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leo arden Aug 27
gleamed amongst the wild green

appeased buds, shined and sheen

this field of blades not red, but green

for rain erased the war it had seen.
Chris Jun 25
Bathing in the sun
Soaking it's nutrients

This blade so sharp
Rub to fast
and you might get cut

But it shines so green
It offers shelter

I trust my food
to keep me safe

So mighty leaf!
Hide me away!
Abstract. Enjoy.
Luiz Mar 28
We are the misfits
and ******
we are the ones
you'll never adore
we pass you in silence
and gift you abhor

the children of the broken
we dance on the streets
to a different drumbeat

nobody left us
a future or past
as society
cut us out fast

but built to last
we survive by walking
on broken glass

ten thousand vampires
seeking the solace of dark
disguising our demons
we're the anti-society stark

fly in swift comfort
like a ****** of lark

the hot hatred brewing nigh
until the revolution sparks!

we are those shadows
that follow you at midnight
cloaked in moon's tides
blinking out the corner
of your eyes

run faster now home
and disappear into that light
you never want our fight

you gift us weapons
to expect complacence
taught us to hate
with muted expressions

but you could not
keep us down

we are not
your will or possession

these rebels
have given war
to that oppression!

mom, dad and kin
ready us another session!

we can't stand your
fucken agression!

so into the darkness
we retreat
as before mentioned

ready to pounce
with a vengeance

armed and ready
awaiting with our minds
sharp like axes

heed this message
for the masses
you believing you're
our jury and judges

tomorrow rushes

for then
we'll be the executioners!
itchy with our grudges
scratching with steel edges!

we are the strange
the deviants
and nonconformists

rebel cells
quietly we watch
and sharpen the blades

laying dormant
counting down days!
SMS Mar 13
Purple and blue the sharpener
Was absolutely stunning.
Two holes, one for pencils and the other
For desperate child fingers.
At seven I didn’t know the consequences
of shoving my finger against that blade.
How could I have known that one
Sharp deep cut on my finger would
Entrap me in a world of self pain.
That, that day would continue over and
Over again for the next ten years.
A constant cycle of seeking solace from
Different types of metals.
On a quest for worth, in depthness of,
Not ones soul, but of superficial lines.
A mastered game of hide-and-carve
Deceitfully covering a plea for help.
Cana Mar 7
I have a set of words,
I don’t know how to say.
They’ve been lost and jumbled,
Scattered to the tides, stolen by ****** mermaids
I have to catch them, before the elements.
Should even one of those fragile blades
Wash upon your shore.
Then the wall would be thickest,
A Medieval palisade.
I was looking to stumble. Through.
Mihle Mdashe Mar 5
It only lasts for a limited period of time, coincidence this just describes my happiness or the beings in this life. It's crazy how nothing never lasts, I've forgotten the sound of my laughter. I fall for a temporary high, my temporary escape; what I think I need to get by . I want anything but temporary, I crave for something that will be permanent. My soul acquiesce to anything temporal, but I now renounce all that. I just despise how confidence seems to vanish right at the time you need it the most, I mean there will be days where my dear friend confidence will be there but what's the use of her when she'll just disappear the moment a remark would be made about me. Whenever that angry voice in these four walls in my mind would tell me "you're ****" "you're too skinny or too fat". I tried to recover, I tried my best to get better but somewhere along the way I realised it was all temporary. I fell apart again, I lost again and they'd laugh at me! Crying myself to sleep seems like the best option but I go with the unhealthy coping mechanism; slitting my wrists. The pain seems acceptable for awhile but what happens when you got so used to the blade that you can't even cope without it. I thought it was temporal, I thought I'd manage without it but I'd tell myself "one cut upon that wrist means a step closer to goodbye".
This is my story with self harm and how self harm became a crutch to me.
Quotedbykayla Dec 2018
Yearned is thy cheerfulness to wax
a particle within thee,
stuck be not
Quotedbykayla Dec 2018
She sharpened blades,
turning her head as she engraved
thou blistered name
into her delicate flesh
Quotedbykayla Dec 2018
Multitudinous battles,
Inhibiting every single darted tear dying to transpire
Quotedbykayla Dec 2018
In a midst of a dark storm,
yanked was she across the cold streets.
Dragged from rusted shackles,
She still held on,
hoping to be hoisted-
by her unrequited love,
but her presence was non-existent
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