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Jan 2016 · 626
Life is not a number
Life isnt measured by likes on a post,
Or followers, friends, or tweets.

Life can't be counted by people we meet
Or losses we face.

Life doesnt keep a tally sheet
Marking down our scores.

Life isn't measured by the breaths we take
But it isn't counted by the moments that take our breath away, either

Life can't be drawn out for us, and counted on a graph
It can't be explained or sectioned off into days, months or years

We carve our own paths, and we don't need to count the steps

Because wether you use 0 or 26 letters,
Wether your heart beats 2 or 200 times
We are not numbers, we cannot be counted. We are so much more.
Numbers are something we created, but life is something we were given.
Jan 2016 · 546
Winters beauty
Whitch hazel.

The perfect flower.

Spiky and uneven

Bright and bold

All others bloom in summer, let little girls have their fun with them

Witch hazel blooms in the dead of winter, when the cold becomes to much and all else fails. It pokes it's head above the snow. It tells the world I WILL NOT DIE!

Witch hazel the beauty born in the pain.
Jan 2016 · 515
I am not a tiger, a vampire, or a ghost.

I cannot attack them straight on with my ferocious strength. I cannot watch them bleed from my claws.

I cannot lure them with beauty and perfection, lulling them in with a smile, snapping necks with bare hands.

I cannot sneak up on the shadows gliding soundlessly until I strike. A whisper, a warning, wherever I go.

But I can sew together my seams and glue the cracks together. I can fold down the edges and become a gentle circle. I can smile just the right amount to be a gentle, innocent flower, a master of deception.

I am a Venus flytrap.

An unknowing flower, not as pretty as the rest,
but soft and gentle, a perfect place to rest

Until I close my gapping mouth around you trapping you inside,
Eating you piece by piece until the pain destroys you from inside.
Apr 2015 · 487
Hidden Measages
Life is full of perfect metaphors
And irony hidden in secret ways
Carefully caressing things
In secret or on silver trays

It's in all those unplanned moments
When we cease to think
And in the thoughtful gestures too That let the emotions sink

It's in the way we curl up in bed
With a book in the bright of day
The way a torn feather falls, oh so slowly away.

It's in the way we shrink in terror from the darks evil face
Yet refuse to sleep until wrapped up by its safe embrace

It's in the way we see the world
Yet refuse to open our eyes
Only staring at the ground
Yet seeing only skies

And that's what makes our planet such a magical place,
where emotions of love and fear carefully match pace.
Sorry I hacent added any poems in a while I guess I just haven't gotten around to it. But I hope you guys like this one. And if u do feel free to please like or repost.
Feb 2015 · 1.6k
Emotional Detachment
I thought we were so similar but now I see the difference
You want peace and friendship
While I want nothing
You constantly make attempts
To rebuild a scrap of friendship from the fragile bond I set a flame
To re kindle a candle but hide it from inferno
To delete the awkwardness and hit undo to before
But I don't care
And that's what scares me
I thought I almost loved you
But like that I'm ready to go
I want to move on
To hop in a car and drive away from the dust that's choking me
Despite our bond the fire is done and I don't need to clean the ashes because the bond was severed and the scraps of love burned too.

I thought we could be sisters
The others called you that
To me you were still a friend
But perhaps you were more than that
But with your double edged sword you stabbed our strings
And cut out our hearts
The others will still talk to you
Worry and cry
Still save you from danger
Because you are thise sister
But to me you are gone
An empty shell
And any love I felt dissipated into the air
To see you killed and walk away
Would no longer phase me
All I think of you is hate
No r eminence of emotion

I thought you were a friend
We were never sisters
But you were always there for me
Someone to talk to about the light things
I couldnt discuss the pain but at least your voice could lift my hidden sorrow
But then I was ripped away
Pulled from you and my sisters
But somehow I forgot
To miss you too much
I lived my life
Forgot to call
Simply acted as though
You didn't exist at all
What ever love I felt for you
I learned to live without
And simply forgot
About the emotion I used to feel
When our times were more real.
Each verse is about a different time and a different person by the way.
Feb 2015 · 1.0k
Your Conditions Kill
You lull me into security
And offer to be my friend
You tare away what little
Pieces of love are left and
Feed them to my brother
Untill I can't take it
And accept our transformation
I thought it was for the better
To be treated like an adult
But I didn't realize
That your tiny share of like
I can't even call it love
Came with strings attached

You would treat me like a friend
Talk with words not melodies if..

You could remind me you were my mother any time we fought

If you could blackmail me with things I want to do

And order me around like a king when you are mad

To talk about me behind doors in hushed voices
And discuss my stupidity,
Uglyness and horridity

If you could spread rumors and tell people you think I'm anorexic and fat at the same time

But all the while tell me to my face that none of that is true, that we are friends and that I could tell you anything

While now the shrade is up
I've scratched the cards
And removed the grime
And I don't like what I see
But at least it's not a lie to me.
The truth and honesty being pain
But not as much
As the realization that we will never be the same
You took your love and gave me something fake
But now I've broken down the crude cardboard sign and I won't fall for it again. Because now I know
What paper hearts look like.
I fly through the front doors
racing upstairs like hunted prey
praying she didn't see me

I tear open the make remover
and feverishly rip off
the overpowering
jet black eyeliner

I steal a glance in the bedroom mirror
and throw on a hoodie over my black shirt
quickly swapping out the black pants for jeans
in a crude attempt to look normal

