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Nov 2017 · 634
Madly and badly in love
Mila Berlioz Nov 2017
He’s so mad,
But I love him so bad.
I can’t help but to feel so sad.
Tap, tap, tap, my cigarettes pack goes.
Beat, beat, beat, my heart beats for him.
What else can I do, when we aren’t near?
Knock, knock, knock. I knock on his door.
He opens the door, I love him so much.
Can YOU love me madly?
Nov 2017 · 1.4k
Oct 27, 2017
Mila Berlioz Nov 2017
11:44 pm
You cry, thinking you’re ‘useless’. Oh baby, if you could only see the potential you have.
No one has ever made me feel this way before  it’s been three hours and sixteen minutes since you left my house.  And every second it gets harder not to be by your side. I have never loved someone this much.  Never thought I’d make it so far, so committed in a relationship. But here I am… not being able to get you out of my mind.
I loved cuddling with you, spooning.  You look so unbelievable beautiful sleeping.
I still can’t believe what’s happening.  It’s just too good to be true.
Having the love of my life (you), telling me that every time he looks at me he can’t help himself but to think I’m the most gorgeous person in this world.
I could kiss you day and night, 24/7. I could hug you all day long. I love you so much. Trust me you’ve got so much potential. I just, I love you.
Never let me go, never leave.  I love you too much to not have you by my side.
To me you're perfect
Aug 2017 · 747
Making love on your lips
Mila Berlioz Aug 2017
That taste, that warmth.
Oh goodness, it was like heaven.
Your lips, so soft. Your skin.
Our lips touching.
It was like our souls were trying to reach each other.
And eventually, they did.

Kissing you, felt like making love.
Making love on your lips,
Dancing on the starts, on your lips.

I yearn, I long for another kiss of yours.

It was out of the normal, it was too special.
So special I can't describe it in words.

Make love on my lips.
Aug 2017 · 708
Galaxy Lips
Mila Berlioz Aug 2017
I wish I could taste your lips, everyday.
I wish you could grab me like you did, today.

I love you, and oh my goodness, your lips.
They are made out of galaxies, I've never seen one, but I think I tasted one today.

Your soul, your soul, man, you are so pure.
I love you, I love your flaws.

You fill me up. You take and hug and kiss the sadness out of me. I can forget about everything for a second when I'm with you.

Today, as I laid on your chest, I felt at home.
I felt as if nothing could ever harm me, as if you were my shield.

Oh, love, how happy you make me. How much I love you!

I can't wait to taste that galaxy again.
Jul 2017 · 718
Smoking the Night Away
Mila Berlioz Jul 2017
I'm smoking the night away.
With your picture right in front of me.
All I can do is smoke, one, two, even four cigarettes.
I smoke thinking of how much I want you by my side, and how much I can't.
It breaks my heart, so I fill the broken parts with smoke.

I smoke the night away, because there is nothing else to so.
My friends are asleep, I'm not even sure they are my friends. They might as well be dead and no one would tell me.
My family will not talk to me as they used to, they've been driven away by my sadness.
Lately, my dog has been the only one around me. He gives me the kisses you won't, because we're too far away.

I smoke the night away. Because, what else am I supposed to do?
The night is full of terrors, the night is full of regrets. Tears fall down my face, imaginary tears though. I can't afford to cry.
So I smoke the night away, for no reason whatsoever, I guess. Smoking cigarettes is the best I can do, to not feel a thing. So, I smoke the night away.
May 2017 · 605
As soon as I wake up
Mila Berlioz May 2017
As soon as I wake up, I want to see your face right beside me.
As soon as I wake up, I want to feel your breath against my neck.
As soon as I wake up I want those lips across my face, oh those lips.
As soon as I wake up, I don't want to fear I won't see you again.
I don't want to be afraid to lose you. Or to not have you by my side anymore.
As soon as I wake up, I want you to be there. Even if it's in a dream.
I wish I could have you by my side again.
Mar 2017 · 1.3k
Tardes de marzo
Mila Berlioz Mar 2017
En éstas tardes de marzo,
Cuento para atrás para dormirme.
Nada funciona, éste frágil corazón
No aguanta más.

En estás tardes lluviosas de Marzo,
Escucho tu voz en todos lados.
Siento tu pulso en mis venas,
Siento tu calor en mi piel.

¿Por qué no estás acá?
¿Por qué perdí valor para ti?
¿Adónde te metiste?

El frío, la lluvia, todo hace sentido.
Todo apunta a que lo nuestro ha terminado. Todo apunta a que no me esperaste.

