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Ibekwe ifeanyi c Oct 2020
Today mama am signing off
In this suite and am ever gorgeous
Am emotional that I made you proud and ever pompous
You raised me with value and to never show off
But rather to strive and always grow up
I wish father was here to gaze at his face ever joyous
I am through but yet I  forever move forth
I love you mama though I've never spoke thus
Just graduated from the university officially and making my mama proud
Now I have yo move on to the next stage
Mikel Jul 2019
You’ve been a naked newly born
Mama rejoice while you mourn
Birth pain turned to joy
Hearing the doctor saying, “he’s a boy.”

Time flies as you started to walk
Learned to speak a few words to talk
Your selfishness and fragile life
She protects with sleepless nights

She molds you in her own way
Until you grow enough to go astray
You’re loved yet felt owned
After what she’s done, she’s now alone

Mama got old and can’t say a word
You visit her from your troubled world
Letting the silence speak words
You’re not that old, yet can’t say a word

Weeping for the joy you can’t define
Mama’s pain dissolved through the tears in her eyes
After years playing your own toys
You’re still your Mama’s Boy
My sad fiction poem. I love you Ma.
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
Here  I am, like Oz, a neutral land,
To some people, a helping hand,
But  then there's drama mama acts,'
I don't know why they act like that,
I aim to be neutral to their spats,
Don't like drama mamas, that's that!
Feedback welcome.
Lunar Dec 2016
so young,
you've already taken
the world
by a storm
grabbing their gazes
enticing their ears

so old,
you're still taking
our hearts
by a gentle breeze
sweeping us off
of our feet

you are the element
from us carats, to you, seventeen!

for seventeen's first MAMA win! i will always be so happy and grateful for your hard work.
Mozart had twenty kids but he stayed with his wife
For most of his life
You get with these girls and forever change their lives
By inseminating them and running away when you find out the news
Not cool dude
Too many baby mamas
I'm going to need a whole lot more commas
If you can't protect yourself and her, stay off of her
If India and China are telling you stop, you really need to listen.

— The End —