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Feb 2017
Some nights I can see that same star,
The same star we stared at together.

How could we be so calm staring at the dark blue sky next to each other?
My heart was raising, my eyes were dilatating,
But, the thought of having you by my side,
made me calm.

Some nights I think of that night, those kisses,
Those hugs, those "I love you"s , oh darling, that night.

I want you back, because your bones are made out of stars,
Your heart is made out of the nebula, and your brain, oh your mind,
It's made of a galaxy. A bright, big, beautiful galaxy.

Shall I keepm on staring at that star? Or should I wait for you?
Stars keep on showing up, but you haven't.
Mila Berlioz
Written by
Mila Berlioz  20/F/Honduras
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