Eres mi lagaña, porque cada vez que me levanto eres lo primero que siento. Eres de esas lagañas que no se quitan tan fácilmente. Esa lagaña que se queda en tu ojo y que duele quitarla.

En éstas tardes de marzo, eres en lo único que pienso.
Mar 2017 · 954
Para amarte
Mila Berlioz Mar 2017
Porque para amarte no necesito más razón
Que éste pequeño, frágil corazón.
Sos a quien amo, sos a quien sueño,
Sos a quien anhelo, sos al único que quiero.
No hay nadie más en éste mundo con quien quisiera estar. Porque sos a quien llegué a amar, sos el que me enseño a amar, sos el que me enseño a descubrir lo que cualquier cosa insignificante a mi vista, tenía significado. Todo se ve diferente sin vos, todo se veía diferente con vos. Fuiste y serás a quien yo amé incondicionalmente.
Feb 2017 · 869
Starry Nights
Mila Berlioz Feb 2017
Some nights I can see that same star,
The same star we stared at together.

How could we be so calm staring at the dark blue sky next to each other?
My heart was raising, my eyes were dilatating,
But, the thought of having you by my side,
made me calm.

Some nights I think of that night, those kisses,
Those hugs, those "I love you"s , oh darling, that night.

I want you back, because your bones are made out of stars,
Your heart is made out of the nebula, and your brain, oh your mind,
It's made of a galaxy. A bright, big, beautiful galaxy.

Shall I keepm on staring at that star? Or should I wait for you?
Stars keep on showing up, but you haven't.
Feb 2017 · 627
Mila Berlioz Feb 2017
Querido, sin ti todo se mira oscuro,
nada tiene sentido.
Oh, amado mío, cuanto te extraño.

Al andar por las calles, pareciera que los postes de luz
no existieras, todo lo veo oscuro, sin color, sin matiz.

¿Qué será de mí? ¿Qué haré yo sin ti?

Debo afrontar la realidad:
Tú ya no estás, estoy más sola que nunca.

Oh bien amado, deja tu orgullo, y ven a mí.
Te amo, haz que todo tenga sentido de nuevo.
Jan 2017 · 392
Mila Berlioz Jan 2017
How dare you say you miss me?
How dare you say you're a man?

Man up!
I gave it all to you.
All those "I love you"s, that night.
That night, as we cuddled,
what were you thinking?

Did you think you would think of me this way?
Did you think you loved me?
What were you thinking

No, I am not your toy.
Thank you for your kind offer, but no.
Jan 2017 · 366
Mila Berlioz Jan 2017
Even when I was away
Even thousands of miles away from you
The only thing in my mind was you
The only thing I could think about
Was your existence,
And how much I love you;
How I would cross the world for you
But I still think you wouldn't appreciate it, even if I crossed
The whole universe
Just for you.
Dec 2016 · 2.1k
My Veins
Mila Berlioz Dec 2016
I can feel you, in my veins
Within every breath I take
You're like my oxygen.

I can feel you, in my veins
In between every heartbeat.
You're that blood that pumps up through my veins.

You're that rush, that adrenaline.
You're that matter inside me, that dark matter.
You keep my body working you're in my veins.
Nov 2016 · 684
Amor acuático
Mila Berlioz Nov 2016
Oh amor, eres como un mar
Con olas que vienen y van.
Tan profundo que es difícil de llegar al fondo; oh amor mío ¿qué nos pasó? ¿fue el tiempo que nos consumió? ¿o fueron tus olas que me alejaron?
Vivo a la orilla del mar, esperando tus olas, las que me arrastran hlacia ti, llévame con la corriente hacia tu corazón y mantenme ahí.
Me confundes.
Oct 2016 · 883
Moonlight Cigarettes
Mila Berlioz Oct 2016
I light them up,
They fill my lungs.

I light them up,
They calm myself.

I lit you up,
And as you filled up my heart,
You took away my problems.

But the thing with the cigarettes is that they get to an end, and you finally throw them again.

I thought you were my everlasting cigarette, yet, I was your temporary one.

You lit me up, you filled me up with your lies, and you threw me away.

What a shame, being someone else's cigarette.
Jul 2016 · 498
Mila Berlioz Jul 2016
I can see right through you,
You're not that cold person you want to be.
Your heart is tender, mild; but you just don't want people to know about it.

I get it, your hurt, you're trying not to get hurt. But you've  seen yourself at your worse and you know your worth more than that.

