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It is the middle of summer,
Water is already scarce,
The land is bone dry,
It has not rained yet,
The sun is ablaze.

‘Has Dumuzid died?’
I heard someone inquire.

It was a voice
From the remote past
How could I hear that voice?
I thought gods do not die
Dumuzid could not die.

The world has not changed,
Events re-occur,
Our thoughts remain unchanged,
All this remains etched in my genes.

The rains will come,
The land will regain fertility,
The farmers will sow seeds,
No one will die of hunger.
the poet is the seamstress,
sewing words into sentences
the poet is the architect
building their paragraphs
the poet is the performer
setting the stage
the poet is the dreamer
with endless possibilities


the poet is falling apart
their heart unmendable; in pieces
the poet is scared
walls that protect, yet isolate.
but the poet is strong
and lives to tell their tale
as the poet is the dreamer
with endless possibilities
you can do it! we all believe in you!
Eric Apr 12
look ...look .
I see it clear . don't all your people hear it coming near . a new beginning in these times of rough . and our skin is getting a little tough . with each tear and each tear . we cry in the dark shadows that fill us with fear . I love all who feel , because without you, we wouldn't have a world to share . or even care to have such a fair feeling there . today we shine , I encourage all of you to make one random compliment to someone random . not to gain fandom . but just because who cares what happens . the entertainment in there reaction should be filled with caps and screamed out loud . have them floating by us like clouds . cause we are who we are , nothing changes that . why not enjoy it until someone can enjoy us . I love you all even when I fall . I express words that won't be heard at all . but at least its a letter to someone who may understand one day . I just couldn't take the pain . I feel so good that I'll die for everyone's gain .
Carmen Jane Mar 16
The number of my poems
Is in a tight race
with the number of my followers
Or vice versa
Almost every poem gifts me a follower
I am humbled

I take a look at your profile
You have 11 poems
And 111 followers
That's easy math!
You are a good listener
Plus your words are gold
Times your encouraging comments
Equals 111 followers
Quod Erat Demonstradum !

PS.I will be your 112th

PPS.Who are you,with all these facts, anybody can discover
If you don't want that,
Write a poem,write another!
If it wasn't for my followers, and the likes and the hearts and the reposts and the encouraging comments,many of my poems wouldn't have been written.My poems are my babies now, I am so grateful for them.This site is amazing, full of inspiring people, full of wonderful creations.Keep on writing, and reading  Like there's no tomorrow!
Monet Echo Feb 4
Perfection is a goal
No man can truly claim
Growth is a goal
Any man can attain

Strive for perfection
And you'll be aggravated
Stride towards improvement
And you'll be appreciated
Just a little encouragement. No one's perfect, and it's useless to set a goal you can never reach. Try to improve and grow. Don't set your focus on perfection or you'll consistently let yourself down.
SelinaSharday Dec 2018

Tell her that she's beautiful.
Build her up!
Tell a woman that she's lovely and she's a Queen even if the attraction isn't there tell her.
she's amazing tell her she has a beautiful soul tell her she's oh so wonderful.
Someone is attracted to her
so be aware.
Tell her she is wonderful even when her beauty isn't something stunning.
Build her!
Because somewhere to someone she is beautiful
to someone
she is attractive
to someone
She'd be a blessing.
and if you are to be her amazing
Just say it build her.
Tell her she is beautiful
Tell her she's amazing
Tell her she is the sweetest thing.

Compliment her.
Just say it adore her just do it build her up.
Just do it.
Remember that somewhere Someone would be happy to love her..
Bless her.
With words you can give like a tree.
Adorn her with ornaments with the sparkling diamonds of your words.
Uplift her and her smile should warm you.
Her glow should bless you when she adores you.
Just do it.
Just say it.
And look past everything else and watch her be her most confident self.
Because you didn't hide your words on the Shelf
You placed them in her where they can grow.
So Just Say It.
by selinasharday S.A.M 2018
SILENCE MEANS not giving not saying anything leaving others with nothing when they need uplifting. so just be a blessing
Sergio Esteban Nov 2018
I exist to enjoy life
Whether good or bad
My days are numbered
So ill go ahead and make the best
Of the time I've been given
Take control
You’re the only one
That can make you whole
Sarah Doughty Oct 2018
The choices you make define you
The past is who you are
But don’t let that confine you
To not going far

Mistakes, they serve a purpose
Just like sadness and pain
They are all reminders
Of what not to do again

So make your past a good one
So that when you’re frail and old
With your family gathered around you
A marvelous story can be told
Lovely Lady Lia Oct 2018
My heart is submissive
but my mind is the dominant
when my heart grows weak
my mind strengthens it
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