life feels like a nightmare which I am eternally dreaming.
I can't wake up, cause I am not asleep. Everything feels so unreal but yet hurts so deep.
I am locked in my room, I can't see the sun, cause my curtains are closed and so am I, just waiting for the day I die.

  I have nobody around, cause everyone just leaves me at some point and I guess that's fine, as I am dropping a tear in my glass of wine.
I want to go out and live my life, but I have no strength or any motivation.
I rather sit here the entire day and question my creation.

I hate nobody, but that's me. As I am hating myself the nobody.
I can't even think straight or logically anymore, as my heart feels so sore.
I was trying to escape negativity, but it always caught up.
I wasn't fast enough and at some point I've stopped moving.
I've accepted my life, I know it will not change as I am finally giving up on this hope I held.
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
When I was a youth
I thought people were better than me
because they were
richer than me,
had more status than me,
and were more handsome than me;
but now that I’m wiser
I ask: Are they joyful and happy?

A rich man
may be driving a splendid red Ferrari
but is he joyful and happy
or is he on anti-depressant drugs?

A government official
may have status and authority
but is he joyful and happy
or is he on anti-depressant drugs?

A movie actor
may be famous and handsome
but is he joyful and happy
or is he on anti-depressant drugs?
OwO33 Jul 2019
I will not surrender, I will fend her with my life.
Even if I am already dying inside, it's alright.

My heart's broken and so is my soul
but I won't give up on life, at least not on the whole.

I'll hope and I will forever be,
and nothing will ever change me.

I am staying myself and so should everyone else, it's not worth changing for someone you love, cause they won't love the real you and I hope everyone knows that too.

We all are unique, special and different
and we should stay true to ourselves till the bitter end.

No one has the right to push you around, so raise your voice and tell them out loud.
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