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Zan Apr 2020
My parents often ask me, why are you so stressed, why are you so depressed, . . . . . why are you so . . . crazy?
Here and now I am going to answer that question.

1. stress

The main reason I stress is from responsibility.
The word makes me go insane
All of it causes pain.

Sibilings, five younger sibilings,
they all have their things.
they each have someting that either causes me a responsibilty or stress, because its a constant worry, love.

School, all eight classes,
you expect aces.
I can't be perfect, but you want me to be, and that is a huge responsibility.

Home, all of it,
every single bit.
A home requires everybody to have a responsibility.

2. deppresed

The main reason i am often sad, mad, or a mixture of both is that you wouldn't accept me.
To know that you would hate me,
stops me from being free.

Gender, i hate it,
why do we label ourselfs why dont we quit.
I just want to be free and ya'll dont like that, so i can't.

Sexuality, mine is different,
and you would accept it.
The world is different why cant you see that, why is different bad?

Religon, the worst of all,
the lectures make me feel so small.
You force and force and it makes me wat t be farther and farther away.

3. crazy

I am crazy because you dont care.
You can't see me trying so hard,
the only things you see tears me apart.

I am trying, cant you see,
being perect for you is always who i've been tring to be.
Don't you see me working, all the time, trying to please all of ya'll.

Perfection, its impossible,
nothing can be perfectly aligned on the table.
Why do I have to be your perfect christain daughter who does so well in school while I am unhappy? Why can't I be your unperfect person that follows their dreams and is happy?

- Your unperfect human, Zan.
Robert D Nov 2019
I said I love you, and you asked "Why me?"
There's no one thing I can say
You are all that I ever wanted
I find something new to love every day

It's not how you look or what you do
It's not your smile or your smell
All these and so much more
Because of you the reasons that I fell

There's no such thing as the perfect love
It's nothing we can see
You may not be the perfect person
But you're the perfect one for me
Butterfly Jan 2019
"You are perfect just the way you are"
"Nobody is perfect"
Which one do i need to believe?
I kinda struggle with what i need to believe
Butterfly Jan 2019

Am not looking for a "perfect" person
Am looking for you
Yeah kinda *****
Anyone advice on how i can make it beter?
Madison Dec 2018
Humans aren’t perfect
We are all covered in flaws
So don’t try to be perfect

We are beautiful, though
Even with our flaws
So please don’t hide your beauty
Secret Whispers Oct 2018
At the time it seemed easier to run away
Than to fix our differences and just stay.
It has shaped me into the person that I am today,
But I know my damage cannot be fixed with everything that I say.

I understand the damage I made cuts further than what meets the eye,
Believe me I’ve experienced this first-hand so by now I realize
That nothing good can come from these brittle lies.

I am sorry.
Just as I have had toxic people in my life, I’ll be the first to admit that I was once toxic in someone else’s.
Madeline Rangel May 2018
Don’t judge me for my mistakes or actions.
I am still trying to absorb all the knowledge and wisdom I can.
I’m not perfect, nor do I care. I crushed others feeling, lied, manipulated, deceived and disappointed others.
I am young, stupid, and reckless.
I want it all. I want the attention and recognition. I would do anything to get it. I will **** my way up to the top if I have to.
I’ll keep marching on like a broken robot. I’ll be fake until I make it. I’ll follow these rules to get what I want. I will stab others in the back to get ahead.
In the end of day no one will be there by your side. Get ahead and don’t look behind. No one matters and deep down no really cares.
Shadowhollow Apr 2017
The windowsill,
A perfect picture
Thin dark and dainty pine leaves frolic
Swaying to there restless friend
This friend moves at its own accord
Whispering secrets to all
Blowing strangers hair out of there perfect conditions
And casting its dark tranquility over these friends
Is the mornings lover
Both tragically parted
Longing after the other
And mingling with these friends are the lights that illuminate every street giving guidance to the lost
In this god forsaken town
And accompanying all these friends is the tears of god
Sending his damnation in the form of new life
So as I sit at the windowsill I realise I am so very jealous of these friends
At least they have a home
Even if it is in utter damnation
So I sit and look upon the friends and lovers
Contemplating this Perfect picture
In this ******* perfect town
Wondering when it is I will become perfect
Life is so messy . So is this poem but I hope atleast one person understands.
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