Dougie Simps Jul 28

I need to be alone - don't speak for a minute
Tired of being strong- let me be weak for a minute
Gathering up thoughts of a long 28 years
Not being able to support the ones that I love
Remains my greatest fear
I've been drinking to help my drive while my emotions steer
I've been trying to reach out
But might've out grown my peers
This thing called life has us all at a cost
Would you pay to do it again if next time it was more gain than a loss?
Would you love a lil harder?
Grind a lil smarter?
Chase every dream while dodging inevitable karma
I pray I die a legend
But let faith tell the truth
And pour out my heart
Even if I have little faith in all you
Cause nothing in this life is ever a guarantee
So why live ready to die
When you can live it fully...

Starting a new series
Ceyhun Mâhî Jun 21

Drinkers of devilish drinks at times of night,
Are drinking nightly, behind bars imprisoned.

We sit down
At the Bar

You remark on
My posture

We order
Your favorite

Jack and

We sling
Them back

Double Shots
Burning my belly

Your eyes fill
With disbelief

I can see
The photographs flash

In front of

School Pictures
Prom Photos


All Stacked up
Underneath this very


My eyes roll
Away from sentimentality

Laughing it

I order
Two more

I can hear you
Tell me to


As if
Recorded into

A Broken

Even now
I’m still

Your Baby

As My
Vision Doubles

Your Smile

As One

your voice

Seems to grow

My throat begins
To burn

Feeling myself
Crying out

Over a space
Much more vast

Than the distance

Our two

Before I misplace
Myself Completely

Catch me

Your other Half
Your little twin

I will
Not be


We are


As I blink
To see you

My blear

I see you


Mirroring my moves
To put me at ease

But your

Have lost

Your color
No longer

Changes in
The light

You pull your
Hands away

Not wanting to
Make me


Insisting I’m

My clammy


Just in




I snatch it

Staring at
Your smile

That always


Flipping it

I tried to

When you had

This photo
You could never

Have known

I refuse
The answer

Wary of the lies
You will believe  

When you
Split drinks

With A Memory.

Mad Dog Apr 23

The devils in the bottle .
Well if that's so I've been searching forty years it feels and I haven't found that some of a bitch yet.

Probably herd bout my reputation.
Smoke pills coke and I don't mean cola .

I see the yuppies in the bar who admire crazy they buy me a.drink thinking we are friends.
The booze hits you all the same so.guess its better on anothers  tab.

Real bars are dying being replaced by companies pretending to be bars instead of companies void of any soul.

If your favorite dive is some.yuppie infested family friendly overpriced resteraunt go fuck yourself and have a nice day.

Give me  smokey dark local dives with.names like the Brown Derby ,The Thirsty Camel,The Shipwreck Inn,The Purple Onion and Monks .

Those places have character they have bloodshed there dirty dangerous on a good night and perfect.

Corperate America sucks .
Wallmarts on every corner killing the landscape putting the little man in the poor house everything's perfect least.that's what they have you believe

Never swallow bullshit that the media feeds .
There's more truth told between old vets down at the legion between beer and smokes .

Its out there still.
Away from the polwish the yuppies so desire .
Where men still get there hands dirty get drunk sleep and repeat .

This is my world the rich stand upon the backs of the poor with there two faced logic ever so quick to preach.

I bleed the past and I love the small places and backroad gems that they would so quickly destroy and replace .

But what do i.know Im just a drunk .

Nothing worth a shit is safe .
Art,Drugs and sex .
All take passion not a timeshare or membership or mini van .

Computers are a drug that's blinded us to human contact breeding hate sitting on your ass talking shit behind a screen name.

Get into a real fight then tell me how great your Twitter war was.
The fools are many so don't add to there a mass of idiots and clubs are for lemmings .

Take a ride let the music and the wind embrace the void.
Breathe life into yourself before you approach that page .

If your real then take up a seat beside me.and I will buy you a drink.

Get off your ass and experience life before some.idiot in a suit destroys that flawed landscape that makes us unique flawed and beautiful in every sense.

