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Ashley Kaye Aug 22
“Write a short poem.”
there’s too much to say,
or been said
yet to be

So swallow the penny
no one keeps them nowadays
August 22, 2019
Tint Jun 26
Blood gushed in, flooding my brain
from the lane before the highway
the Staples before the flame
the words that made a laughter
it hurts and blanketed dread

By the match box is my name
written in small words of despair
but even matches do not lit
for I lack all the masculine
and the feminity of flare

I'm ashamed as it tricked me
as the reality unfolds me
and my little mask of happy thoughts
they came back to original posts
I apologize that this I'm born
m h John Jun 6
the penny
has to fall to the bottom
of the well
before the wish
can come true
don’t be afraid to hit rock bottom
Stephen Starr Mar 28
Unending happiness,
abundant distraction,
uninterrupted good fortune.
Just garden variety
What I got was best.
A clamped on winter sky
casting doubt, monotony.
A shopworn body,
maintenance required.
Never enough in
the coffers for my taste.
The usual
troublesome happenstance.
Desolation and beauty
are close cousins
pushing and pulling
rough housing,
as they do.
Throw your lucky penny
in the fountain
and walk away.
See if you wish it were still
in your pocket.
Then let it go.
Lucky penny on the floor
Thinks he’ll never be much more
Sound bytes and coffee
Tourist Fridays have him conscious
So many to shine for

Lucky penny on the floor
Thinks he’ll never be much more
With the face of Abe
And the might of bronze
Remembering his worth in dollars

No other coins deemed lucky
Or lived with such a worthy president
Still, the past is just a precedent
Floor penny, Starbucks, 48th & 6th ave, 4/18/16 nyc
Jack and Carl
Sat on a Car

Went to city Kamptee
To meet their Auntie

She gave some Honey
With a bag of Money

They tasted the Honey
Wasted All Money

And Came back Home
Without a Penny
Nursery Rhyme for Tiny Tots
A little copper penny
Lying alone on the sidewalk

Rained on, stepped on, walked right by

No one cares about a penny
What could it possibly buy?
Poetic T Jan 19
If we were each a penny,
         and were thrown

in to a wishing well.

We would float,

     because who wants
to be like all the rest..

Its always good to be yourselves,
            not  to drown in a well of
others  wishes of
how we should be.
Latifah Dec 2018
If minds were sold,
I’d pay gold,
I could have the mind of a genius,
The mind of a scientist,
The mind of the wisest,
And mine wouldn’t be,
Worth a penny,
But without it,
I wouldn’t be me.
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