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C F Mar 30
I take a deep breath in,
and let it out.

I'm safe here.
The blankets are warm,
I'm cocooned in the crook of your arm.

I worry I'm happy enough to disappear.
That I might somehow transform,
and lose this thing that I absolutely adore.

I let a slow breath out,
and took a deep one in.

All is well once more.
empty seas Mar 2
i keep looking at pictures
of you
imagining what it would be like
to hold you in my arms

me? finally having enough emotional security to develop a crush? it’s more likely than you think
honestly tho how long until she hates me
in your toughest
may the universe
kiss you with
warm coffee and
vanilla scented
while the chaos
outside your window.

SC Kelley Jan 27
I think you take my breath away.

People always say that as an endearing thing.

But I think you actually physically take my breath away.

I don't know how.

Maybe it was when you layed your head on my chest.

Or tangled your fingers with mine.

Or felt safe enough to drift off to sleep in my arms.

All I know is that I think you take my breath away.

I just wish I was surer of you.

Because I want that feeling for eternity.

But I don't think you are my eternity.

For those who know what it feels like
SC Kelley Jan 26
You make me feel like the man I've always aspired to be,
And the little, scared kid I used to always be.

At first, I wasn't sure,
Too much running through my head.

But once we were there on your couch,
Sharing warmth and asylum.

My heart raced like it hadn't in years,
My mind going a thousand miles an hour.

Once you fit your hands in mine,
And curled up beside me.

It felt safe and natural,
Like we had been here before.

Your genuine smile and cute laugh,
At every terrible joke I made.

Your smell remained on my left shoulder sleeve,
And your phantom fingers softly brushing.

It all felt natural.

It all felt right.

At least for tonight.

For those falling somewhere for someone
Mei B Jan 21
I love the way your hand intertwines in mine.
When you put your arms around me I’m engulfed in a sea of warmth so devine.
One touch and all the stress goes away in my life. I feel your love burning with passion.
Especially when the fibers of our bodies touch until we both reach satisfaction.
When I move away you come in closer, pulling me in so the feeling isn’t over.
You make the stress melt away in my life, although sometimes the cause.
We have both gained and lost, but most importantly we’ve grown.
All the affection you give is proud to be shown.
You got me feeling euphoria.
As you lay next to me, sleeping so sound.
I am thankful you are the one I’m around.
*slowly coming back from hiatus*

for my love. his arms are always a safe haven.
Clueless Dec 2018
We both lie flat with our right sides facing downward.
Her back is to my stomach,
Her head is on my chest,
And my chin rests on her head.
My arm is across her stomach
And both of her arms are entwined in my left.
My right hand is lying palm up and her cheeck lays down on it.
My legs are laying twisted with hers.

We sit for hours like this.
I feel her warmth
And she feels mine.
I listen to the rhythm of her heartbeat and the sound of her breathing.
It is the most calming sound in the world.

I feel her arm, her hand, her face.
Doing my best to memorize her every contour.
Doing my best to remeber how she feels,
So I never have to feel alone again.

But I will never be able to replicate her warmth,
Her soft, gentle touch,
Or her sweet aroma.

When we cuddle
All I can feel is her love.
I have never so close to another human being, both physically and emotionally. She makes me happy, she keeps me warm inside, and she keeps me stable. I love her dearly and I hope we are to last for a long time. Right now I am just a hopless romantic with a woman haunting my mind.
Alek Mielnikow Dec 2018
We were making love.

And when we finished,
you stuck your head
under those blue covers
and told me to come
for you. And I came
and penetrated your
fortress and canoodled
your chest as you
planted pecks on my
forehead. Then we
rested, and I told
you of the next best
thing on television
and you told me of
the book you were
reading. We talked of
the news though that
changed quickly. And
you mentioned the
first time you made
out with someone was
with a foreign exchange
student named Klaus
at a homecoming game.

You looked into my
eyes with your bright
limes and asked, “Do
you remember the first
time we kissed?” And
I could not recollect
and you giggled and
said, “Oh, don’t bother,
just forget it.” I
regret I still can’t
recall. But ever since
that November, that
car crash in the fall,
I remember that day.

I remember the way our
stinky, moist bodies
melted and molded
together under those
blue covers, and I
remember what I knew
of you. And after my
tears dry, and I have
swiped the dust, I
admire the night
through the window.

I can still smell you
on my pillows, and I
hold on to your warmth.

Your warmth.
If this didn't turn you on and/or made you cry, please check to see if you are human. : )
Makenzie Marie Nov 2018
We are laying in bed with our legs intertwined, and I can't think of anything besides how lucky I am to have you here at my side.
Leah Nov 2018
Snow days where I lay in your arms
Slowly breathing in your scent,
Our breaths link, synchronize together
Blankets wrap around our bodies tight
I close my arms around you, never letting go.
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