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1.0k · Apr 2016
gray rain Apr 2016
At one corner there is you
connected to another two
you don't know which one to choose
I'm glad I'm not in your shoes
982 · May 2016
Forgotten In Time
gray rain May 2016
a mystery
of facts
and artefacts
swallowed by time

or revolution
fossilised claws
and medieval wars
fallen in time

ruling society
to equality
change over time

a distance
from memory
a stone in a cemetery
rotting over time

shut up
boxed up
laid down
in the ground
shipped to a new time

or a mystery
our history
forgotten in time
960 · May 2016
Without Silence
gray rain May 2016
Without silence
sound would be
955 · Jul 2016
Acceptance Vs Support
gray rain Jul 2016
We've got to the point where people are accepting peoples differences.
However, are yet to get to the stage where those who accept will support aswell.
937 · May 2016
Morning Chaos
gray rain May 2016
Wake up
go back to sleep
wake up
don't have time to eat
get dressed
down coffee
brush teeth
chaotic morning
music loud
the no sound
music paused
out the door
morning chaos
an endeavour
914 · Apr 2016
Unknown Expectations
gray rain Apr 2016
Mentally and physically prepared, though you don't know what to expect.
Your walk though the door and your thoughts start to collect.
Nervous for what your about to do.
A weight starts to put pressure on you.
Edrenelin kicks in and then you're fine.
Your head is in the game as all fears are put aside.
907 · Apr 2016
Torn Up
gray rain Apr 2016
You think I'm fine
I have nothing to hide
no cuts on my arms
'Cause I'm torn up inside
898 · Apr 2016
Monotone Voice
gray rain Apr 2016
Monotone voice
doesn't really speak
and when it does people start to sleep

monotone voice
doesn't really sing
not even with the strum of a guitar string

Monotone voice
doesn't really talk
because when it does people start to walk
895 · Apr 2016
Cold Night
gray rain Apr 2016
Ice cold air
an extra skin
moonlit sky above
streetlights over head
Coat zipped up
to protect from the cold
of the night creeping in
gray rain Feb 2017
Masculinity is fragile
A mask to hide the brokenness of the soul which lies beneath.
The strength that you're supposed to have but was just out of reach.

Masculinity is fragile
You have to pretend to be strong
The cracks are forming on your skin waiting to be fixed with the tears you have to hold on.

Masculinity is fragile
Because it's like glass in you're hands that you hold so tight it shatters.
Then you have to pickup the pieces and look at the broken reflection of yourself.
Everyone has a breaking point it's just harder to accept when you're expected to be strong.
886 · Apr 2016
Bottled Up Thoughts
gray rain Apr 2016
I put my thoughts in a bottle
those I don't say
but one day the bottle will be shaken
and it will explode from the pressure
I can't wait for that day
877 · Apr 2016
gray rain Apr 2016
the voice of an angel
pitch perfect
powerful words
spreading the message
without aggression
death unspoken
sadness possesses
your innocent look
taken to spread a message of love
for those who were treated unjust
warriors created through your eyes
warriors made when you hear their cries
their storied told through your softly sung words
and the bars you composed
If anyone hasn't heard of Aurora you should listen to her music.
876 · May 2016
gray rain May 2016
It's like an addiction
that keeps on recurring
once you've left
you just keep on returning
870 · Jun 2016
gray rain Jun 2016
Sorry I didn't mean it.
Don't worry we'll work out it.
Stop dwelling there's nothing you can do about it.
Well ****, would you stop saying it.
Well ****, I don't know where this came from.
written 7th June 2016
859 · Apr 2016
Without You
gray rain Apr 2016
Hiding in the shadow
no one can see my face,
hiding in the shadow
left without a trace.

