You're the bit of my heart
You're the Lens of my eyes
You're the rule of my life
Ray, I love yours every art.

You're so simple straight
You're so joyful sedulous
You're so happy gorgeous
Renee, I love yours every art.

You're so cool cute soft
You are so shy caring
You're so tricky knowing
Willow, I love yours every art.

Paul Jones May 2

I might see further,      should I bounce belief
on the bending rule      and raise my thinking.

18:00 - 02/05/17
Carm Cerdan May 10

if poets ruled the world
i shall be at peace
for no amount of pain
will evolve into bullets
just petals, some wilted
but never not fragrant

watch men and women
and everyone in between
ignite chasms with sparks
then joy will be served
in generous servings
but never ignorant

the angst you give
will be crystals until
forgiveness cradles you
for tears will be valid
the triumphs kiss the sky
but never arrogant

if poets ruled the world
everything will turn
from beautiful to ethereal
wrecks, clouds, smiles,
hearts, storms, bees,
dreams, humanity, havoc.

if poets ruled the world -
watch the world burn
and like a phoenix -
watch it resurrect.

Hatred will turn into a garden where you could dwell but must come out at some point - and not bullets firing angst. Happiness will not be taken for granted for behind it is a road of sacrifices that led up to that. Your sadness won't need a reason to be real. Your reasons for being sad will be real. Everything that came before and shall come after will matter. Watch the world burn, but it will be beautiful for it will not be wrecking. It will be from the ashes of resurrection.

If only, if only.
Ben Jr Apr 1

Why can't we lie?,
Why can't we cheat?,
If it gets us what we want,
And fulfill our darkest needs,

It's a universal law,
Its what religion preach,
To stay in line and course,
Is the way to reap all good there can be,

But why not be rebels,
And taste how it feels,
Why can't we lie,
And be what we can be,

IrieSide Mar 26

One thing I learned
in my long college career
is that
I don't know a thing

I cannot read minds
nor fix this world
I still fall back to
this broken poetry

The place to be
we thought as youth
though in this life
it's a choice we choose

where you desire to be
is a figment of reality
a plan so mismal
to the burning sun

What faith you lack,
oh guilty one
on this track of life
you chose death!

In this college degree
I learned to see
not through intellect
but through emptiness

Poetry flows like gentle tides
before a hurricane
her sandy shores

Three jumps left
and two jumps right
the lord speaks
and I follow

Milk moonlight of divine delight
silky sheets of satin rose
nerves underneath
emit electricity
and birth

Lovers in my past
don't leave my mind
their faces exist
etched in time

Sink like a stone
through deep waters
fall to her blackness
and the dark sea's wonders

thin skin, a lighted hook
neon guppies glitter
in florescent
store light

Take heed when he calls
for the depressed ones
in your life

Always help
those in need
for you never know
when you, it could be

Solomon wrote
songs and poetry
they flowed from thought
as divine symphony
of what does this teach you of women?
Solomon had the most
of any man

Be true to yourself
and your dreams will come
not the dreams you've planned
but the one's- you stumble upon

A gentle tickle, a sudden pulse of electric energy
Alice R-P Mar 25

There is only one rule
In the game-
What you think,
You will gain.
Want to live in fear-
Be afraid.
Want Your dreams to become true-
Dream every day.

Julia Mullin Nov 2016

The result of privatization
Is a loss too great to bear
Government bowing to Industries
Leading us towards despair

Industries teach our children
Whatever whim they choose
While government stands in shackles
It'll happen while we snooze

Gamble with Social Security
Until there is nothing left
The brokers will have the money
While leaving us all bereft

Take elderly off of Medicare
Give them a voucher instead
When the market costs too much
Who'll pay for their hospital bed?

When people remove a government
What will come in its place?
The wealthy, the prideful, the arrogant
Will take charge of the human race

Didn't we fight for our freedom
To break from the monarchy?
Privatization rules through business
For the elite to rule with greed

Temporal Fugue Oct 2016

Lead, follow, or get out of the way
why do you object?
allowing me, to take the lead
no, you don't deserve respect

Don't pretend you didn't see me
or defend your presence there
on the road of progress
completely unaware

Never in the wildest dreams
seeing the beaten path
blocked by lesser demons
an oblivious aftermath

Fools may come and go
I'm not here to make them stop
I only wish they'd move aside
allowing me, to reach the top

really, Really, REALLY?
10 miles of empty road ahead and behind, and they don't move out of the fast lane to let me by? Seriously? (that's my gripe for today :D)
Sam Hain Oct 2016

The clowns will soon rule all the earth,
   Although they play it dumb.
Revenge of the nerds was vengeance for turds
   Compared with what's to come!

The watches have all been synchronized.
   This shit is going down.
And only slaves will delay their graves
   When King Clown comes to town.


D Jul 2016

Laying on the bed, reading your wedding invite.
I recall the day you went silent and I threw my crown.
Stepping down and lost myself.

Today I let you go, my love.
Not because I give up.
I believe you cared and you still do.

Your silence did cut through my flesh,
Your strangeness burnt my heart.
But here I stand today ready to let myself heal.

Years of gathering broken pieces of my heart.
My lost pieces of love, wailing to be found.
Stranded I searched, and I still do.

I held on to you, like a stubborn child.
Your memories engraved, your doings encircling my thoughts.
Strangely never remembering our fights, I was partial.  

My heart wanted more, my soul was thirsty.
I found pleasure in pain.
I kept you alive.

What a splendid journey, my love.
The impeccable high of your addiction.
As I drowned, I found myself.

One day I chose to revisit my past.
Regretting the time lost to stupid fights, blaming myself.
I never felt, keeping you alive.

Stupid were my acts, unreasonable was my anger.
Childish were my demands.
A sinner, at your altar I confess.

Sleepless nights, result of a restless brain.
Blaming you for the love I dreaded I deserved,
For making me feel worthwhile.

Keeping your memories alive,
Redoing my past, for an escape.
As the odds increased, so did my grief.  

For the broken promises, and the endless thoughts.
U left without a word, so did my Tears.
You coward, I pushed myself to oblivion.  

I saved our love when the world sympathised.
I held on to respect, for u and our love.
Wishing you the best, I kept u alive.

My futile attempts to blame you, was a curse.
A part of me found pleasure when they blamed you,
My stupid selfish heart.

But today I let you go my love, I allow myself to heal.
You meant so much, you still do.
But life is more than just you and me.

A part of my soul is still with you, it’s yours now.
Keep it safe my love.
I’ll nurture what is left of it.

As time flies by, I’ll heal.
For a better tomorrow, for a better me.
I’ll strive with a hollow heart and a partial soul.

Thank you love, for the heat.
For never cheating my heart.
For the never ending  euphoria.

I know u cared and you still do.
When you found me, I found myself.
For your breath of life, I’ll keep u alive.

You made me believe in good.
To Love someone more than my being.
Surprised I’m to know my strength.

Entwined souls, living in the moment.
We headed together, Insane and reckless.
Towards our predefined end.  

I’m glad it was you and no one else.
You were the one, my wildest decision.
Oh my wings, my strength.

But today love, I let you go.
I was your princess.
Now it's someone else.

It’s time to put back my crown to rule.
U won't be forgotten my love,
but like any life chapter ours has come to an end.

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