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Shane Lee Jul 31
Let’s face it:
The world head on.
Crashing into tomorrow’s
broken windows like wrecking *****.
This species’ autoimmunity thinning
in the wake of its own sandbox
filling with corrosion and dung.
Locked in our room,
avoiding the mess,
because we made it.
Honey will not mask the taste
of burnt toast forever.
The golden rule
"Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you "
It's easier instead to do exactly what others to you do
Treat people as good as you are not as bad as they are
I don't have a president:
I have a King
Who trumps Trump
And trumps the Chump,
And works seven
Days a week for Heaven,
Not Beijing. ​
The laws I observe are God-sent.
Lalaouna Amina Dec 2021
When cruelty tends to be necessity
Man conspires with insanity
scenes from everyday life
Zack Ripley Apr 2021
I don't want to rule the world.
I don't want to rule anything at all.
Because eventually, those who rule
Fall and fall hard.
jia Jul 2016
people shall govern,
as the fools will be burned.
mass will reign and learn.
mula sa masa, tungo sa masa.
jia Feb 2021
hungry for power
while the poor starve from hunger
the rich shall cower
Quand le peuple n'aura plus rien à manger, il mangera le riche.

When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.
Carlo C Gomez Oct 2020
Our inheritance
is loss

I don't care
about liberation

Freedom is
the ignis fatuus

Everyone's a slave
to something
Diobimma Oct 2020
Grandma insists the nation
Is without an eye so I'm wondering
Who leads her

She says we have all
We need for the big picture
but can't simply

A proof that you're blind
is clearly the fact that
You can see

The wild side of living life
Is that nothing can be tamed;
Everything is changing,
Nothing stays the same.

But with new wind
comes inspiration,
And even though
There's consternation,

You can always count
On life to sway-
And throw each line
Of the rule book away.
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