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Aztec Jul 2020
I use to shiver at the sight of 18
I use to frown
I use to cry
I use to drink
I laugh
I smile
I thank
I cheer
Moving on from you was finally accomplished.
I’ll love you forever within.
My 18.
It’s been 2 years since I wrote something.
I missed it even though I **** at it.
colette alexia Mar 2020
In my head you still love me
Yet are somehow kept at bay
It hits me like cold water
That there's nothing in your way
Mrs Anybody Mar 2020
i wrote
most of
my poems
i was
in love

so when
i don't write
that much

does it mean
i have
moved on?
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Jules Oct 2019
I'm doing much better
I think that it's the weather
I think that it's the fact I haven't seen you since December
I think it's in the sky
I think that I know why
I think it's cause I've recently been seein other guys
I'm doing much better
Poetic T Oct 2019
I fade like a dead match,
                 warmth still seeps..

But within I'm charred and
           unresponsive to your words.

You once lit my world, brightening

my every emotion.

But then you just faded like
           the space between moments.

Your light was there, then gone.

I wanted to rekindle us,
          but what is spent cant be brought.

You were the match that lit my wick,
         but then you were just charred
We tried to relight what was there,
            but we'd burnt out to early.

even though I was lighting up,
                our corridors.
You were no longer there,
           extinguished before our time.

I knew we couldn't strike it again,
    it wasn't me, it was you.

And even though I shone for you,
    you could no longer hold a flame to

And you
                    we, were just flickering
on the brightness of the past
teju Aug 2019
I'm done with it
and it's over,
I moved on
and found a rehab,
I'm relaxed
and searching old me,
I'm happily living my life now!
Nina Aug 2019
I knew I've moved on
When someone else is making me smile
Instead of you
Nina Jul 2019
I've moved on
And I'm happier now

Sorry i lied.
Truth is,
I miss you so much,
And I'm not okay without you here.
nabi 나비 Mar 2019
i wonder if you ever think of me
when you see butterflies fluttering past
when you see an old book with yellowing pages
when you see daisies for sale at the farmers market
when you see gorgeous castles with large libraries
when you hear thunder pound on the roof at night
when you read poetry and see the profound meanings that lay behind it
when you smell lavender and incense float past you
do they remind you of me?
of all the moments and hundreds of conversations we had?
do you ever get reminded of all the things that make up me?
i remember all the things you used to write down about me so you wouldn't forget them
and i wonder if they stuck and ever remind you
and if they do, i deep down secretly hope that it hurts
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