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Victor Marques Nov 2020
Noites de amor e canto suave de aves em manhas cristalinas,
Nasci com o encanto  de areias do mar sempre finas.
A meus pais eu vou sempre agradecer,
Com seu amor sempre viver...
Quando eu nasci olhando o rio com olhos meios fechados,
Senti o cheiro das flores dos meus antepassados,
Grato a todos os seres que estavam ali para me ver nascer,
Amando salgueiros do ribeiro que corre por correr...

Quando eu nasci protegido por Deus e sua Igreja,
Lirios campestres que a natureza sempre proteja.
Alma divina que em minha  vida logo entrou,
Sorrir com inocência e carinho sim senhor,
Tudo pelo desejo de DEUS criador.
As estrelas do céu  comigo estavam em harmonia,
Ansiava viver, ver a luz do dia,
Nasci para ser amor, vida, alegria...

Nasci perdido nesses horizontes durienses avermelhados,
Sem ideia do mundo, nem de todos os seres criados,
Nem que havia uma eternidade onde iria regressar,
Nasci para tudo amar e contemplar...
Deus deu me o corpo para minha alma aperfeiçoar,
Deus deu me tudo, a terra , o céu , o mar....
Rick O'Shell Jun 2020
" Dreammembering"
Awash in the 8th sea of prelimerence as endless as the ocean
Dreammembering a time of life defined by love's devotion
creating moments that feel as real as now yet out of reach
We held hands then and walked upon a perfect golden beach
Golden light on the curve of cheek and your mane's dark chocolate strands
We redefined "ourself" with loving eyes and touching hands
Thoughts between our heart-minds making promises unspoken
All our times of life on earth we hoped to share as one unbroken
Reality cleaves our dream's edge as consciousness reawakens
a sense of dread, the pang of loss, as love's left there forsaken
prelimerence merged low on Wildcat beach by high tide it's enthralled
We leave it weep-singing love's parting song like Alamere falls
Alamere Falls is a wilderness falls that empties a lake near a California coast that is accessible(Officially) only by a trail on Wildcat beach, that beach trail is submerged during high tide. It seems fitting the waterfall makes a weeping song, or the 8th sea would be of sea of pre-limerence and the freshwater mixing with the saltwater at the falls could weep a melody and the sound of parting  from the lake and merging with the ocean itself could cry as they do in the dream theme. Weep-singing seems fitting to me. I referenced the beach trail here in this poem as the symbolic shutting off ( submerging) of the dreaming-remembering love state when awakening. I invented some words and places here combining dream with remembering and the nonexistent 8th sea which I define as an almost subconscious “emotional sea of hearts waiting to fall in love=prelimerence..” The term pre-limerence I've tacked together to describe the state of being in love with the idea of being in love, the state people are in before finding someone to be in limerence with. "Ourself" as being two people defined as "Two combined consciousness's of one self" Heartminds refers to the neuronel cells in the heart that communicates with our minds, and I suspect other hearts and minds as well. leaving it here before I destroy it all with overthinking,
Dez May 2020
No matter what they ask
No matter how they pry
Don’t try
Don’t ware a mask

I learned that to lie to another
You must first lie to yourself
If indeed you want to put truth on the shelf
Yourself you mustn’t smother

To believe a lie is hard
You must be cool
That’s truly the only rule
But you will be marred

For then you make it a habit
For to lie
Is for truth to die
But I guess that’s the point of it
seu cabelo sempre cheiroso

seu jeito tão charmoso 

carinhosa e corajosa

ela ama o oceano 
e sonha com golfinhos 

os beijos dela são suaves 
e cheios de carinho 

mulher forte e linda

no meu coração sempre bem-vinda

quero te ver bem de saúde
ser sua filha me enche de gratitude 

cada detalhe seu tão delicado como 
uma estrela do mar

hoje eu quero te agradar e prometo para sempre te amar.

- gio, 10.12.2018
Ken Pepiton Jul 2019
there's this old crow,

comes around most mornings to perch in
the momma pine who
sowed her chil'ren
down *****.

The crow seems to speak through a bluetooth
of nature

he caws asif conversing, re-plying layers
of nuance on my mileau.

Listen, I say to him,
I want you to be my friend.

He sits, quiet.
Not disturbing my peace.

I take that for a yes.
Peace, be still
As vezes quero ser profundo e me manter por lá
Mas sou apaixonado pelo nascer e pôr do sol
E pela lua beijando o mar

As vezes quero sentar
Te ver dancar
Mas sou apaixonado pelo ritmo do teu corpo no meu
Teu calor
E aroma do teu suor

As vezes me pergunto o que será de nós se a paixão acabar?
Mas logo lembro
Que nada dura pra sempre
E enquanto existir este sentimento intenso
Quero aproveitar cada momento

Lembranças não serão levadas pelo vento
Um coração lindo como o teu nunca ficará ao relento
Pra já, faça do meu peito o seu aposento

Encosta a cabeça
Ouça cada batimento
Será eterno até acabar o nosso tempo
alex Jan 2019
eu lhe adoro tanto quanto
o sol adora o mar
está chovendo mas
eu ainda posso ver vé-la brilhando
ela não é uma rival
ela nos assiste com amor
que mesma maneira
eu lhe assiste.
minha futura amada. eu quero de escrever mais em portuguese; é uma bela língua.
Glenn Currier Jun 2018
Living with day and night
black and white
crepe myrtles of white and pink
variety and variance make me think
now and then a dissonant pitch
makes my life rich.

But sometime what seems at odds
is not.  Like seeing Love AND God
contemplation AND friendship
solitude AND kinship.
Why must it be either or
against or for?
Why can’t we see through
the differences between me and you?

What is so sad
what seems so bad
is when difference leads to rejection
then I must leave for my own protection.
When she said, “If you are this then you can’t be that!”
I left.  I won’t be her doormat.

Some people thrive on opposition
attracted to dominance and friction
but at this stage of being me
I choose to be free
to see through those things that divide
beyond the outer mar to the beauty inside.
Author’s Note:  This morning I woke thinking about a terrible moment of rejection by someone whom I had loved, been loyal to, and cherished in spite of some of her obvious limitations and failures. I was not feeling bitterness but just a little sad.  She is represented in the last two stanzas of this poem.  I also want to thank a poet on who goes by the name of Melancholy of Innocence  for the partial inspiration for this poem.  He is represented in the second line of the second stanza.  I am so very inspired by the variety of work I read on
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