Don't let it bring you down.
Bring that wall you've built down, you'll see you'll find beautiful flowers along the way.

Don't torture yourself, 'cause that's all you do.
It was time for me to post something else than depressive stuff
Jul 2016 · 468
Mila Berlioz Jul 2016
I woke up, freezing, in the middle of summer, because of the cold beneath these covers.
I miss you, you've changed.
You're not here, where have you been?
With whom?
Come back, don't leave me with these empty covers.
Will you please, please come back?
Will you take care of me?
Will I not be cold at night?
Come back.
Jul 2016 · 324
Mila Berlioz Jul 2016
How could you leave me?
How could you? While I was in trouble, while I was in pain?
How, oh how will I ever see the day light again? I have no one, and yet you left me.
Jul 2016 · 333
Mila Berlioz Jul 2016
I got a problem
I'm in trouble.
I like you, way too much; even more than I should.
Look at your right, I'll be there, waiting.
I love you, and you're my trouble.
It seems I like being troubled.
If there's anything or anyone who should be my trouble, it should be you.
Jul 2016 · 310
Mila Berlioz Jul 2016
You wanted me to write about you.
So I am.
I didn't think I'd make such a good thing out of some days.
You're a wonderful person.
We might be miles and miles away,
but you're still special, even more special than many people here.
You're intelligent, gorgeous and fun.
I'll miss you and I'll never forget you.
Jul 2016 · 663
Come back
Mila Berlioz Jul 2016
I'm so sick.
I miss you, my body hurts and yearns for your love.
Come on, leave me, come back.
Love me, love me so much you can't breathe.
Because you planted flowers in my lungs and I can't breathe because of you.
Love you forever, your love
Jun 2016 · 600
Mila Berlioz Jun 2016
I can't see a future in my life
I can't see a window to get me out of here.
I still don't see a way out.
I don't imagine an adult me,
why's that?
All I can see is failure.
You planted this seed that makes me think I'm not enough.
Your fault CJDR
Jun 2016 · 882
Mila Berlioz Jun 2016
Can anybody tell me why?'
I'm just here with waves crashing down in my lungs, not being able to breathe. And yet I call it love; I call it passion.
My rib cage is crashing? Little by little.
Jun 2016 · 257
Mila Berlioz Jun 2016
And again, I'm here, lying...
wanting to die. Thoughts keep on spinning through my head.
Am I not enough? What the **** am I doing here.
Oh well enough said.
I hope someday I can finally find true
I'm like a flower, with no petals left.
He loves me , he doesn't love me, he loves me, he doesn't love me.
Jun 2016 · 345
Mila Berlioz Jun 2016
May I say how much I love you?
How much I desire you?
Or may I say how you make me want to die?
I still don't know how much potential I see in you after everything you've donw.
I miss you, I miss you.
And I implore you to come back, oh please, come back
Jun 2016 · 448
Mila Berlioz Jun 2016
I write this with tears on my eyes,
To you, beloved:
Was her enough for you?
Did she give you the best kisses, the best hugs?
Or is she prettier?
I still don't understand how you crawl back to the person who hurt you once. Instead of ataying with the one who gave it all
Jun 2016 · 409
Mila Berlioz Jun 2016
I forgive you, I forgive how you used me. I forgive how rude and how much you destroyed me. Yet I forgive you; because you're someone that I love and that'll never stop being.
Jun 2016 · 1.1k
Mila Berlioz Jun 2016
Me encantas, me encanta tu hablar
Me gustan tus manos, tu cuello,
tu querer y tu pasión por la música.
Me gusta tu mecanismo de defensa,
¿Cómo decirte que hasta tus pies me gustan?
Hazme un favor, uno solo.
Fíjate en mí, mueve tu ojo a la derecha, y me verás.
Mar 2016 · 653
Mila Berlioz Mar 2016
I feel uncomfortable with it all
Life's turning out like ****.

Can I scape it?
I really wish I could.
I'm just not brave enough to pull the trigger.