I hear her steps ringing off the stairs as my heart beats
sounding together like a drum kit
I pull off my spiked black bracelets
and trinkets
hands shaking palms sweating
as I hide them away

I feel the door opening before it does and
hope i covered up the look, the spikes hidden
the eyeliner gone
i glance in the mirror and see a pale
empty girl looking back
terrified of being caught

she asks how my day was while casually looking around the room
her ever seeing eyes falling on my undoing
my small black spiked gothic bracelet
hanging off the desk
sticking out like a sore thumb

she asks what it is
and looks at me questioningly
talking about how she deposes the style
hates the look
as I fumble for an excuse
of the unusual possession

I lie, its easy now i do it all the time.
But this was different. I tell her
that its a stupid birthday gift
a throwaway I keep because
friends like to see me wear what they bought
but as I utter the words
I feel like Im stabbing my soul
twisting a knife
calling a part of my identity garbage
telling myself that part of myself is simply a throw away
and despite the fact that I use a fake knife
The sting still feels real
because I know that part of what I say is true
Depression is a feeling
an emptiness
a loneliness
an extreme sadness

It is an emotion
filled with dread
a sense of living dead
not an illness in your head

When a child comes home crying
sad eyes with tears
do you offer them pills and cures
teaching them that sadness is a mental disability?

No, you welcome them
you wipe away the tears
and wrap them in a warm hug
telling them to let it out
that its okay to cry

Why must we treat depression so different
Depression is a feeling
a thousand times more intense than sadness
so we need the cure a thousand times over

People need hope and happiness
hugs and warm kisses
jokes and support
family and friends

We need to stop theaching people
that it is wrong to feel
that emotions that strong are frowned upon
something you must drown
in drugs and supperess to be
accepted by society

because depression is not a mental illness
depression is a feeling
an emotion
that needs human support and happiness
not synthetic chemicals
and the segregation
that comes with being "disabled"

when someone is happy, we see them as happy
as laugh and smile along
when someone is sad we see them as sad
and try to cheer them up
when someone is depressed
we cast them aside, title them as broken
ask them to take pills to be happy
and lose the reminder of what really matters
throwing the people
further into societies forbidden emotion
Feb 2015 · 1.2k
Slipping Through My Fingers
I feel like you're slipping through my open fingers, our relationship falling like a handful of sand and no matter how fast or hard I clench my fist you find the little cracks to fall through

They say that when kids reach late teens, they fight, and grow distant, they grow to resent their parents and relationships fail, but I feel like I'm something new, our relationship isn't disappearing, you aren't fading into the distance, instead you are transforming into something new and I'm no longer your little girl.

Early today we went to the mall, and as we sat and ate lunch you said the strangest thing. You started talking about your job and about your feelings, treating me like an adult at last. The way I had always wanted you to talk to me my whole life. Like I was a friend and you could confide in me, because I still can't talk to you about the devastation I've encountered, but you finally understand that though I am still small my eyes hold wisdom and the gibberish you think I hear, comes like a melody in comprehensible packages. The codes you have come untangled to my ears, because I too have experienced your codes.

As a little girl I waited begging into my pillow that you would treat me this way, that you would talk to me like a friend. But the other day you did, and something was missing. I missed the way that you used to talk to me with your eyes shining carefully watching your words. The way that you would censer your topics as if I didn't understand the truth.

And now that you do this, that you talk to me like a new found friend you met at work, I miss being your little girl. I see the shinning eyes as your talk to my younger brother, and I miss the days you looked at me with that little kid look. Because now you see me with eyes of an equal, because I'm not your little girl anymore, because our mother daughter relationship has slipped through my fingers and the love you showed like chocolate kissing placed on the pillow of your every action, have been given to another and now my mother is slipping away.
Feb 2015 · 473
Broken Toy
I feel like an old worn toy
Destroyed beyond repair
Yet a father tried for his boy
To piece me back tare by tare

How ever, they threw away
One vital piece of the construction.
Instructions they wouldn't use today
Turning my rebuilding into gentle destruction

He pieced me back as best he could
The ourside looks the same
But now I'm made of hollow wood
Missing pieces that never came

I'm not broken or in pain
I'm having a lack of feeling
Like a hollow toy on a chain
Dangling empty from the ceiling

They put me together made me whole
Yet something's different after all
He must have missed a ***** or hole
When they fixed me from the fall
Feb 2015 · 723
An Inferno Of Ice
A fire is burning
Deep inside
One to set me a blaze
That you fuel with hate

It's tounges of heat
Only add strenghth to my frozen heart
It's firey passion
Ready to shoot you will a storm
Of icicles

I have cried my frozen tears over you
And felt my blood boil in pain
But now that pain becomes a gate
To freedom

Too long have you governed over me
Too long have to called me ugly and fat
Too long have you laughed at my ideas
Too long have you talked behind my back

Though I can not leave in form
For now I'm gone in spirit
Smiling in front of you, laughing at your jokes

While my fire sparks inside
And my heart cools with malice
No longer will I feel you shots
Because if you shoot at an inferno
The bullets are lost in the blaze
Feb 2015 · 2.1k
Tangled Threads
See.                    I'm.                                
No- ­                     fi-                                   I  
   thi                   ne.                             was
     ng                  I'm.                        up
        is    ­            Go-                   rea-
          wro-          od,                 lly
               ng.      Okay            late.
           I had a snack before I came.
             The.                              I'm
       make.               I'm                Just
up.                          Not         ­         Tired.
Makes.                  Broken                      I    
      ­ Me                                           Don't
           Look.                                 Feel
                   pale.                Well.
                   Yesterday was great
              I just.          I'm            I just
          Had.                Ha-            Like
      A bad.                ppy.               The
Sleep.                                               Style.

