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Melody Mann Apr 2021
A gamble of will we duel our hearts in an arena,
Tried is the match in which we wager personifications of emotion,
Unknown is the end where we place our bets,
Risking it all on infatuation's roulette,
Entrusting one another amid poker faced facades,
Weary are we who foolishly tread the tables,
Striking a loss tonight we walk separate paths.
Siren May 2020
I believe
deep down
I am a bad person

It just so happens to be
that the mask
I am wearing
has a good face
and seems to be covering up
my true bad self
somewhat well

if I don't take care and watch out
it might crack
blow my cover
Somewhatdamaged May 2020
The older I get
more the reality smothers me
All the pain I've felt
nothing but the curse to stay alive.

Living in a tiresome roulette
Bending every rule that's out there.
Walking away from blind perception everyday
Alone I stand. Alone I stay.

I'll look down where you're all standing
All I see, herd of sheep!
All those lies you let it surround you
burning your lives with what you don't have.

This world rejects me
Or is it the other way around?
I don't believe what this world is about
And then this world threw me the **** away
I'm not the one to fall in line,
but this world's gonna have to pay!

Something inside of me
just screams out loud.
This thing inside of me
don't belong in your crowd.
The older I get
all your ******* lies bother me.
And all that I've felt...
the agony to watch this whole world burn!

I am what you can't see.
I am what you failed to understand.
Someone you hate to see right.
Something you won't believe.
Yet I am your burning desire,
someone important!
And you know
I am the future!
Some what damaged. Some what broken.
Yet a better whole than you!
my interpretation in how the common people feel against world leaders and their imbecile followers...
Ylzm Aug 2019
Profusely thanking their gods and goddesses
when striking it big
Slinking silently from the table
when losing it all
But ever faithful to their capricious gods
Never ever seeing the ever seeing eye
Or the hidden algorithms
Calculated to lure you again and again
To play and pay for the thrills
That by Chance you're the gods' favoured one.
A kindly
**** in
a lively
part of
the bridge
table that
won her
tiara though
betwixt the
galley was
Donald that
her arch
rival stood
in a
dream with
fortune in
the drawer
And I spin Roulette
Shea Jan 2019
"Living life like
Russian roulette with an automatic."

You're gonna leave,
I hate you for that,
But I love you for it too.
I'm gonna miss you,
God..I'll miss you so much.

Until then,
And most likely after,
I'll live life
Like I'm spinning a cylinder
With the Reaper.
Krys Aug 2018
Luck. Luck treads the line between disaster and survival.
A ball loses momentum on a spinning wheel.
It falls into a pocket.
With one sweep, you’re merely a fool.

Surely, the glory can be regained?
Borrow from those you know. Make a new bet.
Borrow from strangers. Make a new bet.
Make deals with the predators.
Point of no return. You thought they wouldn’t hunt you down?
With one sweep, you’re merely a fool.

We’re all fools here.
This is our lesson of repentance.
We romanced misfortune and she loved us enough to grant us omens of disaster.
With no meaning left in our lives, we are shadows. Shadows that want to survive.

Take the gun.  Raise the barrel to the side of your head.
Maybe fortune will pity you.

They say the greatest luck is dying at the right time.
Is this the right hour? Minute? Second?
A ball loses momentum on a spinning wheel.
It falls into a pocket.

Pull the trigger, fool.
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