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Apoetisonly Sep 9
Let’s start off defenseless

I believe human beings are the greatest  annoyance  existing within this planet
I am no exception

Ending with self awareness
I guess I must be
A criminal
Because I
Am a prisoner
And people hurt
For a reason
As far as
Reasons go
I don't have many
Just a bucket
Full of guilty
All the lies
That I tell
To the me
In the mirror
I know I'm
No good
But god I'm
Just a little girl
Only fifteen
Aren't I allowed
To think
I'm pretty
Can't I believe
That someone
Might love me
What happened
To twirling my
Fingers in
My curled hair
Because they
All say to
Trust my intuition
But intuition's
A *****
And she says
I don't want
To hear
That is my
My saddest

I am not
I am not
I am not
I am not
I am not
Nor am I
I am not
I am not
I don't know what to believe anymore. Sometimes, I want to believe that I am not bad, but it just seems so fake. I know I'm full of ****, and I might as well own it. Right?
Reimers Jul 13
An auction was held at the gallery
Many from afar had come
He who loved the painting so dearly
Puts on his best suit and brought a large sum

For he dreamed this day to come
Finally, he and the painting can be one
Alas a person came that made him numb
Who commanded power and
money, outbid everyone

Stood there lifeless
Could not comprehend what happened
Nowhere to go, feeling hopeless
His once favorite spot now darkened

Missing is the painting he so loved
That  was taken from him in an instant
For once he never felt loved
And that dream is now very distant

Left the gallery soaked with tears
His heart has died and lost it spark
All alone with a couple of beers
Drunk and left dancing in the dark
Something I experimented along with the other 2 volumes
Tatiana Jun 4
The defenses failed, just tell them to evacuate again.
I know we lost, but must we even rebuild?
Disaster struck humans and angels once were worth more.
But all they did was keep heavenly bodies fighting!
And every third word I try and speak with
you, but these sounds so precious threaten our lives.
And maybe I cling to hope which clings to
those who get an angel's death, making things right.
Is what it is.
Four helping hands
Its two for two
The third to last
Is feeling blue

Let go, let go
Can't hold no more
Let go, let go
Now three not four

Three helping hands
Now all for one
The third to last
He's time is done
Arcassin B Apr 6
By Arcassin Burnham

Pictures lie , these images **** me,
Teleport to places I can be,
Myself in this wicked world, cause I,
NeeD The LorD To FinD Me A BlessinG,
Take me from the world that I'm dreading,
Put me in a carriage with horses, place me
where my astral would lie,
I AM MorE ThaN HumaN, No SurprisE,

People lie , you know you can't trust them,
They let greed and things consume them,
Time spent wasting on love is ******,
I ThoughT McDonald'S WaS QuitE WorseR,
Furthermore, there is no discussion, pacing,
About news in this system, everything will
corrupt your mind,
DeatH TrapS EverywherE , TherE Is No TIme.
The Two Halves of the Third Eye

There once was a man,
Who possessed a third eye,
One hundred men called him boss,
One nation called him king,

False plans, built with a lie,
Each loss a flagrant sting,
Social struts, wearily wail,

Beatin’ social berserkers bide,
Biding time to bestow billable babal,
Babal their own perspective truth,
For the mad king employs a social sleuth,

There once was a man,
Who too possessed a third eye,
No one called him boss,
Only of his mind was he king,

Baring witness to chaos,
Hundred men with varied tasks,
Constant change, masks, zero growth,

Prosperous peace is what he quoth,
No qualms from flawed quartz courts,
No screaming in petty squabbles for bill or buck,
Just peace via peace, with a little bit of luck,

A man with sight is always bright,
Closest friends tight,
With height he releases rage and any petty slight,
A man of no flag, field, forge nor foundry,

Opening eyes to let others see,
Hundred men create individual chaos,
Blinding all to divide and conquer,
Winding, twisting, and perverting truth,

Idyllic statues of justice fade and collapse,
More money to fuel the kings greedy relapse,
As long as their is another man with light,
With a sight for people, for people,

For all of the kings *****, ******, might,
People for people will never cease this fight.
Artistical Mar 21
12:00 p.m
21st March, 2019
Happy World Poetry Day!!!

To you that swims the canals of my veins - words
to you that held my hands towards home - reflections
to you that seeps into my mind like droplets - quotes
to you that I lay bare to heal the fragments of a moon - prose
to you that I dare not neglect for I am you - poetry
this soul here is yours

I lay open my gateways
use me to share nature's wonder
use me to convey life's in between
for today I honour my twin in her glory
I'll be your eyes and ears as my mouth speaks of your truth

Let's make love on landscapes watch
as the horizon admires our energy
Let's meet at sunset to travel
roads cushioned by the soil
For the grasses await our presence
to share with us wisdom from beyond
You know how the trees bow to us
whenever we smile at them?
Their spirit welcome us as we
await flowers to bloom love
The planets giggle when I fly with you
so the moon pecks them with our light

Till her breathe ceases
and the call she answers
explorations of you is a relish
On paper and screen she'll birth you
In her and consciousness
you'll always be

I love you poetry
loving you wholesome
I learnt to love me
and the aftermath
As we journey on
Open I am to your light
Sparkle and shimmy with me
as we walk to renew, revive you
on the scroll of this civilisation
and the looming ones from time

It's a date that never ends with you
Here, take a hug, poetry!
I just got this idea in school in the middle of science class. Weird right?
Just laying there , knowing you’re awake but feeling asleep
You feel suction cupped to your bed by your blankets
Your pillow slowly accumulating moisture from sweating
Your dreams alive but reality won’t let you accept it
Both eyes closed but there’s only one possibly peeled
You might sleep with your third eye open too ..
Paul NP Jan 18
Silver tongue, Gold and Watch:

That which I speaketh Illuminate

My eyes stretched across a euclidian landscape capture the tings and rings of Spherical Sound Souls.

I see saw gently, rythmic gentry. Sea sowing seeds in the sands of time.

Eclectic Suns and Moons share space. Warming rays upon its face. Golden eye, no doubles, 1 and 7 in my name.

Dark Gold, brilliant silvent solver, dissolving desolate dollars.
Caccooning above its collar, the sounds of a scholar, holler.

In the night, wolf pointing bright , howl at the temple, flaming candle, waving sight.

Better fly high up above the city sky.

I spy with my third eye, Ra El. Spiral inspired by the spire, I inquire the next desire, mastered mystery cold blue phire.

So De-Sire me , I fly up the ranks. Strike One, Rank One, The One is Won. I am Wonder with the Word in My World in Thine; all seeing eye.

Eyes Shine.
I Sign.

The Nameless One
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