These are the threads
Of my web of lies
That I build above your heads
Strenghth ending everyday

My common day lies
Spun like spiders silk
Drifting unbroken in the skies
So plain it stands hidden

Entwined strings of excuses
To form a mask from the world
With a million uses
To fake that I am whole

Because I am the spider
Creeping through the day
Dangling off silk as my web grows wider
Trapping all the flies
Feb 2015 · 860
River Bed
The river flows endlessly droning on
In its never ending song
Roaring like a train
As I flys with the grain
Rumbling swishing flowing
As one, accepting each drop, growing

The river splashes against the rock
The stationary weight
Pulled down by its heavy burdens
The roaring rivers freight

They are seperate elements
Toghether in the stream
The river a gentle blue gasp of life
A crowd of laughing joy
The rock a heavy grey sorrow
Pushing around the crowd
Cracks from the ages
Of river sweeping around
Now and then harsh or gentle
Waves lap against the rock
Smothing holes or cracking edges
Slowly wearing it down
Yet never joining
For they are seperate elements.
Repost if you ever feel like the rock in a river bed, neither with or against the crowd, simply there, forgotten yet constant. Slowly gaining cracks as your weighted down by the past.
I want go to an airport with a whole truck load of lotion, bags of water and scissors all packed in suitcases.

Just to see securities hilarious reaction
Check out ember evanescent a spontaneous thoughts series and add on. Just write what ever your thinking ( I think weird stuff) and title it spontaneous thoughts (series)
Feb 2015 · 3.8k
She Is...
To some she is a shining light
A flash of hope amongst the dark
An optimistic helping hand
To pull you from the dark
And cheer your sorrow

To some she is a black hole
Pulling the world down with sadness
Reliving the past that broke her
And stabbing others with the shards

To some she is simple words
plastered on a white canvas painting a picture.
never more
but never less

To most she is unnoticeable
A tiny footnote scribbled in the corner of a forgotten notebook
A wall flower whose thorns push away all but those with the key to her locked heart.

When you ask me what she is
The answer is impossible
Because I don't know

But I can tell you what she's not

She is not a beautiful face, to stop you in a crowd

She is not a chatting girl to talk you into a date

She is not a innocent flower
Welcoming with open arms

She is not a genius to create the next invention

She is not a musician, an author, a designer, a star, a doctor, or a hero

She is not a loving companion for you to hold, and remember your every need

She is not a great friend, always there in a flash.

She is not a friendly person, starting up the conversation

She is not a good cook, making meals that are edible

She is not an unscarred girl, unscathed by the past

She is not a beautiful figure
That draws your eyes

She is not hilariously funny
Ready for stand up comedy

She is not someone to remember though she will remember you

However she is not fazed by judges
Changing ways to suit them

She is not perfect

She is not stopped by her imperfections, only pressed farther to become something more.

And though I can not say who she is or what she will be. Here's what I can say

To me she will always be the girl staring back in the mirror.
Sorry this poem is so long. But please feel free to coment any interpretations and to like/ repost
Feb 2015 · 1.2k
                         Are made
                         Of blades.
                         We couldn't
                        Live without
                        Them. It's the
                        Sharpened steel
                        Doctors us to bring
                        Us into our life.
                        It's the cool metal
                        That cuts the
                        Wood to build
                        Our homes.
                        We taunt with
blades keeping such deadly weapons in our homes. To cut our food, and groom our faces. But the greatest irony      
                 comes from life itself,
                for the very blades we
                     Use to protect and
                       Keep our life,
                     Turned around
                     Destroy our very
                     Being and cause
                    Our lives to bleed
                 From the fatal wound
                      Making the end  
           Harmonize with the beginning
Jan 2015 · 405
The Poem Of Youtube
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This is AND ghostslayer, your account was open on you phone Theara
The texts came through
the other day
calling me out
to come and play

They were all going to dinner
and I had to go to
Really I had no choice
they would know something was up if I said no

So carefully I walked from
my sheltered hiding place
stepping from the abyss
to go and pretend

I locked up my heart
through up my shields
ready to face their pitiful eyes
as they stared down and the girl that was broken

They wouldn't understand
they would wonder why I was broken
They would pity me
when all I wanted was to forget

I felt broken, dark inside
and I guess that got the better of me
because I seemed to have forgotten
that it didn't show on the outside

They laughed and joked
talked all night
and as I looked at them
In their eyes shawn appreciation

They didn't see me as broken
they saw me as whole
they didn't try to fix me
yet they fixed me all the same

I didn't need to pretend
because happiness is contagious
and when someone doesn't see you as broken
you start to see yourself as whole

They were like children playing with a broken toy
but to them it wasn't broken
because it was filled with fun and joy
and they had found it in the box that way
Sometimes when your feeling like your falling back to the abyss all you need is for someone to tell you how bright and fun you are, with eyes filled with appreciation. Someone who doesn't try to fix you, or support you, or see through the pain. Someone who simply doesn't know that your in pain. But note I said.. sometimes.
Jan 2015 · 804
You Know Who Is Awesome?
Ember Evanesent

