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They rattle inside my head, thoughts of you bouncing of the walls.

They jump and fly in and endless chase, as my mind begins to race

They chain me and consume me, control me with their power

Thoughts of you trap me like a jail covering up my mind

And yet they set me free, like nothing before

Shining a light in darkness as they hold me tight within

Images of past and future flash across my eyelids

Memories battling hopes

Thoughts of you cause battles to ensue and destruction of my mind

And yet they bring a calming peace, with images of a happy time

Thoughts of you rattle inside my head bouncing of the walls. Slowly driving me insane
Please repost and comment with any interpretations
Try to answer these questions in 3-5 words each

What does grass smell like?

Not using the word crackle what does it sound like to step on snow?

What does salt taste like?

What does it smell like before rain?

What does it smell like after rain?

What does your hand feel like?

What is the texture of hair?

What does water taste like?

What does it feel like to touch silk?

What does gasoline smell like?

What does a pine tree smell like?

What does fear feel like?

You may call yourself a poet, but can you answer this, the words rattle inside your brain the answer longs to get out. Yet you can't find the words to describe it.
Remember to use only 3-5 words each question. And if you want post ur answers in either a poem or the comment section, or keep them to yourself.
In the centre floats the sun
bringing life and order to the planets
She is that girl
the popular girl that the world revolves around
She brings light and beauty
demanding attention
she is the comparison
to gold and all things perfect
she is inspiration to all the poetry
yet no ones seems to notice
her poison and deceit
her radiation leaking
destroying the world
as she burns consuming
everything in her path

Then there are the planets
those perfect orderly orbs
the unnamed crowd
following their pretty girl
as she orders them about
they follow her hierarchy
numbered better or worse
hoping not to be
at the bottom of the list
the nerds or misfits like pluto
are forgotten and unloved
as she demands attention
from everyone above

Id much rather be a moon
a shining mystery
a tiny forgot speck.
Floating about on my own path
never quite the same,
forgetting about popularity
and its unrelenting chain.
Seen as an evil
associated with black and monsters
yet i’d shine a light down
through the darkness.
You can see its painful craters
the scares of past time
and yet i’d keep on lighting
and moving alone just fine

Id much rather be a moon
free to be myself
I don’t need to be
the spotlight
I’m content with second place.
forgotten by the many
yet remembered by the few.
I don’t need to be the golden girl
Im fine to be silver
for silver moons are much better
than demanding golden sun
Help I have bad internet connection
I can't check the school website.
That means I won't know about a test
That means I won't study
That means I will fail
That means I will get bad grades
That means I won't get into a good school
That means I won't get a good job
That means I won't get money
That means I won't buy food
That means I won't eat
That means I will die

Help I have bad internet connection
I can't get on facebook
That means I can't change my status
That means I don't take my relationship serious
That means he will dump me
That means I will be single
That means I won't get married
That means I will die alone

Help I have bad internet connection
I can't FaceTime
That means people are waiting for me
That means I won't show up
That means they will get worried
That means they might over react
That means they could call the police
That means they will think I'm missing
That means they will look for me
That means my family will get scared
That means they may start thinking the worst
That means they will think I'm dead
That means they will be upset
That means they will look for my body
That means they will find me
That means they will realize I'm not dead
That means they will be mad at me for scaring them
That means they will punish me, stop talking to me, who knows what else.

Help I have bad internet connection
I can't see any news
That means I won't know what's happening
That means I will be left out of all the conversations
That means I will be an outcast
That means I will have no friends
That means I will not make any relationships
That means I will go through life alone
That means I will become a hermit

Help I have bad internet connection
I can't access the e-library
That means no books
That means no learning
That means not getting any smarter
That means not getting into a good school
That means not getting a good job
That means no money
That means no buying food
That means no eating
That means I will die.

Face it! Life revolves around internet! If you have bad internet connection you could die, you couldn't even get on hello poetry *gasp!
A shining sun
Glaring bright
Stopping all
With our smiling light

Till the cover
Was tossed on
And darkness crept
Around the sun

Black paint
Covering all
Snuffing out light
So all will fall

And when the time
Finally gets handle
When light can shine
It's but a candle

On a stand of wax
With a tiny flame
The dark still creeping
Barely kept tame

And yet that makes
It prettier yet
When the stars shine,
The too bright sun has set

The tainted color
Brings beauty new
Mystery and light
Of a more believable hue

The smiles back
Seeming even more bright
Against the backdrop
Missing it's light.
The days turn cold
As another year passes by
Memories become old
Blurry scenes in a movie
Who're tickets never sold

And yet I'm frozen in time
The rewind button stuck
Playing the same old rhyme
Over and over again
Unable to start a new chime

Like a chain of silver shine
Wrapped forever on my frail wrist
Tieing me to an unmoving pine
In the forest of forgotten times
Secrets that haunt me with every line

Step forward the world says
But the chain pulls me back
Unrelenting metal made of days
Never to be forgotten
And never to free me from their rays

And they key will never be found
Hidden from all others
But it's not barried in the ground
My freedom is in your hand
Under watchful eye all year round.
I would love to hear any interpretations you have on my poem so feel free to comment or repost
The rumble grows inside
He hands clenched in fists
Eyes open wide,
From the sound she tries to hide

The sound grows to a rumble
And she begins to scream
Ceasing the crowds mumble
And in panic they stumble

They don't understand her torment
The the pain and sound just for her
They wonder where the sweet girl went
And what caused her mind to be so bent

Her pain and trouble goes unseen
As life goes on unfazed
Untill one day she breaks her screen
And her slate is finally wiped clean.
This just kind of came to me when I was doing homework ( so off topic!) but I would love to hear if you have any interpretations so please feel free to comment
Fire for deadly hell
Fire for holy power

White for heaven when you die
White for doctors who don't let you die

Green for the environment
Green for environmentally toxic

Tears for sorrow
Tears for joy

This is the imperfect perfection of humans
She is a small glass vase
With beautiful flowers painted
Hastily on
Only the outside barring paint
She is strong enough
To hold tight
Whatever treasure you put inside
She is beautiful
And perfect to the eye
But if you look closely
You can see
The spiderweb cracks
Where she was dropped
The cracks that scarred but never broke her
The cracks that never heal

She is a canvas
Of pure white
Painted over and over again
To create the perfect image
The one that pleases all
With only few specks
Of her true canvas showing through

She is a treasure chest
Covered in gems and paint
But the beauty of the box
Cannot begin to compare
With the gold within
The gold that is hidden
By the steel lock
That if you force
Will clamp much tighter
But with the perfect key
Will open with ease
To let your eyes
Veiw the rare gift
That is her treasure within
Repost if you know or have been someone like the girl in the poem
You are too sweet to lie
I am too much a lie to be sweet

You are too loved to be hated
I am too hated to be loved

You are too gentle to hurt
I am too hurt to be gentle

You are too good to the bad
I am too bad to the good

You are too beautiful to be ugly
I am too ugly to be beautiful

You are too kind for this tainted world
I am too tainted for this kind world

You are too perfectly perfect
I am too imperfectly imperfect

You are my contradiction
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