There she sits in her narrow room
Room narrow and tall
The room a cave cold and dark
With a shelf on the wall

To her left there sits a table
Covered in tiny jars
And to the right there is a window
Lined, of course, with bars

Every day that starts anew
She rises with the sun
Shuffling over to her table
Her job has begun

She grabs a jar and whispers
Filling each one with light
Then seal them up quickly now
Seal them up tight

Holding the jar carefully in her hands
She shuffles to her shelf
And places it with the other ones
Each one part of herself

The shelf is covered in them
The little bottles filled with color
Sparkling reds, blues, yellows
All arranged around each other

And so the day begins
They come now to her cave
Arms reaching through the bars
It’s her bottles that they crave

So one by one she gives them out
One, two, five, then ten
Soon she’ll run out of jars
Time to refill again

Each bottle given out
To another reaching hand
Gets swallowed up in one gulp
So quickly it gets crammed

They drink it all down
Then they sway with delight
A toothy grin left on their face
A sort of high it excites

But soon the smile is gone
Their eyes snap back open
They fill with panic needing more
Realizing how much they’re broken

They rush back to the bars
Reaching gnawing clawing
Please, just one more
But her body now is falling

It’s become too much
There is nothing left
She collapses crying out
Soul now bereft

So the sun sets and they go away
They leave her alone now
Until tomorrow when the sun rises
This prison is her vow
Andrew Choo Mar 28
Some things in life
You just have to
Fight alone.
I need help to
Get away from
These dry bones.

It's not help
That I want
All I want is for
Someone to listen
Someone to be there.

Don't you see?
My vanity is
Driving me to insanity.
My peace is
Being shattered into pieces.

I'm broken and bound
Chained down
Silent, no sound.
Held back
Mind tight
Body torn
No slack.

Piles of stress
Negative overflow
Strength relying
More or less
Clutch or kick
You're an amateur
You ain't a pro.

Angels and demons
All around me.
Darkness surrounds me.
Happiness astounds me.
My life's killing me.
Breon Mar 23
You know it. I drop BOMBS like a B-52,
Drop psalms like a Bible off the back of the pew,
Stay calm, like the '80s stay trippin' on 'ludes,
Like the 90s stay trippin' bringin' me here to you.

That's how I do it, you know I keep it fluid,
I flow so smooth, all my verbiage is fluent,
No verse hits late, no syllables truant,
Got my angles all lined up, spitting congruence -

And I bet you didn't ask about my transcript, fam,
And I know you judged a book by its cover, damn,
And I bet you didn't think I'd call you out right here,
Start addressing with respect as though we're peers, no fear,
But here it is. Some folks stay out at night to reach for stars,
I go home to dodge the fools askin' me to drop bars.
This isn't the question I'm asked more than any other, but it sure does come up a lot!
T R S Feb 20
Charming, Changing Women flutter about me
And I drank the heavy stout
And was surprised by the heaviness I've since lived without.

I don't feel pain
I promise
I'm fun, and honest
Polly Feb 10
I don’t know why I was put on this Earth
born into a life I didn’t deserve
seen so many fall around me, walking right beside me till one day
I’m alone and taking up a space I never earnt
How do I justify my position when there are so many greats missing,
Trying to compare what I feel is my worth
to that of the departed and I can’t make the numbers work

I’ve made so many attempts on my life
I must be feline
and if I die tonight please know that this was number nine
but I’ve been close enough to the edge to know
there is no beginning and no end
just transitioning between what we see
and the spaces in between
I’ve travelled parallel my whole life
I’ve seen where souls collide in paradise
see we are all connected by the things we’ve done
the memories we keep, the thoughts we have and the people we’ve loved
Dara Slick Jan 10
I want to spend every day in a bar.
Drunk or not,
the atmosphere relaxes me.
To read a book,
to chat it up,
to get knockered too early.
I want to do it all in a bar.
Preferably one made of dark wood and many stories.

To become a regular looks bad in retrospect,
because no one believes its a place of good tidings.
It is though.

Booze, bourbon, bar tenders ears.
Therapy free of charge. (unless you order something)

I want to spend my life in a bar,
sad to the public,
but bliss on my tombstone.
I love bars, they fuel me.
Star BG Dec 2017
Put not bars on the heart
but open it wide.
with BREATH.
              with INTENTION.
                        With it's LOVE SONG that plays with grace.

Put not bars on the heart,
but expand it to transmute
and fear into light song

Put not bars on the heart
but let love in
light in
your essence in
For ALL deserve to reap its rewards.

Yes Open any bars of heart
so sacred self may fly
inside the rhythms of heartbeats
fly free from grief.
Inspired by jude-- Thank you for inspiring you. My heart goes out to you and I know you can rise above
for 6 years I’ve hidden
behind a long beard
but have always left
my dignity,
and truth
out in the open for
everyone to see
and for 15 years
I’ve carried it with me
as I shuffle my converse shoes
down the sidewalks of profligacy.

why should I be the one who
gets tossed in the streets
for my belligerence when the
bartender is the one who over served?
I feel like I’m just getting started
amongst the empty souls filling
the empty seats and the glasses
of self pity in front of them as they
drain cup after cup into their hollow bodies

if you’re the drunkest one at the bar,
you’re at the wrong bar
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