She is a true poet who can do outstanding penmanship in any style of poem from rhyming limerick to emotional free verse. Only Ember doesn't just write she lives, she pours her heart and soul into her work and writes every emotion. This is courage because it takes bravery to be able to get through a piece about memories that hurt and furthermore to share it with the world, in detail, something I could never do. She doesn't care about popularity and rather than writing to please she writes from the soul, one of the many reasons she has so many followers. Ember is a true poet, and honest friend and someone anyone can turn to in need. she has so many things about her that i couldn't even begin to sratch the surface, but trust me, anyone would be lucky and honoured to have someone so awesome as a friend, and one boy will someday be even luckier. She is the most amazing poet, friend, and especially girlfriend anyone could ask for. She is honest, loyal, caring, understanding/compassionate, creative, smart both book smart and street smart types, not to mention gorgeous and these are only a few things. She even cares so much about people, who she has never met that she starts all kinds of challenges to help them feel appreciated, when really she should be getting the appreciation, but somehow she seems to be missed. So if anyone is reading this you should know who is awesome, and the answer is Ember Evanescent
With your arms comfort me
Or find a distraction to set me free
from the darkness and abyss
seeping in with its deadly kiss

Hold me as we watch our favourite show
or buy me roses, row by row
To heal me from the wounds of the past
and find me happiness to last

Give me advice gentle and caring
or in silence sit simply staring
To let me melt in your eyes
away from all the pasts dark lies

Compliment me on more than looks
or bring me all my favourite books
To distract me from all the scars
of the constant emotional wars

But don't ever let me hear you say
that everything will be okay
Because if I do, then you will see
that our relationship isn't meant to be

Let's think of the present now
and if you do not know how
maybe you don't know me after all, here's why
your only way to comfort, is to think of the past and lie
Why do people always think that the best way to comfort someone is to tell them that everything will be okay? They don't know, and all it does is show that they don't know you, because the only thing they can think to do to reassure you is lie about the future since they are unable to help you in the present
I planned it all out
    Carefully manipulated
       Every tiny detail
           As if I thought
               For those few seconds
                   That I could script life
                        I was going to tell you
                           I had it all figured out
                             But when life happens It never happens the way you wish.
    Your laughter seemed off
        Your smiles struggled
            As if you were clinging
                To a past happiness
                     Or trying for us or you
                         To act like everything
                               Was fine
And so I knew that my seemingly
   Unimportant piece of news
       Would knock you from
            Your carefully placed
                Pedestals, and that I could
                    Not bear to see
                        So since I couldn't
                           Find the courage.
                               To tell you in person
                                   I wrote it in a poem
I had a relapse, it was only two days
But I felt so hollow, so empty
And everything seemed to hit me
Like a train that had been delayed
I realized how far apart we really are
We said that it wouldn't change us
But I know that isn't true
We will always be friends but things are different now. And just the other day. In the hall I met his eyes and all I wanted to do was turn to you and cry
But then I realized I have gone so far, that no longer can I turn to you and hug you, unless it's from afar. So I had a two day relapse, it's run its corse and gone, and even though it's over now, if you know what I mean, the long sleeves are on.
All I can say is I'm sorry, I'm sorry I did it, I'm sorry if I hurt you by telling you, I'm sorry I couldn't tell you. But please don't be sorry back.
The world is filled with division
Resulting in endless collision
Because we fail to envision.
We only use literal vision
Without a second of indecision
We jump to rash decision
And attempt to imprison
Those who caused the division
Without giving revision
To our lack of precision.
resulting in misprision
Which only adds to collision
And the terrible decision
To access our nuclear provision
In case you hadn't noticed, in a rhyming mood I focused. Haha too much?
Jan 2015 · 1.1k
There are those
Who you cry over
Tears stream down
When you know
That those you loved
Left or betrayed
And you cry because
You loved them
And because a part of you
Still does
Because they were perfect
And because you
Still want the old them
They have changed
But you cry for the future
That could have been

But now my eyes are dry
And it's not because
I go with out pain
You hurt me and fight me
But I don't cry
Because you don't deserve
My pain
And you definatly
Don't deserve my
You think that she is fragile
Becau­se you can see her every
­You see through her every
Into what you think is the
So you
her from lies and horror,
Because she is too
Becaus­e she is too thin
Because she is            

But you have no idea how she started out.
She has
more than you
And tasted her share of
She­ burned and got
In a blazing fire of lies
She turned from soft sand
Into hardened

You think that she is breakable
to you
Because you can see through her
But if you don't know
The pain and price it
To become what she is
Then it doesn't matter
That you can see through
Since you can't see in.

You may think you are
But that girl is
Jan 2015 · 371
Is It Too Late?
It's coming out again
Forcing it's pitiful head
Out of the cage
I shoved it into
A long time ago
I surrounded myself with light
Brightness to ensnare the dark
But it has been sleeping to long
I'm fighting it
shining all the light I can
But the batteries are dying
And the shadows loom to close
It's slowly draining my color
Corrupting me
And I'm scared
That it will take over
Because after all
How can you stop something
You didn't even know started
Until it was already to late
Jan 2015 · 2.1k
I'm Not A Typical Teenager
I'm not a typical teenager
I don't facebook things
Or post my life to the world
I don't tweet
Or Twitter
Or all the other
I don't instagram
In fact
I don't like pictures
If me. I hide from the camera
Hoping no one will
Click the photo button
I don't party
Or stay out late
I sit at home
Watching TV
Or better yet
Cuddling up with a good book
I don't waltz around
In revealing clothes
Hoping for a boyfriend
I don't act all bubbly
I cry and worry
I don't worry about boys
And dates
I worry about depression
And cutting and if my
Friends are really fine