See you at the bar .

Cné Apr 7

the club is not the place to be
so the bar is where you'll find me
with my girlfriend doing shots
scanning the room and catching nods

your eyes hang in the smoky air
come on over, if you dare
trust me, I'll give you a chance
surely you see that, in my glance

my friend and I are laughing like girls do
my magnetic eyes push and pull at you
starring, you haven't looked away
I can see the interest, you convey

another shot the bartender places
confused, he gestures and your glass raises
I smile as my girlfriend whispers, he's cute
toasting you, we lift our shots and shoot

I won't beg you to on come over
but it's only wasting time until you come closer
the possibilities, I foresee
I'm already in love with your body

in confidence, over you saunder
in my mind the question, I ponder
obviously I see, you're in to me
but what about my friend... are you into three?

Just thinking out loud. Lol
Paula Sullaj Mar 12


  AM   The  windows  have railings,    W 
   I    Which are protected by a wall  I

      AS   Outside  lays the entire world   TH  

M  Y             D  E  M  O  N  S

Love is how you want it to be
Nateive Son Mar 8

People probably wonder,
Why I'm obsessed with Death Grips and,
Computer blips,
VPNs and all sorts,
Of tech wizard stuff.

I'm not,
To tell you the truth,
I'm obsessed with freedom,
And my spirituality melding into nature,
Like how primitive man understood God,
Before the books and dogma.

I think about it,
Like being a prisoner,
Obsessed with what chemicals,
Will melt the bars,
And allow me to,
Run through the meadows once again.

An old new quote:

"Hacking is not a crime,
It is the art of awareness."

So here we are in the open air prison,
Of our society,
And if we meet out in the yard,
I will whisper in your ear,
"I know a place where we can be alone,"
Just like Winston and that girl,
In 1984.

Who am I?

I'm a schmuck,
Just like you.

And I wish you love and peace,
From the bottom of my heart.

Vijay Maloo Mar 1

I am the man
Behind the bars
Who miss moonshine
And those sparkling stars

Never thought
That I would be here some day
Who used to be jocular
Has become spiritless and harsh

What was my fault?
Just to love you
From the bottom of my heart??

Yes!!! I killed him
As he was in between us
Don’t know about you
But I am glad as it left me lovely scars

We will be together
In heaven
I will be waiting for you
With your favorite flowers

Love has an end & that is “HATE”

No matter what happens just keep playing kid.
I was sixteen when I first started playing music as a DJ in a little redneck bar in Carolina .

Green as a glade of grass that would soon change .
I hung with the barflys the rejects the bikers and the ones that just couldn't leave there past behind.

I wasn't friends with kids my age I found my crowd and tried every vice in between.
You don't know shit at sixteen so don't pretend you do I learned from those who scars were many as the stories they told.

I watched the crowd they were always willing to turn on you
It was sink or fucking swim in a sea of smoke and stale beer .
The women weren't like the girls in high school .

There was no delusion of something more just a fast night and a good time followed by a fucked up hangover .
I had nothing in common with my own age group hell I partied with there parents knew off duty cops thieves and dope dealers .
They were all full of shit in there own way.

I cared little for a classroom I learned everything I needed to survive in those little dive bars .
I was underage six foot four acted and looked older so I just fit in .

There was danger
There was always some shit just waiting to happen .
No wonder I left the awkward world of social climbers and bullshit proms behind.

Money was fast and so was everything worth a goodtime.
Who the fuck needs someone when you can have the chaos of another night.
It was everything that I missed and never knew existed .

I will always remember that little ugly ass stage .
The faces changed real music still lives .
I gave them happiness they gave me there money.

It was my life's college .
The brain would learn what the pen would write many years later .
If your worried bout the page at sixteen your lost already.
Life will fill in the gaps .

Live first then it will all eventually fit together .

I forget everything now but I never forget those times .
One stage is always like the next .
The only rule no matter what happens when your up there .
Just keep playing kid .

Just keep playing.

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