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Trefild Sep 15
‣ u may read this, u may not; I don't give a ****t, but
‣ if u're gonna go for it, then be ready for a bit of text flood
‣ think I've got an odd feature, which is a presenting myself like I'm some kind of nightmare
‣ but the thing is that, for some reason, I don't give about it even a slight care
‣ so, here is what I have prepared
‣ letting out some pieces of mine: some are true; some are just to spice up a line
‣ I don't remember it, but once upon a time, I'd been through hell & almost died
‣ maybe on my way from being alive happened something like "access denied"
‣ or maybe death when met me was like:
‣ "it's too early for u, kid, & u don't deserve it, so u have to survive"
‣ joking about once being on the edge of kicking the bucket like it's something to laugh at
‣ I'm not the only one of such kind, am I?
‣ anyway, it seems that such a thing is not enough for me to appreciate & enjoy the life
‣ guess there is something wrong with my—
‣ yet I'm not ready to die, no way, hope my last days are extremely far from nigh
‣ but I'm haunted by the thought that I'm running out of time
‣ ain't wanna know my fate but, for some reason, would like to know the date
‣ if u're now like "oh boy, just stop", then I'm like "shut the hell up & do not interrupt"
‣ I just have some bars & don't see any better option to do with them than to drop
‣ even though they don't shine like the stars & never gonna reach any top
‣ almost everything I do is doomed to flop (consider me a *****-up)
‣ not moving forward, keep looking back
‣ think the light is waning in me & I'm falling into the dark
‣ slowly but surely I'm fading (if I ever had a spark)
‣ I'm off track & it doesn't seem like there is gonna be a turnabout
‣ but no need to wish me luck, it's one of the things I'm sceptical about
‣ just have to figure out a way out
‣ out of giving more than enough of fvcks, out of giving in to my doubts
‣ out of sticking to the lifemood with which u lack seeing & having the good
‣ which is somewhere between pessimistic & non-optimistic
‣ which, in turn, is one of my main characteristics
‣ a way out of having no motivation, out of drowning in procrastination
‣ out of being in self-deprivation
‣ staying by [M]yself 'cause my way of livin[G] got me into a vault, it's an isolation road
‣ hate to say it, but I'm a lost cause, at least I thin[K] so
‣ let me think if there is something else to say
‣ guess there is no need to mention that I'm not okay
‣ yet I'm not loco (at least I hope so), but sometimes I might be a sleepwalker
‣ usually not a talker, but I'm just trying myself as some kinda writer
‣ now, being neither in front of u nor behind u, I'm gonna be mean
‣ which means, at min, not gonna be kinder
‣ taking the role of insult bringer, intending to trigger
‣ I don't give a **** if u mind it
‣ tryna fit more text next to all the ****t inside ur dusty, rusty grinder
‣ before u got toasted or fried, or whatever word u find the most fit to say mentally tired
‣ better get lost & take some actions to unwind it
‣ this writing is playing as a distraction, with every line u're getting blinder (not literally)
‣ I'm not a reminder but guess it's time to remind u
‣ that there is one thing inexorably slipping away, anyone would like to rewind it
‣ aren't u having the feeling that u're dealing with the stealing of the TIME of ur miserable day?
‣ an even more amount of which u're probably not willing (but I'm about) to WASTE
‣ time is neither a thing u can buy nor digital stuff u can just copy & paste
‣ threw a bit of heat in this depressive ****t having hit the offensive switch
‣ how did u like that, *****?
‣ now, a bit out of the blue too, here come a few lines about one thing many people like to do
‣ if u don't have anything reasonable to come out of ur mind or mouth
‣ don't even bother to come out, rather stay in the background
‣ if u have some, in that case, it's fine to even stand ur ground
‣ and if u're sick of reading my ****t or even just seeing it
‣ then wish me writer's block or even say it out loud
‣ just trying to do something at which I don't totally ****
‣ and moreover, it's not like I'm not allowed
‣ despite it's getting close to the ending, I'm not sure it's worth staying to finish it
‣ think this one is not fine at all; maybe, saying so, I'm diminishing
‣ or maybe not, it depends on point of view
‣ what I really know is that there is a whole lot of what I don't know, including u
‣ finally, to all the 455holes, jerks & ****** I ever had to deal with
‣ do a favor - get urselves killed, please
‣ u get free from this ****** up world, it gets free from ****** up u, so it's kind of a win-win
‣ yeah, I mean to offend but not just 'cause I'm not a friend to u & have never been
‣ it's 'cause I have enough of rancour, & maybe even spite, to think & write such a thing
‣ if u made it to the end, well, then applaud but not me, applaud urself
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Pour another
Gin and T!
Soak in the din.
Sins sung phase into crescendo,
laughs leave our chests and wallets open.
It's just alcohol for dinner, tonight.
What? No lime!