I don't doodle or draw names on a binder
I write poetry on a site called helo poetry
And the only thing that upsets me
About that, is that I didn't find it sooner
That sudden momet
         When you find the key
          To your writers block
         And poem after poem
          Floods in like a wave
          To your mind
          Begging you to write
          To share every
          Thought with the
          Strangers of the Internet
          As your fingers itch
          Trying to write
           Faster and faster
No matter how tired
Or how late
           You keps writing
           Because you need
           To get every idea
            On that plain white page
           Before the cursed writers block
            Seeps back into your brain.
I'm having one of those
Moments now.
Repost if you've ever had a time like that. Or if you just like the repost button. Or if you don't like the repost button.
Jan 2015 · 285
Things were bleak
And dark
And deadly
It looked like
Nothing would help
And somehow
Things got better
And now
Is gonna be alright
There are still problems
But I know that somewhere
There is a solution
And so I should be happy
Yet I feel empty
Like a part of me
Is missing
And alone
It's not a sadness
That lets me cry
It's not depression either
I'm out of tears
Yet out of smiles
But not alone
But full
But not crying
But wide awake
But not speaking
But not happy
Jan 2015 · 1.0k
After The Glass Clears
Read one side then the other

    Why it's it.                      Why is it
That only after.               That only after
We leave someone.     Someone leaves
We realize all the       Us. We realize all
Little quirks and.        The beauty about
Annoying habits     Them. The clouded
Are something we can't    Glass clears,
    Stand. The clouded     we see who
      Glass clears.       They are. Looking
         And we see them.   Past problems
               Wondering     Wondering
                   What we.   What we.
                          Saw    Saw
I would love to hear any comments so please feel free to say what's on ur mind. And don't be afraid to hit the like or repost button :) (I promise it won't bite)
Jan 2015 · 641
People Are Materials
People are metal
We color ourselves silver
Or gold or copper
We conduct electricity
And have the strength to do anything
We are resilient enough
To be burnt and twisted
And live on
Fighting against the rust

People are glass
Fragile and breakable
We open ourselves up
Let others shine through us
Seeing our true self
That is a rare gift
A beauty taking more courage
Than any could imagine
And when we have such courage
The irony is that we can be shattered
By a simple fall
From between tiny fingers

People are wood
We bear life
And green leaves
But cut us down with
A sharp bladed axe
We burn easy
But it's impossible
To rid our mark
That we leave
Smeared in black ashes

People are rubber
Bending to the will of others
This and that
Always bent out of shape
Springing to our flattened
Normal selves when no one
Else is watching
Striving, stretching to beauty,
Beauty impossible to achieve
When all the eyes are on us

People are like paper
They crumple and rip and tear
And no matter how much
You straighten it out
The crease is always there
They can be bent folded and broken
Destroyed beyond repair
Damaged from water stains and more
From animals beware
One sheet alone is strong and weak
It can do a lot
But wrap a thousand more nearby
And suddenly they are unstoppable
Able to hold 300 pounds
Or more
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
I'm Sorry But I Don't Regret
I'm sorry
For all the pain I caused
The misery and hurt
And I know that you will
Try to protect me
To say it wasn't my fault
But I know at least
One time had to have been me

I'm sorry
I made you cry
That I ever said anything to
Bring tears to your beautiful eyes
I'm glad that I can trust you
And tell you anything in mind
But I wish that I could protect you
That I could shield you from all
The horror of our world
It's not that your too innocent
Or that I think your too weak
To handle our world
It's that I love you too much
And I don't want you to have to
Say your fine
I want you to mean it.

I'm sorry
I ever kept anything from you
That I ever hid a secret
You are so incredibly strong
And too loyal for your own good
I new that you could bear my burden
But I didn't want to see you try

But don't get me wrong
Don't mix sorry with regrets
I don't regret the pain
And I don't regret the hurt
I wish it didn't have to be this way
But I wouldn't change a thing
Because if I took the pain away
You wouldn't be the you you are today
And I wouldn't be the me

So thank you for always being there
To beat the burdens, share the weight
For trying to protect me
The way I wish I could protect you
And thank you for forgiving me
For always being my rock
And standing by my side
No matter how many times I messed up.
A person like this comes along once in a life time and only some of us are lucky enough to have one, I think of myself as incredibly lucky since I have two. Repost if you have someone in your life like this.
Jan 2015 · 966
You could be miles away
an untameable distance
impossible to reach
tomorrow or today
yet you sit two feet that way

Your could be slipping
falling of a cliff
into a darkness i can not follow
one hand dangling on the edge that is ripping
yet you stand firmly on the ground without tripping

You could be blinded
Sight blocked out by an unpenetrable veil
hiding me from you, unable to see the present,
memories forgotten as you go unreminded
yet your eyes shine, filled with confidence, decisions decided

Perhaps it is me
an impossible treck away

Perhaps it is me
slipping from the edge today

Perhaps it is me
blind folded, hidden from you

Perhaps it is me,
a small candle,  wishing to burn anew,

yet I battle for every breath to pass
as the oxygen is taken by your inferno
my speck of light, shining through miles of darkness
your blazing fire, through clear glass
snuffs out my flame, turning it to gas
Jan 2015 · 1.0k
4 Seconds
Life flew by in the blink of an eye
That is, my life with you
4 months or 4 seconds
I can no longer tell the difference

Tick tock

1 Mississippi
I'm entranced by your eyes
Writing poems of melted chocolate
Does my name fit with yours
How perfect our life will be

