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I'm obsessed with these two boys, that I'll never meet.
I love to hear them make noise, I think it's very sweet. 
They changed my life for the good, and I can never thank them.
I'd hug them if I could, say all the things I've been wanting to say to 'em. 
I listen to them everyday, no matter in what way it is.
It could be in my mind as I lay, relaxing in pure bliss. 
They're in my head and they won't leave, it's getting to be painful, knowing we'll never meet.
Their songs, are telling me to believe, but it's getting hard, I'm feeling defeat...
When I wrote, in like 2018, it was about my favorite music duo, Bars and Melody. They saved my life with their music. They will forever be in my heart.
Bryn Kennell Jul 30
Monkey bars
Hold on
Do not let go

I climb high
To hold you close
But it takes all my strength
So I let go
Naveen Kumar Jul 24
How drunk is drunk to me.
I hear men drink the sweat of their heart away.
I try it every night.
Spend my nights in bar till
I end up fist fighting.
Till my mouth fill with blood
more than whisky.
They won't **** me,
they love their lives.
But I won't stop till they run away.
As I walk back to my apartment
women look at me and frighten
like I'm an animal,
which I wish to be but-
When I reach my apartment,
I ask myself if I'm drunk enough.
And I would say myself,
try better tomorrow.
The spectacle
Speck in my eye, speck tangle
Rectangle, always four sides to her stories!
Twisted lies, late replies, her fake fables I'm sick of it!

Like a dog on a leash, I followed that path-not-logical
She, a pathological liar.
The biological fire that drew me in was hot.
If all men are dogs, or not
You were on heat, I guess you truly are a *****.
*When a female dog is fertile, it's referred to as being "On heat"
*A female dog is called a *****

Read it out loud, I enjoyed writing this one.
C Jul 20
When this is over, our eyes they shall meet.

My heart, it will flutter, as you pull out my seat.

Light hearted banter, what should be the first toast

Cocktails or bubbles; what have we missed most?

My hand may graze yours lightly, no longer a crime.

Our smiles will glow brightly, your grin matching mine.

We'll savour each second, indulge in each 'feel.'

Zoom; you were great, but life is best 'real.'

Surrounded by laughter, the warmth of a crowd

Won't hear my own thoughts; will LOVE that it's loud.

Giddy with excitement, for I've had time to think;

Yes please mr barman, I'll order my drink.
Savio Fonseca Jun 15
Date an Air Hostess
and U shall fly,
First Class on Her Flight.
Date a Lady Teacher
and She will Teach U,
how to Read and Write.
Date a Poetess
and She will Compose U,
A Poem filled with Verses.
Date a Lady Doctor,
U will be attended by
all Her Pretty Nurses.
Date a Lady Cop
and U shall find Yourself,
behind Bars.
Date a Female Alien
and U will land Yourself,
on Saturn or Mars.
chloe Jun 7
I want you to hold my hand
While we sit in the corner booth—
letting the world pass us by.

I hope you will be my safe place to land,
The shining light of my youth
The other wing that helps me fly.

I want to touch your skin—all warm and tanned
While we sip martinis of gin and vermouth
My head on your chest and your hand on my thigh.
Oka May 27
I'm up your mind flocking, like a bird
Menancing, dropping disses like a **** when you look up boy you better be concerned
Compared to your rhymes, it would be the flyest **** you ever heard
Did I say I like hip-hop?
Oka May 8
Don't have to mope about you,
I got prettier lips to kiss
No need to keep all the pictures I drew
All you deserve is a meaner diss
Poetic T Apr 19
Vibrational  hues eclipse
         my exterior ,
reverberating upon
                           my senses.

Parallel bars synchronize
around me, am I  a prisoner
as the resonation keeps
            me within this spot.

I can feel within a perfect
           storm of repetition.
Like chambers bouncing off
each other, trying to find a

I look at myself,
                      breaches spring forth,
this shell is to weak to keep me in.
        Shattering forth, I'm pure volume.

The bars start to spike, As I break free.
         We become harmonized,
what tried to bind is now part of my reality.
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