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Lucky penny on the floor
Thinks he’ll never be much more
Sound bytes and coffee
Tourist Fridays have him conscious
So many to shine for

Lucky penny on the floor
Thinks he’ll never be much more
With the face of Abe
And the might of bronze
Remembering his worth in dollars

No other coins deemed lucky
Or lived with such a worthy president
Still, the past is just a precedent
Floor penny, Starbucks, 48th & 6th ave, 4/18/16 nyc
Jack and Carl
Sat on a Car

Went to city Kamptee
To meet their Auntie

She gave some Honey
With a bag of Money

They tasted the Honey
Wasted All Money

And Came back Home
Without a Penny
Nursery Rhyme for Tiny Tots
A little copper penny
Lying alone on the sidewalk

Rained on, stepped on, walked right by

No one cares about a penny
What could it possibly buy?
Tiger Striped Jan 23
i would like back

every penny

that i threw

in the well

for you

i would have twice what i cost you
Poetic T Jan 19
If we were each a penny,
         and were thrown

in to a wishing well.

We would float,

     because who wants
to be like all the rest..

Its always good to be yourselves,
            not  to drown in a well of
others  wishes of
how we should be.
every day i pass by this penny on the ground. frozen in time, the penny has softened into the broken parking lot. it begs for someone to pick it up, run a thumb over the ***** copper, and heed its message from the heavens.

the penny stares up at me every time i walk over it like a lone giant marching through the foothills to home. every day, it wonders why i always let it capture my eye like rose petals in rain but never bother picking it up.

i know it's the angels. but why am i so scared of what they might say?

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
Latifah Dec 2018
If minds were sold,
I’d pay gold,
I could have the mind of a genius,
The mind of a scientist,
The mind of the wisest,
And mine wouldn’t be,
Worth a penny,
But without it,
I wouldn’t be me.
Poetic T Nov 2018
A penny on the floor,
          costing more than life.
          For those who pick up luck
have run out tonight.

A penny on the floor,
            where others shoes now
            collect before curious gazes.

                            its cold out tonight.

A penny on the floor,
            the last thing you see,
                     is it heads or tails.
       The breath of another falling.

Curiosity is never a gift when its obvious.
                For a penny is never fallen in jest.
                              every one cost something.

Tonight its your life,
Tonight its your life,
Tonight its your life.....
Pyrrha Aug 2018
Why do we say "Penny for your thoughts"?
If thoughts were so cheap
I'd have bought them all by now
Poetic T Jul 2018
Ambrosial stitches weave
       on the seams of closeness.
Arms encompassing beyond grasps,
           never loosing the palms of the other.

Under burgundy does modesty elude,
              outlines of what is crafted beneath.
Locking intimacy together,
                               virtues never revealing.

They are the keepers of each other,
        richness ever filling within.
                     For if every penny was love,
plentiful would there togetherness bring.
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