I wish this wasn't my life.
I really wish it was someone else's.
Mar 2016 · 6.7k
Kissing smoke
Mila Berlioz Mar 2016
Kissing cigarettes
Kissing the smoke,
It's all I can kiss and it's all that can go down my throat.
I promised something, but so you did.
I hope she kisses you
and I hope you don't have to kiss smoke
Feb 2016 · 443
Mila Berlioz Feb 2016
Siento como si ya no pudiese con esta carga, con todo esto. Pero, ¿qué puedo esperar de una vida en ls cual todo se desvanece fácilmente? No se que hacer ya, mi vida es como si yo y los demás fueran fantasmas y anduviera en una nube.
Feb 2016 · 545
Mila Berlioz Feb 2016
Pueda que sea algo fuera de la nada, salido de la neblina, rápido pero, ¿por qué siento que esto está bien? Fuera de lo normal, me siento bien, será una aventura, con riesgos como cualquiera de amor, pero una aventura que quiero tener. Espero no solo sea una aventura, quiero que no solo sea una página, pero un libro.
Just thoughts
Jan 2016 · 1.9k
Mila Berlioz Jan 2016
I like...
Your smile, how you laugh
I like the way you look at me
I love it when you kiss me
I love it how you make me feel
As I'd everything suddenly disappeared and it all was perfect.
I like how perfect you are,
But the only thing I hate is that
I haven't met you.
We'll meet at the right time
Or maybe I have met you, but I just don't know you're the one.

It's funny I write these poems
For someone I don't know.

To end this, I'll just say,
I love you
Jan 2016 · 3.6k
To die
Mila Berlioz Jan 2016
To die is an art
How your heart stops beating
How your organs stop working,
You disappear.

To die,
Many people wish they were dead,
Yet they do nothing about it.
I believe dying is a beautiful art.

I, I wish I were dead, yet I don't do a thing about it,
Just committing masochism,
What should I do?
Jan 2016 · 604
Mila Berlioz Jan 2016
I've creates this facet
I show it to everyone,
The facet of not caring.
It seems to help.
This facet has taken the original "me" away, driven away by obligations.
Obligations that are not even necessary
It has driven myself crazy, to the edge.

This facet, I thought would make me someone,
That it would help me find myself;
But it drove me away from me,
And now I don't even know who I am any more.

It has made of my life a whole mess.
I try to act happy, I try to ignore it.
But nothing goes away, does it?
Jan 2016 · 336
Mila Berlioz Jan 2016
It seems like you've taken all my motivation away.
I cannot read, write or do anything anymore.
What spell, what curse did you put on me?
What have you done?
I guess you took the last piece that was left
Dec 2015 · 830
Oh how I
Mila Berlioz Dec 2015
Oh how I miss you and you're in me
Oh I miss you and you're everywhere
Oh I miss you and you're it all.

Oh I miss you, oh how I miss you!

Oh how much I love you and you're not here. Oh how much I need you, yet you don't need me.

Oh how, how much I adore you.
Nov 2015 · 355
My Month
Mila Berlioz Nov 2015
My month came with pain,
Problems, oh god, so many.
My month came with love,
Love I should've accepted, but I did not.
Instead I went on loving someone who did not deserve my loving.
My month came with so much,
My month, my month, it's probably just like any other month.
Perhaps, every month's pain piles up, more and more.
Quite birthday month.
Nov 2015 · 319
Mila Berlioz Nov 2015
I'm done, you're worth it. You're worth so much, but I can't afford being so masochistic. You're beautiful, your soul is. I'd like to have my life complicated by you, but you're just too scared. What a waste. I hope some day you realize what you had in front of you.
Nov 2015 · 730
Mila Berlioz Nov 2015
I wish I had the guts,
I wish I had the guts to tell you,
to tell you so many things. To tell you
how much I love you, how much
you make me cry.

But no, instead I'm here, writing about you. I write about you everyday. I start talking about my day and end up talking about how much I miss you.

I wish I had the guts, the guts to
*let you go
Nov 2015 · 740
Are you here?
Mila Berlioz Nov 2015
Are you here? I can't see you, I can't feel you. Why aren't you by my side? Why aren't you across the room? Why aren't you with me, as you promised? I need you, I want you, you were my little, only glimpse of happiness over here. Come back, come back to my life.
Nov 2015 · 787
Birthday Gift
Mila Berlioz Nov 2015
I expected much, you know, the usual right?
But turns out that message, ruined my birthday,
even if it was before my birthday, it was seven minutes before it.

Usually I hate my birthday, but, not having you,
not seeing you on that day, not having you by my side, it just, made
the day I hate the most of the year became worse.

Oh dear, why did you even show me that song?
Because actually, it does turn out that I need you much more than you need me.

Your birthday gift wasn't that tee shirt you left me,
but the loneliness and broken promises you left behind, how you left
me behind.