Tick tock

2 Mississippi
I've never felt the way I feel
When you look at me that way
Like I'm a fish, on a rod that you reel
I could never leave your side
And you could never leave mine
But I'm afraid
Scared to death
Of what the future will bring
You say to trust you but I just don't know how, but I'm ready to open to you

Tick tock

3 Mississippi
You get better everyday
It's all down hill from the first kiss they say
But to me that was a bold faced lie
You're arms wrap around me
Filling a gap I never knew was there
No longer do I fear
You are me
And I am you

Tick tock

4 Mississippi
We are getting so close
Ready to be soul mates
But as the milliseconds tick by
It's starts to open my eye
When you say this
I say that
Maybe we aren't that right
You hugging me
Doesn't feel the way that
It should be
And as the clock strikes four seconds
Our life is over
Because I cut it, ended it
And wether it be our life or yours
It seems all the same
Since I feel like I'm standing now
Over the body of the boy I killed

Tick tock
Goes the broken clock

5 Mississippi
The rest of the world
Counts on
As I lay
Haunted by your endless echo
Yet deep down
I know one things true
We were never a five second thing
Please comment I would love to hear interpretations or any comments you have in general.
Jan 2015 · 369
Your Poems
This isn't so much a poem as something I wanted to point out

So we started poetry in school
and the teacher handed us
a big book of "amazing" poems
to analyze and revel in,
but the silent truth
is hello poetry poems
are more than a million times
more amazing.
Thank you everyone, keep up the awesome poems and know that you are such incredible poets.
Jan 2015 · 5.3k
Frozen Teardrops
The other day
I stood outside
thinking to myself

All the pain came flooding back
from past times all alike
pain I shared with others
and pain all of my own
pain that brought knives rope
and pain that brought some hope

Then my sorrow came flooding out
in tiny shiny drops
with a name we've  given
that is so simple,
harmless teardrops

Yet as they fell towards my palm
they turned to hardened ice
falling down to my open hand
behold my frozen pain

I reached up my trembling hand
to catch the falling silver
only to see both pain and hope
shatter in my palm
Dec 2014 · 798
They rattle inside my head, thoughts of you bouncing of the walls.

They jump and fly in and endless chase, as my mind begins to race

They chain me and consume me, control me with their power

Thoughts of you trap me like a jail covering up my mind

And yet they set me free, like nothing before

Shining a light in darkness as they hold me tight within

Images of past and future flash across my eyelids

Memories battling hopes

Thoughts of you cause battles to ensue and destruction of my mind

And yet they bring a calming peace, with images of a happy time

Thoughts of you rattle inside my head bouncing of the walls. Slowly driving me insane
Please repost and comment with any interpretations
Dec 2014 · 982
To Call Yourself a Poet
Try to answer these questions in 3-5 words each

What does grass smell like?

Not using the word crackle what does it sound like to step on snow?

What does salt taste like?

What does it smell like before rain?

What does it smell like after rain?

What does your hand feel like?

What is the texture of hair?

What does water taste like?

What does it feel like to touch silk?

What does gasoline smell like?

What does a pine tree smell like?

What does fear feel like?

You may call yourself a poet, but can you answer this, the words rattle inside your brain the answer longs to get out. Yet you can't find the words to describe it.
Remember to use only 3-5 words each question. And if you want post ur answers in either a poem or the comment section, or keep them to yourself.
Dec 2014 · 1.5k
Silver Solar System
In the centre floats the sun
bringing life and order to the planets
She is that girl
the popular girl that the world revolves around
She brings light and beauty
demanding attention
she is the comparison
to gold and all things perfect
she is inspiration to all the poetry
yet no ones seems to notice
her poison and deceit
her radiation leaking
destroying the world
as she burns consuming
everything in her path

Then there are the planets
those perfect orderly orbs
the unnamed crowd
following their pretty girl
as she orders them about
they follow her hierarchy
numbered better or worse
hoping not to be
at the bottom of the list
the nerds or misfits like pluto
are forgotten and unloved
as she demands attention
from everyone above

Id much rather be a moon
a shining mystery
a tiny forgot speck.
Floating about on my own path
never quite the same,
forgetting about popularity
and its unrelenting chain.
Seen as an evil
associated with black and monsters
yet i’d shine a light down
through the darkness.
You can see its painful craters
the scares of past time
and yet i’d keep on lighting
and moving alone just fine

Id much rather be a moon
free to be myself
I don’t need to be
the spotlight
I’m content with second place.
forgotten by the many
yet remembered by the few.
I don’t need to be the golden girl
Im fine to be silver
for silver moons are much better
than demanding golden sun
Nov 2014 · 5.5k
Internet Connection.
Help I have bad internet connection
I can't check the school website.
That means I won't know about a test
That means I won't study
That means I will fail
That means I will get bad grades
That means I won't get into a good school
That means I won't get a good job
That means I won't get money
That means I won't buy food
That means I won't eat
That means I will die

Help I have bad internet connection
I can't get on facebook
That means I can't change my status
That means I don't take my relationship serious
That means he will dump me
That means I will be single
That means I won't get married
That means I will die alone

Help I have bad internet connection
I can't FaceTime
That means people are waiting for me
That means I won't show up
That means they will get worried
That means they might over react
That means they could call the police
That means they will think I'm missing
That means they will look for me
That means my family will get scared
That means they may start thinking the worst
That means they will think I'm dead
That means they will be upset
That means they will look for my body
That means they will find me
That means they will realize I'm not dead
That means they will be mad at me for scaring them
That means they will punish me, stop talking to me, who knows what else.

