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Cameron Aug 2020
I know how it feels to be lied to and alone.
You tore out the stitches in me you have sewn.
I should have guessed when "forever" you intoned.
In your eyes, forever is brief. I wish I had known.
Kairosclere Jun 2020
I was the painting you tore down
Even before you started.
Amanda Kay Burke May 2018
It must have been something I've done
What foolish mistake have I made?
Why am I suddenly alone again?
I wish that you had stayed.

I am sorry it's not working out
That this is "too hard" for you
You didn't try to change it though
Look who can be logical too

I am trying not to take it hard
I have cried all that I can cry
Only time can heal this wound
Created the moment you said goodbye

I want to smile to show I am strong
But on my face nothing is there
I doubt it would make a difference anyway
Since you obviously do not care

I feel hollow, barely still here
Wondering why you would leave me behind
And even though you tore my heart out
I'll still be waiting if you ever change your mind.
Written 10/23/10 right after the first guy i really experienced strong feelings for dumped me. It was only a two week relationship but I had liked him for a long time before that. He was a good friend but he mived away and i have no idea what he is doing now
aisha Oct 2017
you tore me
to pieces
like I was
an expired coupon
though I am
still valid
Don't forget who you were
Before the world tore you apart.

Don't forget who you were,
Before the world told you
who you should be
kenny Diamond May 2016
I need your hand
But you turned way
You mind  is  set on the I  told so
All  I wanted was your love
My tears stained my skin
I look up for the sun
But all saw was  the moon
Ashley Grey Dec 2015
I tore down my walls
I opened my doors
And made room for one more
Mila Berlioz Nov 2015
I wish I had the guts,
I wish I had the guts to tell you,
to tell you so many things. To tell you
how much I love you, how much
you make me cry.

But no, instead I'm here, writing about you. I write about you everyday. I start talking about my day and end up talking about how much I miss you.

I wish I had the guts, the guts to
*let you go
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