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Mark Wanless May 18
the polar bear
stands eight feet tall
behind the bars
fm Jul 2021
your greedy hands are no greedier than mine,
as your fingers travel past my waistline,
thinking that i’m about to waste my time
on a man like you,
“too good to be true,”
kinda borrowed, about to be blue.
my greedy hands will clench,
as i lean closer on that bench,
ignoring your disgusting cigarette stench.
“i’ll break your ******* jawline
if your hands don’t leave my waistline,”
and you didn’t waste time

running away.
it’s 2:37am and i went to a bar for the second time in my life on my own volition, and a guy grabbed my ***.
Kassan Jahmal Jun 2021
Act as if I could sell dreams
to an insomniac,
Or selling broken pieces to
a crack.
Cracking skulls to think
well ahead.
Arranging my plans in serial,
on the few crumbs of bread.

Why I ask the Lord for my daily bread,
to fill all my ideas. Keep them fed.

Seem to be a puzzle piece,
trying to find my fit
As I play such games,
finding humour from my wit.
Dressed for life, suit and tie
hoping it all could fit.
But life at times feels so much
like a job, but I can't even quit.

I'm over my head at times,
wanting to be an upright citizen.
Beating on myself,
maybe because I didn't get enough discipline.

Days I'm trying to train my mind,
most days I lost track.
Picture out my life plans,
still feels like there's a drawback.

Pressing the On and Off switch
of my mind. Don't know what's current.
Haven't paid the dues of my life,
nowadays I have a warrant.

Relevance goings irrelevant,
if you're not relevant to yourself.
Relatively speaking, I don't know how
to end this piece. So here's the end. Oh well!

But no,

Why must the end of a cause
not have you all standing in your applause?
Lord only knows,
why we're quick to pick out the flaws.

The pain of hanging over your jaws,
while I'm handing you a gift of my words.
Like the non-existent Santa Claus.

Spitting words to your face,
facts of my case.
Who runs the passion of his soul,
for you to chase.


This is far too long,
to the point I don't know where these words are coming from.
This rant is far too withstanding,
way too strong.

So to you all, I'm now gone.
I'm guessing this was a rant of mine.
Ray Dunn May 2021
cheap beer will always taste
like the bars that raised me

and your lips will always taste
like the thing that saved me
Preet Mar 2021
A little bird in the cage,
A cage with invisible bars
getting dense with every passing second,
The more she tries to free herself, the more it bites on her skin,
leaving scars, imprinting her mind and soul,
The cage has thorn around it,
Getting sharpen with every edgy spell of her kinship
The more they do, the more sharp are the thorns,
the more they cut, the heavier she bleeds.
The more they misinterpret her shrieks,
The more her wings get shattered.
A helpless little bird in the cage,
Lies in the pool of her blood,
Trying to get out of unbreakable rage.
Theanm Ankh Jan 2021
If this infinite cage
Means your undying love
Then give me the key.

Sure, I'm pretty on the eyes
But don't shade mine,
I need to see.

I've told you before
To let go,
to set me free

You say I don't understand.
But if I want to know
I've got to flee.

I don't want your love,
I want wings.
Don't clip them, let me be.

I'll be home by high tea.
Anyone can lie.
I'm not coming home.
I've seen mine, now accept your reality.
Peacock Secrets Dec 2020
They say they savor my poetic rhymes
They say "bars!"
But plenty people 've got more bars than mine

My innocent cousin's upstate doing time
My neighbor's niece, pobrecita sleeps
In a cage for kids; She's only nine
My great grandma's in the hood, first floor
Bars blanketing her windows and her doors
Peep! plenty people've got more bars than mine
Meanwhile our nation's on its ninth bottle
Building more bars, so we will ALL drown our sorrows
'Cause of colorful communities countrywide, whispering:

"Hush Baby, don't you cry;
Say 'yes, Sir,' and comply."
"I have a dream-if-I
Simply show 'em how we sing-ify,
Sacrifice, and speechify,
Maybe they'll realize..."

We can't break the bars trapping our cries
In these cells alive
Until they break the bigoted bars trapping their minds
In those braincells of lies!

Hold it! Wait while I rewind
Erase and
My rhyme's third line:
I say plenty people've got more bars than minds!
Plus many "*****" minds mastermind more bars than mine!

Which is why...
My innocent cousin's upstate doing time
My neighbor's niece, pobrecita sleeps
In a cage for kids, she's only nine
My great grandma's in the hood, first floor
Bars blanketing her windows and her doors


Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Cannot escape from this prison named Time

Determined outcomes mock me from other side of the bars

I cannot live chained to my unmatched expectations
The sound of the clock ticking is like a countdown to the moment it all blows up in my face
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