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DJ Jul 2018
You know.
It's true what they say.
That once you fall asleep in the arms of your lover,
You can't sleep alone anymore.
Something doesn't feel right.
Something is always off.
The feel of her body,
Her warmth,
Her breath,
As she lays behind me,
Clutching on to my waist,
Is a feeling that gets you intoxicated just thinking about it.
Gets you high without realizing it.
You do that once,
You can't not do it again.
Because then you'll constantly feel alone.
In the dark.
Always thinking back to a time,
When she was lain behind you,
And when she held you close,
So close that you almost morph into one.
So now as I lay here,
Clutching onto a pillow that smells of her,
I keep hoping that this pillow,
Will turn into her,
So that I don't have to sleep alone tonight.
I wrote this poem for my girlfriend who came over one day and fell asleep with me as we we're huddled close together. Yes I am a female. I am bisexual.
Haylin May 2018
I had a dream
you were there
right beside me
cuddled up close
I rolled over
as I awoke
and you
Cné Feb 2018
Dreamy Stars At Night
Spooning Up To Me So Tight
Sparkle Lullabies
Mila Berlioz Nov 2017
11:44 pm
You cry, thinking you’re ‘useless’. Oh baby, if you could only see the potential you have.
No one has ever made me feel this way before  it’s been three hours and sixteen minutes since you left my house.  And every second it gets harder not to be by your side. I have never loved someone this much.  Never thought I’d make it so far, so committed in a relationship. But here I am… not being able to get you out of my mind.
I loved cuddling with you, spooning.  You look so unbelievable beautiful sleeping.
I still can’t believe what’s happening.  It’s just too good to be true.
Having the love of my life (you), telling me that every time he looks at me he can’t help himself but to think I’m the most gorgeous person in this world.
I could kiss you day and night, 24/7. I could hug you all day long. I love you so much. Trust me you’ve got so much potential. I just, I love you.
Never let me go, never leave.  I love you too much to not have you by my side.
To me you're perfect
Butch Decatoria Dec 2015
I make smiles from shattered eyes

cry December's distracting frost

move my soul with hopeful sighs

and pray our devotion is not lost

It is the eve of renewal's glee

gave sad promises to spoon the moon

but in the haste of glass we freeze

pose with strangers who fill our room

sweat bemoans my reaching hand

your eyes are vacant with his lust

he bids the hours by your command

we smoke our feelings into dust

this boy is weak yet worships you

opens darkest gates to breed

now enter light that stirs, confused

my screaming tears unheard,unseen...

i am a wish of hearts refused,

the sound of fallen poetry...
m4tt Feb 2015
Two bits of cardboard stuck onto each other.
Perfectly fitting, but you unmake me sober.

Three double bends with the bone folder.
A figure of a bird, and his broken cage lying in the corner.
Always wip, real noob, not native speaker al corrections-suggestions more than welcome.
Dolores L Day Jan 2015
You make me want to be small again.
To shrink in size so that you may carry me
and wrap me up in your arms.

You make me want to be vulnerable.
To dream a nightmare so that you will hold me
and tell me it will be okay.

But the most beautiful thing
is that you don't need me to be small or vulnerable.
Because you do it anyway.
I'm a big girl, but you've got big man hands.
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