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Lynnia Feb 23
Enter in the beauty of this purity
Sincerity’s a rarity
Look in the mirror and I stare at me
Offer up a prayer for me
But the guilt overrides me
It eats up inside me
Bide my time ‘till I’m free
Like the inverse of Lyme disease
Fine by me, let me be
I’ll huff and puff in ecstasy
But words are nothing; words are free
Words sap up my energy
These colors aren’t that fun
Found myself overrun
Screams brighter than the sun
Coming from everyone
Yet they live their lives in white lies
With nothing else to stand by
No power helps their planes fly
And in the end they all die
Honesty’s a lonely word
Feeling under scrutiny
Heavy under blows;
is this a mutiny? Pardon me,
Because I was never the captain
I was never in charge
Life doesn’t have captions
It’s just blank index cards
Murphy’s law applies to spirits
Raise a glass for your ghost
Right when things are gone,
That’s when you miss them the most
Lynnia Feb 23
Writing is my only hope
The pen’s blood-ink, it stains my throat
There’s no one there to fawn or dote
Surrounded by my poison moat
Isolated by the fray
Shackled wrists, I’m locked away
They stick around for just a day
Then turn and leave me where I lay
Draining; all I do is try
Sinking as they pass me by
Sometimes you just have to cry
But tears won’t come—I wonder why
My words are all I’ve got and less
For looks alone don’t pass the test
Hot, I’m not, just a hot mess
They like me, but don’t like me best
Broadsky Feb 3
"So tell me how you're so confident." You say with a glimmer of seduction in your half shut eyes, your head leaned back- I want you. I want to watch you melt in my hands. I'm slipping on snow on the patio but your glance keeps me steady, I want your hands on me already. You're 10 years older but I've caught your eye, I make you want to say "she'll have another" on your dime. We're standing outside, you'll never see me again therefore I'll sink my teeth in. You move a little closer, I'll hate when this is over. I bite your lip- you breathe deeply and put your hand on my hip. I feel the soft ****** of your 5 o'clock shadow, you're hardly callow. I force myself to pull away- this is casual I say- I turn on my toes, my hair sways, and I toss one last hedonistic gaze to the man responsible for my daze.
I kissed a stranger in a bar, he had light hair and light colored eyes, he was a man and I'll never be the same again.
Sutherland Jan 9
The waves pull part,
our sails fill,
our ships depart.
Off you crest,
the marble's arch.

Away, away,
the swirling mass steals thee.
Away, Away,
my sail steals me.

To opposite bay.
To differing stars.
The infinite plane,
the blue in the bars.

Away, away,
oh, gem of the sea.
Away, away,
This has caught a lot of attention so I’ll give a background as I do with my other poems. My significant other and I are separated most of the year by work and study. I wrote this days ago when she left again.
PMc Nov 2018
A quest to watch the 2018 match made in heaven
in the worst of all possible seats
the worst of all possible local locations

smells mix of stale *****, yesterdays cigarettes and ****
oozes through clothing
to no end

Not a seat in the house with idiots screaming over one another
cursing through what has never been considered sensibility
hurling insults meant to hurt, seriously, and they do
to no end

This is where you might have been
all those Saturday afternoons
left alone to fend for yourself with
enough 7Up to ruin Saturday supper.

Hours later, daddy lovingly stroking his ego
living vicariously through your tears
waiting for just the right moment to remind you that
he loves you
one of life’s many riddles

WonderWoman underwear bunched between Dora the Explorer socks
at your feet
curling into a corner after you’ve ruined mom’s home-made Saturday supper
with too much 7Up

The tears don’t come when you cry alone
to no end.

((To: JM in hopes she heals))
I was working on some writing with a fellow poet.  We wrote about some very sensitive issues including this.  This is mine personally.  Other than teenage bullying (water off a duck), I've never experienced this kind of abuse.  Non one could imagine what it might be like for a little kid.  I can't speak from experience.
LanceSkiies Sep 2018
I'll be here for infinity x infinity
A penchant for curves like cursives
I say it in my verses
Vocab too wide for curses
Don't like likes
Fingers to whoever dislike
Like a vlogger: share, comment, and like
Oh yeah, subscribe
Fun, I prescribe
Right on time
Better late than never
Man of the hour
Original with the flavour
Chocolate and Vanilla
Black and grey
If you're too slow to comprehend
No résumé
No references
DIY my title says
Fickle fools play 'Simon Says'
Press remotes don't change but
Batteries can be replaced all the same
God - like
Holier - than - thou; Pope's attitude, beg for mercy
Self - driven, self - motivated
Ministering like Osteen
Light and dark
Yin & Yang
Angel or demon I can be
High off life
Limitless, no pills
I'm probably ill
Well it's my will
To count millions in $100 bills
Like ice, I chill
That's me, trill
And that's that
Suh bill

This one was whatever came to thought.
Samir Koosah Aug 2018
Created by the image of Aphrodite herself,
The memory of her smile alone lights up the darkest side of my solitude.
The delicate perfection of the lotus flower is of no match to her eyes, maybe only comparable to the flapping wings of a lonely hummingbird carefully approaching the first of the dew covered flowers in  a sunny spring morning.
Evoking her name is enough to bring back memories of the first jasmine and cherry blossoms aroma on a hot spring morning on the Alhambra gardens.
There are no words to describe her absence, like a starless sky, a sunrise without the sound of the singing birds.
Knowing that memories of her will populate my thoughts on the day to come is what turns my nights bearable.
The possibility of meeting her in my dreams is my sleeping pill.
Living my days one at a time, moved by the hope that one day we meet, hold each other and hear from her lips that at least once I actually wondered through her thoughts.
Samir Koosah Aug 2018
If life was made of certainties it would not be worth living, but right now, uncertainties drown me on an empty void. The only sure thing to expect right now is freedom, but even that is blurred by randomness of fate.
TussyLambz Jul 2018
Throw it back for me one time
For the freak ***** off the life line
Cut rhymes; cuz I did it i might never miss it
Off to bust my

In it
I might really **** it
Stick you with it
Like sun shine

Got it so good
Not misunderstood
Pencil me in
Like I break off the wood

Like I shook it all up
Like I book it nah ****
Like she took my whole nut
Like what life *****, huh


Dabble in the craft
Mad hatter had a laugh
Had a hot head
So I gotta hit em with this rap

Never babble on the track
Battle then I lap
Badder than the wack ****
Raddle as I pass lit no has been

Break it all down
Look what i got
Shaking the ground
Like twist up the knot

I **** it beyond a bit I bomb the ****
I'm on it quick like sonic spit
Like sonnets sit with honest whit
I'm flawless as it gets on the one time

Fallen prime promise my
Polish grime no modest climb
Boy look out for my

Fallen prime I promise mine
Polish grime no modest climb
Boy look out for my shine
listen here:
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