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Bhill Oct 2019
Fearless challenges
Tearless crying
Loveless relationships
Sunless days
Starless nights
Windowless houses
Snowless winters

Less is never more....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 262
Is less ever more?
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
No matter how the fire burns
How much the water swallows
How much the wind blows,
life will always find a way
to grow
short but sweet, hopefully.
Life always finds a way!
Be back soom!
Lyn ***
Lisa Lesetedi Apr 2016
Dear Grim Reaper

You and me had a love child
But you took custody
I still think about her sometimes when I let my mind get wild
I let the memories overcome me in all their rhapsody
I remember how I would curl up in her cold embrace
Beautiful as death had a face
She promised to rid from me
All of the worlds pain
Convinced me that the worlds loss was my gain...

Dear Grim Reaper
You and I had a secret I swore I'd never tell
But its hard to live on in hell
I killed a man to find freedom in a prison cell
Oh well
Bring me my child, bring me death
In all her glory and her wreath
Tell her I wrote her in my will
And I give her my final breath...
Lisa Lesetedi Apr 2016
What if the constant smoking and drinking aren't just a temporary  escape ?
Rather a quicker means to reach the true escape ...
Who drank my beer?
When I had death so near.
Now I have to face the rejection of society like I'm a soldier
Constantly at war with myself...trying to figure out who I should be today.
Battling my demons and sometimes yours too
Building up walls to defend myself from myself
But I keep falling and bruising my ego
Who drank my beer?
When I had death so near
Pleasure filled poison on my lips
The only life support I need in my drips.
Three cheers to making it this far...
Let the beer take one more sip of life from me.
Another challenge
Lisa Lesetedi Apr 2016
I made a wish upon a falling star
I fell too
And as you descended from the sky I prepared to catch you
Weak knees ,I seem to have caught
****** love nothing but a taboo
That's until I met you
Rumored intimacy you made true.
I'm under your spell,I'm devoured.
By your corroding touch,consumed by the fairytale in you eyes I'm enamored.
As far as hearts go ,you are the winner
Of mine
Like I lost you in a different lifetime
My glass slipper
A perfect fit, perfect pair
Emotions invested, I make you my heir
All of me is yours for the taking
My heart, yours for the breaking

But Don't .
I was challenged to write a poem about love ...
Ludapoetry Dec 2014
Dear Ernesto Hugo de Castro,
Keep breathing and keep thinking,
we'll remember that somewhere,
along the lines, you were there
since you have something to gain.

I like reading your poems and poetry,
I also like that you express yourself clearly,
I also like that you know how life does hurts
and I like your ruthful and inspiring works.
I love knowing your writing and trueness,
I also love how reaching perfection you do,
and, last but not least, I also love you.

- Ludapoetry
Thank you, Ernesto Hugo de Castro, for your poetry
This           is             not
A po          em           But
rather       a cha        lange
For             you            to
Write.     A poem      about
The sh    ape that       you see.
What oddity, unusual deformity do you see inYour precious minds eye?
               A castle?
                A cloud?
               A hand or
               A heart?
Write a poem about the shape that you see above and please include #shapepoem in the tag.
My perfect guy
Is the kind of boy
Who is always a gentleman
He opens doors, pulls out chairs
And is polite to my parents
And yet when he wants
He can be so hilariously fun
He's not afraid to wrestle
Or play games, even have a nerd fight
But when the day is done
We can sit and talk for hours
He listens to every word
And says more than "okay"
He will smile and act intelligent
Helping with my problems
But he's not too serious
To put up with my insanity

My perfect guy
Is the kind of boy
Who is always there for me
I will never feel shy or scared
In his protective hold
He will back me up
Even if I'm wrong
And when we sit together
He will wrap his arms around me
And sit tight and perfect
And he is always there for me
When is about emotions too
He will be my steady rock
To comfort if I cry
He always try's to make it better
No matter what is wrong

My perfect guy
Is the kind of boy
Who is thinking of me
He pulls special surprises
With flowers and romance
He never forgets a special day
But he's not the kind of guy
Who is crazy about anniversaries
He might give a gift once a year
To keep it real special
He plans dates
And makes special days
Just for the two of us
And while he keeps them
Perfectly romantic he lets them
Have fun too.

My perfect guy
Is the kind of boy
Who compliments me now and then
Even if he doesn't mean it
Just to make me feel nice
But he isn't all worried about beauty
He notices me for me
And isn't afraid to joke around
And say what's on his mind

My perfect guy
Is the kind of boy
Who likes the things I like
The kind of guy who
Shares my dreams
And relishes in the insanity
He wants to make the impossible come true
Without forgetting about now
He will think about the Future
While we banter with each other

My perfect guy
Is the kind of boy
Who doesn't see me as just his girl
He is protective and strong
Yet easy going too
He isn't afraid to get *****
To roll around in the mud
He is always up for a game
Of road hockey or paintball
He will play video games
And sports
Without going easy
He will keep things fun
And won't cry about losing to a girl.

My perfect guy
Is the kind of boy
Who gets along with friends
Who is always charming to new people
And who my friends like back
The kind of guy who
Gets along with a group
Yet doesn't mind to be alone

My perfect guy
Is the kind of boy
Who I write this incredibly long poem about
He is the kind of guy who is perfect in my eyes
He is the kind of guy who likely doesn't exist
Thanks Ember for the challange
it's the way i feel around you
it's static, it's tangible, and endlessly there
with these souls like magnets
the bond could cut the heaviest of air

our beautiful whirlwind
struck down too soon
it was devastating, impossible
nothing was left to ruin

four broken years
the absence too great
our stars crossed over
it was never too late

more years together
life wished us true
now, again, challenged
please trust what we have to do

i can't predict the future
i won't know the end
but there's science to us
and we don't have to bend

reason your mind
and tread with your heart
we built this life covalently
and entropy has yet to keep us apart
we've been back together as long as we were apart. this rough patch may be our biggest test yet, but i know we consist of even more than love, if that makes sense.
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