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In a stairwell, steps below the sidewalk, he huddled over a small flame that licked from a coffee can. He positioned himself to block the light to the street, and every so often he held a hand above the flame and quickly opened and closed his fingers. He stamped his feet in the snow, each time sending out a muffled whoosh when a shoe hit powder. He wiggled his fingers over the heat, and his mittens crackled when brought too close to the fire.
Across the street, a limestone building, a hotel, small, elegant, rose several stories high. Inside, on the ground floor, behind the belted velvet drapes, a cocktail lounge gleamed. A glistening mahogany bar ran the length of the room where guests disappeared into overstuffed chairs that were neatly placed in pairs and set against the arched, crystalline windows.

Inside the coolly lighted room, he watched a young woman with silky hair and sleepy eyes as she ran a finger around the rim of her drink. The woman glanced once at the silent snow falling in the dark. In the stairwell, he listened to the whisper of the fire and the beat of ice crystals as they fell against the steps.
Her genitalthe big "WHY"
Oh! She's born of a ******.
Her *******
a call to say"HI"
Her voicea well to exploit from.
And her physique
just to have fun.

Her gender role, no one questions
Even the feminists call for attention.
She keeps these, term uncultured.
She unseals these,  term a ****.

Obviously,  kissing is amazing.
Foreplay, Hnnnnn! So appealing.
Undoubtedly, *** is fascinating.
With pain,  how often she tries to fake the  moan.
She enjoys it much,  now a curse.

He walks up to her and says "I love you."
She believes him, he sounds so true.
He lores her to bed_ already in her loo.
When the stomach starts to push through,
He says to hell with you.

Fifteen minutes of pleasure.
Nine solid months in seizure.
Some days in the hospital.
A child without a paternal name. Isn't that fatal?
Such of a child a *******.
And the mother, a *****, who deserves not a ballad.
This poem simply depicts the vulnerability of the female gender and often they earn the blame game at every end of ****** displeasure to them
Penny Z Mar 4
You tear our kind away,
those pesky weeds        
                                    that stunt
your plump full seeds  -
that steal and cause decay.
You landed by fortune,
fortune of the windy chance -
you earned it. What is different is dangerous
less valued - not worth a glance.

Warm soil in-between your fingers,
You have power here in the garden,
Pulling and wrenching the stems from
We’re unwanted, not needed
Not useful, not beautiful,
Not enough,
                      but too much.

Strong weathered fingers grip our necks,
Trampled under steel studded boots,
We seep into the soil disappearing,
Just like you wanted us to.
Suffocating ignored as grassroots,
condemned to be always taboo.

Weeding is good, you say.
Weeding is important.
It keeps the garden healthy, comely,
We’re the intruders, thieves!
in search for better light.
Worn down we grieve.
why do you see not our might?

A garden improved

Standing up I arch my back,
rusty and cramped.
Tiresome work removing the
My hands scratched and torn,
the limp bodies neatly packed,
the garden is reborn.

The flora look uniform now
no insulting dark stems,
only the long strong boughs
of rightful King Oak,

and no more of them.

But a king without his subjects is a peasant.
With our loss fades your treasured soil,
your sterling root networks anchoring your  
flowerbeds of wealth.
We are the pests,
we stole your soil,
so why does it grow grey?
You wanted growth
I heard you say.
You can’t have both.

What a nuisance.
Us or the decay?

So I am a pest, you say?
Well, to that I say, we pests always grow.
Your tulips and rose corrode,
but you reap what you sow.
No matter the hate that spits our existence,
the sharp teeth of the chainsaw or
poisonous pesticide bidding good riddance,
we are green, and life sustaining, and we are resistant.

The aim is not good riddance,
but co-existence.
An allegorical poem on the importance of assimilation of differences rather than separation
Talia Jan 27
To you, their rights
are a minority priority

You're entitled, spoon fed
Gorged with greed
a coralling disease

a fence that protects you,

but a barbed wire noose
                           round their throats.

You're just another ring
in the chains of oppression
just needed to be said really. saddened by the inaction of humankind.
tried to play around a bit with formatting.
Talia Jan 27
Grass, truly greener
when one side's left to rot

But, then again  
that is exactly what you profit off
A world where it is easier for the white, straight, wealthy males to thrive. Where is the equality? Change needs to also come from them. Why don't more those who are privileged use this to their advantage?
Tyler Matthew Dec 2020
"America I've given you all and now I'm nothing."