Help I have bad internet connection
I can't see any news
That means I won't know what's happening
That means I will be left out of all the conversations
That means I will be an outcast
That means I will have no friends
That means I will not make any relationships
That means I will go through life alone
That means I will become a hermit

Help I have bad internet connection
I can't access the e-library
That means no books
That means no learning
That means not getting any smarter
That means not getting into a good school
That means not getting a good job
That means no money
That means no buying food
That means no eating
That means I will die.

Face it! Life revolves around internet! If you have bad internet connection you could die, you couldn't even get on hello poetry *gasp!
Nov 2014 · 615
A New Brightness
A shining sun
Glaring bright
Stopping all
With our smiling light

Till the cover
Was tossed on
And darkness crept
Around the sun

Black paint
Covering all
Snuffing out light
So all will fall

And when the time
Finally gets handle
When light can shine
It's but a candle

On a stand of wax
With a tiny flame
The dark still creeping
Barely kept tame

And yet that makes
It prettier yet
When the stars shine,
The too bright sun has set

The tainted color
Brings beauty new
Mystery and light
Of a more believable hue

The smiles back
Seeming even more bright
Against the backdrop
Missing it's light.
Nov 2014 · 1.1k
Shape Poem Challange
This           is             not
A po          em           But
rather       a cha        lange
For             you            to
Write.     A poem      about
The sh    ape that       you see.
What oddity, unusual deformity do you see inYour precious minds eye?
               A castle?
                A cloud?
               A hand or
               A heart?
Write a poem about the shape that you see above and please include #shapepoem in the tag.
Nov 2014 · 925
Chained To The Past
The days turn cold
As another year passes by
Memories become old
Blurry scenes in a movie
Who're tickets never sold

And yet I'm frozen in time
The rewind button stuck
Playing the same old rhyme
Over and over again
Unable to start a new chime

Like a chain of silver shine
Wrapped forever on my frail wrist
Tieing me to an unmoving pine
In the forest of forgotten times
Secrets that haunt me with every line

Step forward the world says
But the chain pulls me back
Unrelenting metal made of days
Never to be forgotten
And never to free me from their rays

And they key will never be found
Hidden from all others
But it's not barried in the ground
My freedom is in your hand
Under watchful eye all year round.
I would love to hear any interpretations you have on my poem so feel free to comment or repost
Nov 2014 · 2.4k
Dear PrttyBrd
Dear PrttyBrd

I read your poetry specifically your poem " I saw the words" and I thought it was so amazing. I have spent days analyzing and reveling in your words when I have had free time. All of the contrasting ideas flowed so perfectly and created such an amazing image. Personally I love how you used such different emotions and ideas and brought them together in each stanza with " I saw the words on a page". Your words have inspired me to feature your poetry on the dear blank challenge and I sincerely hope more people will read your poems.

I saw the words on a page
And read their joy
Their hope
Their heart

I saw the words on a page
And it ripped my world apart

These two stanza are incredibly well written. To me they show the power that words can have and how simitaniously a few words can give both hope and joy and yet destroy your world. These stanzas give amazing description in their few words and are very powerful representations of the power poetry or words have over people.

I saw the words on a page
Penned before my heart was yours

I saw the words on a page
Of how your love for her endures

These two short lines portray more than a paragraph could! They leave the meaning and exact emotions secret to you ( PrttyBrd) and allow a sense of mystery for the reader and yet at the same time I felt a sense of imagery reading this as if I were there reading these words. To me it portrayed longing and unrequited love and yet the beauty is that it may be different for everyone.

I saw the words on a page
Kept with all your special things

As a poet words are so incredibly special to me, they mean hate, love, longing or sorrow. And so words are one of my most special things. Even if words are not as important to someone reading this this stanza is incredibly unique. You hold the image together by stating it is about words yet you never mention what these words are allowing the reader to form their own interpretation which makes this poems every sentence that much more special and personal to all of us.

I saw the words on a page
Read dreams of wedding rings

I saw the words on a page
Of a dream you never spoke

I saw the words on a page
They made my own begin to choke

I tried and tried to think up something to write for these stanzas. Of the incredible emotions, the metaphors and illusions, the personification and language and nothing I wrote could give it justice and so all I can say is that it is absolutely fantastic!

I saw the words on a page
Of a time when love was true

This stanza adds even further to the exquisite mystery of what these words might me, who they talk about ect. To you Prtty Brd they may be a character of imagination, or a memory re-lived, but the fact that you keep that keep this rather than frustrate me, made it that much more perfect. Of a time when love was true is also such a powerful line as it adds to memory and has the reader think back or imagine a time of true love, a simpler time that we all yearn for.

I saw the words on a page
And read what she means to you

I saw the words on a page
You claim love never dies

I saw the words on a page
Now I see it in your eyes

This is an absolutely stunning few stanzas and I could go on for hours about what this means to me and how I interpret it but I would hate to have others read it with my views in mind and I would much rather prefer they learn the meaning for themselves. What I will talk about is the last stanza I see it in your eyes" to me this is such a perfect representation of when you suddenly learn something and you realize it was their all along. For example if you learn someone loves someone, after you learn this you can remember all the times they looked with longing and you wonder how you never saw it before. Maybe that's just me though. Either way I found this revaltion in your poems and the fact that it connected what to me are so common emotions to things not as common such as. "And read what she means to you" a wonderful contrast

I saw the words on a page
You know my hearts allure

It can be scary and terrifying to open your heart to another and to open your darkest secrets and allures to someone because I matter what there is always the fear that they might tell, or hate, or judge, or fear you. Therefore I commend your bravery dear PrttyBrd if this is a true memory.

