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Take a look at a flower that we adore
And observe this precious creation to the core.

Those tiny petals free themselves from the bud
And bend towards the ray of light
Workshipping sun to stay on sight
Though sunlight is absent at night.

Day by day this flower blooms
Revealing its beauty even in gloom
The production of honey sweet scent
Introduces us of its own patent
Attracting those diligent bees
Flirting with vibrant butterflies
To generously share its honey product
Cause life is all about giving without doubt!

A blooming flower; a genuine wonder
Asking us to thoroughly ponder
How significant its existence in nature
Teaching us not to stop hoping for the future
As this flower will not stop blooming
Until its growth has fully matured.
Has been obligated to write a shape poem that I never tried before. It took me almost two hours to write this simple poem, ISTG it is soooo hard :'( And I can't share the actual result/pic of my shape poem here ><
' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '
     land so
    barren with
     a dreary lonely
    life, seeking rain to
    end this strife. I am living
              in  nothingness. But there is        
     an oasis in my tear duct, fertile
      spot, an emotion still left in me
    keeping me alive, bringing back
     my will. I now know the point,
    the reason why they arrive,
    them tears in my life.
A shape poem. :) Don't know if it's good. Have a good read. :D
Cné Nov 2018

She makes love to him with words
spilling ink of passion on paper.
She creates the sensual mood
with each ****** of her pen
splattered on the sheets.
She caresses his flesh
in every love letter.
She kisses up and down his
length in sentences and prose.
She tastes all his masculine scent
without ever speaking a word.
She bites his lip and tilts her
hips in between the lines.
She paints a picture that
makes him hard  for his
release and it only
took her mind.

Julia Nov 2018
‘                 J
           I’m more
   than a piece of apple
smothered in caramel
stabbed  by  a  stick
delicately drizzled
  rich with chocolate
   down the chin making
     your mouth sticky
.                                         You pulled the gun, when you listened
                to your  doubts,  your fears  and   your  jealousy. You
              shattered  my  trust  and  then  made  me feel  guilty,
            you wanted to pretend that we were not bleeding.
           We were living on memories of better days,
         and  each  day   we  were  getting
        closer to  n   o   w   h   e   r   e  
       and that is why              I decided
      to pull    the             t r i g g e  r
    so we could finally  bury
   the      corpse
  of          our
  b  r o k  e  n
f  e  e  l i n g  s
-Al menos seguimos vivos en mis sueños-
I'm not good enough I can't do this I have no talent They won't care
  a                                                           ­                                                   I       
m                                    I'm locked inside a cage                                 m 
a                                         that I built myself                                        p   f                                         But I can't get out                                         a  
a                                             I can't escape                                             t
i                                         from my own mind                                      h
l                                                              ­                                                    e
u                                                 Help me                                                 t
r                                                I'm trapped                                             i
e          ­                                                                                                       c
I would never make the diference I'm dumb I can't write I'm done
-Im suffocating here
Semicolon Apr 2018
.                               “I
                            lo­ok out
                        side the window
                      and there
                   I see the
                moon, and
            that makes
           me wonder,
            ‘why would
              such a beauty
                   always want
                     to hide a part
                       of herself, why will
                             she want to?’
Max Mar 2018

The rain

Is so serene

Little chilled drop-

Lets gently prance upon

You—Your bare outstretched

Arms embrace each gleaming drop.

As frigid misty fog consumes your

Dripping form, the wind sighs..

You're free
For more check out my collection of poems on Quotev called: "Where Nightmares Lurk
Tommy Randell Jan 2018
Busy day today in the skies over the UK  ☼

Though on the whole it's a bad spell of whaethre

One or two gales will be p T a H s R s O i U n G g H

All caused by a bit of
                                        low pressure ☼

Indeed the forecast is rather P a T C H y

But those narrow bands of r
                                                 a          r
                                                   i          a
                                  ­                  n          i
                                                       .         n
                                                         .          .
                                                           .           .
                                                         ­                 .  will pass ☼

By the end of today though you will see ƎƧЯƎVƎЯ ƧᎮИIHT ☼

And there will be SUNNY PERIODS ☼☼ AT ☼☼ LAST ☼☼
Never know with these Calligrams and Shape Poems on computers how they come out on Readers' screens but I do love them so. This one was inspired by the weather in the UK today and the BBC Weather Report at 7:30 am (GMT) which was filled with the usual clichés referring to patterns of weather. Hope it works.
Julia Aug 2017
Her only vice was that of ****** promiscuity
You couldn’t blame her—the girl had daddy issues,
Body issues, the blood red American 
bit her lip, and
hit a rip, then

flicked the tip

Don’t blame her she blamed herself enough, she
Popped, snapped, snorted, puffed, ******, squirted
A sweet escape hypodermically inserted
Straight to the               heart of Texas 
She had her lo               ng list of exes
Vices collect                   their dues.
If reading on a phone, please turn it sideways.
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