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Bread n butter
They live together
They mutter n mutter
What they utter
There is not an iota
Of truth
There is not an iota
Of lie
Neither truth
Nor lie
Logic they don't defy
There's no
Middle third
They might have heard
They don't mind their words
They're  nonsensical
They talk nonsense
Nonsense is meaningless
Neither an iota
Of truth
Nor an iota
Of lie
Logic they don't defy
There's no middle third
They might have heard
They're love birds
I saw 25 years flash before my tired eyes
Third of my life is over
Older with every sunrise
God I feel old these days
Sky Alice Oct 2020
you point out the moon

but your fingers are begemmed

i don’t notice it
Jim Morris Aug 2020
Look into my eyes
Tell all that which is a lie
When land meets the sky
SA Szumloz Jul 2020
Uneaten pancake
Left to sit on the counter
I am just like that.
I love my girlfriends. But I feel like such an outsider, sometimes.
John McCafferty Jun 2020
Third of five
A gemini
When she flies we soar
Her noise can floor
Echoed in our ears
Remembering laughter brought
A powerful injection of positive vibes that elevates temporary state

The scales etched from one to ten
A bell of Tibet
She cares to share so extra
Between be relatively unseen
Conceded when she dips
her time is needed
Worthy as a sister of mercy
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
ryn Apr 2020
If she is the sky
And he is of earth
If she spans the height
He is the girth

Where are you?

Here between these lines
Spoken but unheard
Seen but invisible
Once first, now third
Faizel Farzee Jan 2020
In transit on a stationary life
The earth rotates on it's own access
It spins,
So if my soul wait
Ghost, you will float by again.

Bring with you my smile
I misplaced it
Like hope lost, to find it
I need to go back in time

When your hand was always locked in mine
Inseparable we were
The truth is
Love is blind

I pulled out it's eyes
I laid it to waste
I spit out your name
As I don't want to know how a lie taste

If love becomes deceitful
Then we no longer safe
Love was hope
Now all it brings is distaste.

Cupid is fake
I looked for him all over
I needed his bow and arrow
This time he won't miss
You need to alleviate this sorrow

The time we surfing on is borrowed
I hate myself for wasting it on a ghost
A figment of my imagination
Do I know what happiness name is?
I am just pains host.
When words scratches at the surface
it's screams to be free
you lay it bare on these pages
to subdue my demons in their cages
so i don't end up....
TIZZOP Dec 2019
"i don't want to rule or conquer anyone;
  i should like to help everyone if possible —
  jew, gentile, black man, white
  we all want to help one another;
  human beings are like that."

charlie chaplin wrote these words for
"the great dictator" a political satire  
the nazis didn't want to hear anymore
but the dictator's speech went viral

in a wehrmacht's cinema, partisans of tito
made fun of ****** and exchanged
a propaganda-film for chaplin's video
an audience of nazis raged

a flash of fun in a "*****" led by
insane murderers on stimulants


mr. chaplin i do thank you for
your outcry emerging from
human tragedy.

good bye...

R.I.P. Charles Spencer Chaplin
✞ December 25th 1977

God bless you.
Today is a good day.


"[Beste Version] Der große Diktator - Rede von Charlie Chaplin + Time - Hans Zimmer (INCEPTION Theme)"

"Xavier Naidoo - Der Fels // Allein Mit Flügel - Live aus dem Mannheimer Schloss"
Leah Dec 2019
There's a seat right smack-dab in your mind,

A seat that's not that hard to find,

Where passion and grace, find a meeting place and love is eclipsing of time,

When asked how, I say now,

Cause its not when or then,

And I feel like that's blowing your mind?
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