Still, I adore you.
Nov 2015 · 638
Mila Berlioz Nov 2015
Am I about to lose my mind?
I can't think enough
I can't think too much
I can't think, not even a bit.

I overthink, therefore I do think.
I oversleep, I stay up late at nights though.

I don't feel as if I were living.
It all feels like a dream, as if I were floating,
floating through my life.
Not living my life.

Maybe, maybe, I haven't lost my mind *YET
Oct 2015 · 774
Mila Berlioz Oct 2015
"Why do you sleep so much?"
"Are you tired? You don't do anything anyway"
"Why do you lay there alone?"
"Come out of your room for once!"

To all of them, I cannot tell them I'm depressed as an answer.
I cannot open up to everyone who asks me one of those.

I, myself can't answer those questions, I guess my only answer would be, "I'm depressed as ****".
Is that even enough as an answer? Is it a valid excuse?
Am I enough?

I guess I would just answer:
I sleep so I don't have to deal with life.
Yeah I'm tired, I can't do much, I'm not good at much stuff, but I'm so mentally tired that it all becomes physical.
I like being alone so I don't have to deal with being so insecure because of how awkward I am.
I don't and I won't come out of my room; real world can't come in.

I guess those are just lazy excuses.
It's not enough.
I'm not enough.
Oct 2015 · 493
Alexander Supertramp
Mila Berlioz Oct 2015
I think I need some space,
Some kind of freedom.
I know freedom is a state of mind
But, still, our minds are some powerfull *******.

I need some time off, I need to rebel.

I guess that's how I started smoking, maybe why I started drinking.

All I know is that I need my freedom, I need to rebel, I need my nature, my own nature.

Know yourself before you know anyone else,
Oct 2015 · 1.9k
Mila Berlioz Oct 2015
All I can see is smoke            
I can't see anything
It's raining hard
I can't see anything, I can just smoke.
My head is filled with smoke.
There's nothing I could possibly use in my head,
It's made up of bad thoughts and smoke.

There's so much smoke in my head
There's so much smoke to see.
There's too much of everything.

Smoke, smoke, smoke.
Smoke, that's all I can do,
Hoping that my problems will go away.
I guess smoke does take a great place in my head.
I'll keep on smoking, so it take it all up, so it takes up
My whole head, my whole mind.

Smoke, thoughts and failures, that's what I'm made of.                       -M.B.H.
Oct 2015 · 2.2k
Kiss me
Mila Berlioz Oct 2015
Oh darling, my favorite person.
Kiss me, kiss me as if there were nothing else to matter but us.
Kiss me, cross the whole Atlantic to kiss me.
Darling kiss me, do it, kiss me passionately, kiss me,
I'm imploring you to kiss me, oh please do so.

Come here, hold me, sit me on your lap, tell me stories.
Let's go on picnics, let's have a cute homemade dinner.
But most important kiss me.
I want you to kiss me, kiss my forehead, kiss my nose,
kiss my cheeks, kiss my lips, kiss my neck.
Kiss me.
Oct 2015 · 784
Oh my Star
Mila Berlioz Oct 2015
You light up my nights
When it's dark and you appear,
My problems suddenly go away.

Every night I long for you to appear every night
I look for you everywhere
Even in a sky full of stars,
I would only look for you and how your smile makes you shine.

Oh my star, dear star,
Please don't disappear, I need you to light up my nights.
Oct 2015 · 304
Mila Berlioz Oct 2015
I was shattered into tons of pieces,
You knew that.
I was too stupid, people's hands aren't so big,
Nor strong to hold so many pieces.
And what's broken can't be fixed the way it was before.

I'm stupid, a stupid little girl, who still sees some hope in people's eyes
I'm a simple smart girl whose parents didn't raise her up
I'm a smart girl who doesn't know what the word potential means
I'm a smart girl with a great heart, trying to be ******
But opening up to the wrong people.

I pour myself in people
I pour myself, I fall, I trust,
I'm stupid.

Oh I'm a poor little stupid girl.
Whose feelings got hurt,
Her emotions were taken away
And is ****** up.
Oct 2015 · 589
Tables Turned
Mila Berlioz Oct 2015
No no darling
You're not the reason I'm crying
No no, don't feel so important.

I want to puke,
The little I had left inside
I rushed on to pour them into you.
Now, I see why wise men say, only fools rush in
But oh well, I've always proved myself as a fool.

I feel like a piece of trash,
For I was stupid on trusting in someone again.
I feel like a joke to you
When it's usually the other way around
Tables were turned, just your way, not mine.
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