I saw the words on a page
I know that she holds yours

I saw the words on a page
I see what you can't deny

I saw the words on a page
Your love for me belied

It can be hard when someone loves another and refuses to love you despite your emotions towards them which is what I feel this is about. But you managed to create these intricate emotions in but a few words, and I find it hard to explain but somehow you managed to create this while at the same time not outright stating it, leaving it open to opinion. So perfect!

I saw the words on a page
And read their joy
Their hope
Their heart

I saw the words on a page
And it ripped my world apart

These are the same two stanzas at the beginning, (though since you wrote this clearly you knew that) anyway I thought that it was perfect way to wrap up the poem. It tied everything back together into your original view and brought back our original interpretations. Though these words are the same they are at the same time shockingly different. Now that we have seen all the words and emotions. We are changed by your poem and our original impressions are changed as we attempt to figure out what the "words" were.

I saw the words

Perfect! This simple line was such a plain, yet creatively unique way to end a fanspectierfectical poem. That's right, it's not a spelling mistake, I loved your poem so much it needed its own word to explain how outstounding it was. Thank you PrttyBrd.
Check out the dear blank challange by ember evanescent
Nov 2014 · 438
Unseen and Unheard
The rumble grows inside
He hands clenched in fists
Eyes open wide,
From the sound she tries to hide

The sound grows to a rumble
And she begins to scream
Ceasing the crowds mumble
And in panic they stumble

They don't understand her torment
The the pain and sound just for her
They wonder where the sweet girl went
And what caused her mind to be so bent

Her pain and trouble goes unseen
As life goes on unfazed
Untill one day she breaks her screen
And her slate is finally wiped clean.
This just kind of came to me when I was doing homework ( so off topic!) but I would love to hear if you have any interpretations so please feel free to comment
Nov 2014 · 567
Fire for deadly hell
Fire for holy power

White for heaven when you die
White for doctors who don't let you die

Green for the environment
Green for environmentally toxic

Tears for sorrow
Tears for joy

This is the imperfect perfection of humans
Nov 2014 · 854
She is a small glass vase
With beautiful flowers painted
Hastily on
Only the outside barring paint
She is strong enough
To hold tight
Whatever treasure you put inside
She is beautiful
And perfect to the eye
But if you look closely
You can see
The spiderweb cracks
Where she was dropped
The cracks that scarred but never broke her
The cracks that never heal

She is a canvas
Of pure white
Painted over and over again
To create the perfect image
The one that pleases all
With only few specks
Of her true canvas showing through

She is a treasure chest
Covered in gems and paint
But the beauty of the box
Cannot begin to compare
With the gold within
The gold that is hidden
By the steel lock
That if you force
Will clamp much tighter
But with the perfect key
Will open with ease
To let your eyes
Veiw the rare gift
That is her treasure within
Repost if you know or have been someone like the girl in the poem
Nov 2014 · 1.6k
You Are My Contradiction
You are too sweet to lie
I am too much a lie to be sweet

You are too loved to be hated
I am too hated to be loved

You are too gentle to hurt
I am too hurt to be gentle

You are too good to the bad
I am too bad to the good

You are too beautiful to be ugly
I am too ugly to be beautiful

You are too kind for this tainted world
I am too tainted for this kind world

You are too perfectly perfect
I am too imperfectly imperfect

You are my contradiction
Nov 2014 · 500
Too Perfect
Your eyes
Fall ever so slightly tilted
In that perfect way
That melts my heart
Like the chocolate
That is them
When ever
Your beautiful gaze
Pierces mine

Your round lips
So uniquely tainted
So that they aren't
The red everyone wishes
And some how
This dull color
Makes them that much more special
And I want them to be mine that much more

Your hair
Like perfect rings
Wrapped around my fingers
Flows like waves
Of coffee
In a beautiful dream
To good to be true

Your face
Eternally planted on my eyelids
So that every time I blink
I see your complexion
And never can I
Remember faces
But somehow my mind
Captures every piece of you
And I replay it to myself
As you keep me awake
Unable to sleep
For you have stolen from me
And the loot you have robbed
Beats in your hand

And your smile
Always put on your face
Staying strong and happy
Untouched by the world
Even when it tries to cause you pain
And I can only stand by
With an ache in my chest
As I am helpless
Against what life will throw

For you are too good
Too sweet, too kind
Too caring
Too ready to apologize
Too prepared to make the world perfect
Too innocent yet too haunted
Too good to by true
Too true to be mine.
Repost if there is someone in your life who is always smiling and always trying to make life better for everyone. Someone who is too good to be true and too true to be yours. Or repost if you just like the repost button. Or if just managed to read the whole thing since it's really long. And coment if you can. I always love to hear interpretations.
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
Writer's Block
My blank eyes stare
In bold frustration
At the white sheet
Sitting, calmly mocking me
On the plain brown table

The pen quivers in hand
My mussels shake with shame
But try as I might
My ideas are insanely sane

No bursting fits of passion
Or inspiring metaphors
Only a page covered in splatters
From my ink of internal wars

A block of metal in my mind
A chain of iron on my hand
Glossy mirrors on my eyes
Spiking needles in my thighs

Calling for me to get up
To leave this terrible attempt
But when a poets mind is blank
Like mine
About blankness will they find a rhyme
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