God, I thought I was grown up.
Daan Vandelay Jun 19
Your wikipedia page is as boring
as you playing mage and adoring
the exploring of maps and falling for traps
without fighting the wight
in the dungeon at night.
Your life is climbing a hill
with no path in sight, no
one who will respond to you begging to bond
so you're rubbing your wand
while I'm clubbing with your blonde
b*tch, which I ditch, leave behind, beyond
cheeky I grind before the eyes you crave
as you drop to your demise from the eye sore,
pink in the stink, so vile, I smile
because you didn't make a save file.
Ouchie, owie, yikes, the skyrim rap = bars.

extra, didn't make the cut:

Don't rush your fingers to your eye
when you die in a game, don't claim
you didn't, cause I saw the digits disappear,
going near your rear and clearly you came,
lacking class, from the tension in your *ss.
Your Name Apr 17

i take you on a ride
think about nothing but to make you proud
you look happy when i kiss you on the side
but then you told me that i’m not right

then please tell me what to do
i do no wrong in my point of view
did i chose the wrong path to talk to you
in the end all i do is sipping all your bottle through

enough girl
it feels like right now we’re sober
we pull the string and then it’s over
goodbye my ex-partner
Im Sick to death of money stress,can't borrow,

Broken heart in empty chest just hollow,

Tears rolling down my face pure sorrow,

Same **** different day man I curse tomorrow,

Burnt so much paper on draws & raws,

It's like my life's on pause,  I'm stuck in stasis,

Don't know which way to turn,
I can't face this,

Feel like I've jumped head first  into the matrix,

Red and blue pill, which way will it take us?

The path is forked like the tongues of my haters,

Keyboard warriors they remain faceless,

Your see through, I read you like the papers,

Blue cheese & lemon trees in my grater!!

Loyal to the end,no hater,catch me never,not later

I'm greater than Britain, words so heavy create a crater when written.

Just some words in my head
Lynnia Feb 23
Enter in the beauty of this purity
Sincerity’s a rarity
Look in the mirror and I stare at me
Offer up a prayer for me
But the guilt overrides me
It eats up inside me
Bide my time ‘till I’m free
Like the inverse of Lyme disease
Fine by me, let me be
I’ll huff and puff in ecstasy
But words are nothing; words are free
Words sap up my energy
These colors aren’t that fun
Found myself overrun
Screams brighter than the sun
Coming from everyone
Yet they live their lives in white lies
With nothing else to stand by
No power helps their planes fly
And in the end they all die
Honesty’s a lonely word
Feeling under scrutiny
Heavy under blows;
is this a mutiny? Pardon me,
Because I was never the captain
I was never in charge
Life doesn’t have captions
It’s just blank index cards
Murphy’s law applies to spirits
Raise a glass for your ghost
Right when things are gone,
That’s when you miss them the most
Lynnia Feb 23
Writing is my only hope
The pen’s blood-ink, it stains my throat
There’s no one there to fawn or dote
Surrounded by my poison moat
Isolated by the fray
Shackled wrists, I’m locked away
They stick around for just a day
Then turn and leave me where I lay
Draining; all I do is try
Sinking as they pass me by
Sometimes you just have to cry
But tears won’t come—I wonder why
My words are all I’ve got and less
For looks alone don’t pass the test
Hot, I’m not, just a hot mess
They like me, but don’t like me best
Broadsky Feb 3
"So tell me how you're so confident." You say with a glimmer of seduction in your half shut eyes, your head leaned back- I want you. I want to watch you melt in my hands. I'm slipping on snow on the patio but your glance keeps me steady, I want your hands on me already. You're 10 years older but I've caught your eye, I make you want to say "she'll have another" on your dime. We're standing outside, you'll never see me again therefore I'll sink my teeth in. You move a little closer, I'll hate when this is over. I bite your lip- you breathe deeply and put your hand on my hip. I feel the soft ****** of your 5 o'clock shadow, you're hardly callow. I force myself to pull away- this is casual I say- I turn on my toes, my hair sways, and I toss one last hedonistic gaze to the man responsible for my daze.
I kissed a stranger in a bar, he had light hair and light colored eyes, he was a man and I'll never be the same again.
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