An empty chair in town hall.
A piano with no white keys.
An asterisk in the legislation, if I'm lucky.
I ate your bread,
attended your circuses,
burned my bridges for promises you made.
I remember I saved four-thousand dollars
after college and believed I had foresight.
You burned it all before me
and then pierced my eye with your sword of justice,
placed me on the scales and found that
all your wealth weighs more than I do.
The American Dream!
Yet, how am I to dream if I cannot see?
And do you feel heavy?
No, I don't believe you do.
You have your patriots to prop you up when you begin to slouch.
And good on them for being more blind than I am,
or good on them for otherwise.
But that is not the American dream, is it?
I think not, but then again, who am I?
After "America" by Allen Ginsberg.
Flatfielder Nov 2020
A glass of wine
I long for this morning
End of the day mealtimes
Us lucky citizens
Our pantries loaded
Stores full to the rim
Fourty percent waisted
This claim just came in
More food than we need
Yet hunger persists
In huge areas of this planet
Due to inequalities sin
What's wrong
Citizens priorities make that list
Socialists find your place
Liberalism a middle ground
Questions remain
Strongholds of religions
If not used for righteous claim
Boundaries on this earth
Delete wars and pain
Bring back Compassion's Dame
Somewhat changed written 41 weeks ago
Dave Robertson Nov 2020
Earlier in the morning
I’d read the movements of a stalwart blackbird
flicking dead leaves on my concrete driveway,
gleaning for grubs

Later, as I unloaded the weekly food shop,
substitute, as it was, for fun,
I heard an imperious cry,

scrolling up, the fork-tailed red kites circled
in a sunshine that denied pathetic fallacy

and the screech they made meant nothing
Been peep'n at the world
through my
So peep this my people
And if I may happen to offend?
You can go ahead and bleep this
Freedom of speech
That's about to breach barriers
Or should I say
Marketing to fix the visuals in the
Cause we're all intellectual
Intelligent individuals
About to take the next leap tho
Feeling froggy?
Well we can play leap frog for a
Leap Year
On the calendar like Spring
We leap wherever clarity brings
the most satisfaction of
Different factions and streams of
So do I have an Alibi on my side?
Who's in my Circle
Circle Yes or No
Partakers of the Do or Die
A Ride or Die?
The Millennial Language
A subject of the who what
where and when
And the wonder whys of Life
But all subject to the Majesty
Ruling just beyond the heights
Of Higher Heights
And Deeper Depths
Now wether On or Off
The topic of Intelligent Design
Has been avoided
Which is
A human error in an era
But Yo
Let's just call it what it is
Human beings being
Cell-shaded with Self-hatred
Discriminated against
With no Basis
By other Races
May deem Racist
Stuck in this Matrix
We slowly
Prequel to " Prototype S "
Mose Oct 2020
They tell me to be quiet.
Quiet enough my presence doesn’t make a ruckus.
Small enough that my presence is untouched.
Shrinking into spaces that they wish I was forgot in.
They tell me I speak too loudly.
Take up too much space in the room when I make a proclamation.
My dad was the first man to teach me women shouldn’t talk back.
With every slap to the face my voice grew deeper.
My brother said if I didn’t put myself in a corner, they would do it for me.
With every push I learned to stand my ground.
My mom told me that my slick tongue made me unbearable to men.
So, it grew sharper to lash at those who spite my freedom.
Legs crossed, dressed pressed, and hair slick back in a pony.
Sit pretty but not enough to leave them tempted.
The only wise thing I ever learned from my parents was to carry a key in my hand.
Check your car before getting in.
Walk at night only in company.
Carry your phone, but don’t talk on it.
I always wondered how the world has groomed woman but never refined their men.
Never directed my brother that no meant boundaries.
Never spoke of respect as if its given and not earned.
Never addressed that a woman was object of desire but not possession.
Speak up woman, but not louder than those men around you.
Assert yourself but never over the men.
Be strong, firm but mend as I need you to when I need you to.
If I was to vocal, I was a ***** & if I was so quiet, I was a door mat.
If I was too conservative, I was a ***** and if I was to provocative, I was a *****.
If I was to a leader, I was bossy and if I followed, I lacked a backbone.
I wondered what strength I had in being all of that at once.
How I could be the ****** and the maker.
This was the closest to god I ever felt.
& it makes me wonder if god was a woman too.
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