No one hears my voice,
When I'm in a sound proof room.
no one hears my voice,
when I'm stuck inside a tomb.

hiding in the shadow
no one can see my face.
hiding in the shadow
left without a trace.

no one hears my voice,
crying in an empty room.
no one hears my voice,
crying without you.
gray rain May 2016
Walk blindfolded through the city
to not see is a pity
unable to see the light
on this beautiful night
as we reach the mirror pool
judgement passed
like we're crazy

We take off our socks and shoes
as people exchange their views
Through looks and glances
we take our chances
and continue to run through the fountain
as the night become later
and later

numbness felt in our toes
as the unheated water shows
what it can really do
we put on our shoe
the the other
feet still wet
From the water as we leave
maybe something different next week.
We're crazy what can I say
853 · Apr 2016
Crossed Paths
gray rain Apr 2016
I couldn't help but look at you
In hope that you'd look back
I never thought we'd even cross our paths
but when we did I didn't expect
to end up with a knife in my back
837 · May 2016
The Real You
gray rain May 2016
I see your face
and all I see is the ***** behind it.
837 · Jan 2017
gray rain Jan 2017
I let you down, you rise me up.
you take the blame,  you are good.
You can see red and hate and fear
in everything you hold dear.
Overall you are bizarre
but that's just part of who you are.
This is for my brother, Joshua I think I wrote something for everyone in my family except him.
820 · Jul 2016
Just Another Boring Day
gray rain Jul 2016
I don't know what to write today
Nothing was different so I have nothing to say
I nearly fell asleep in lesson, what does that teach?
maths lectures are boring, I don't want to hear someone preach.
We may have a band name as original as it sounds!
It's a generic name for a band yet to be found.
Science had less stories without my friend next to me
no catchup about the weekend and who we got to meet.
English was just researching any topic of my choice
I chose 'nationalism is bad' to make a speach, so people have to hear my voice.
In history was the usual ****
the teacher talks we write and watch a video clip.
So today was just a boring day
I just hope tomorrow is less grey.
gray rain Jun 2016
Yes, I don't like life at the moment,
anxiety fills me but I am numb to emotion.
I'm ridden with fear, a plague
infected by what people have said
in the past
but the effects stayed,
they seem to last.
Repeating in my mind
played over and over all the time.
They speak acrimoniously
and use words unconservatively.
Unknown to them that their words are trenchant
and highly unpleasant.
I'm usually strong
but the pain caused has carried on too long.
I usually don't care how people have come to their reason
no matter what people say, they hurt! What ever the time, day or season.
I'm tired of hiding who I am.
I want to be free, not live in fear that others wouldn't understand.
I hate that people use words in a negative context then wonder why people are afraid to come out; what they don't realize that it's a difficult thing to do in a hetero-normative society and what they say can make people feel rejected even though they have done nothing other than be themselves.
769 · May 2016
Music 3
gray rain May 2016
A blank stave
is an endless script
written on by few
but understood by many.
752 · Jun 2016
gray rain Jun 2016
silence fills the air
surrounds everyone in despair
controlling the minds
as insanity climbs
closer to the peak
becoming weak
and weaker
listening to the speaker
towards silence
731 · Apr 2016
The Thought Of Unacceptance
gray rain Apr 2016
You said it didn't matter
you would accept me anyway
but when it came to the day
you forgot

I could tell you were uncomfortable
so I tried to hide
under a cover that killed me inside

My thoughts were intoxicated
I could not forget
it poisoned my mind

all I could think of
was not being accepted
and it destroyed my life

I gave up
I couldn't cope
I lost all hope

because the thought of my friends unacceptance killed me
Should I let them go?
731 · Apr 2016
gray rain Apr 2016
I don't know why people hate
We don't get to choose our fate
I can't wait for the day
when we are all entitled to say
this is me
and who I'm going to be
and no judgement will be past
it was never a thing made to last
anti-anything will not exist
this is the life I want to live
729 · May 2016
gray rain May 2016
Finally they're done
A year until the next

I can't do anything now
It's over, is the test

Biology, chemistry, physics
All three I made a mess

There's no point dwelling in
sadness hope I tried my best

There's nothing to do now
except hope and wait and rest
I finished my exams yesterday for core science.
I'm sitting them early but will have more next yeay.
727 · Jun 2016
gray rain Jun 2016
A position
of hierarchy
leading people
to believe
themselves as
better not
724 · Jun 2016
Speaking Assessment 4
gray rain Jun 2016
3 minutes of pauses between each of the words
but I remembered the ending of the verbs

2 minutes of questions,  maybe more
the pauses could effect my score

1 night left I'm in a better place
the practice showed me it's not a race

hands are shaking
heart is racing
the recording starts
there are no restarts
My speaking assessment is tomorrow morning but my teacher did a mock with me so I feel more confident
718 · Apr 2016
Do It For You
gray rain Apr 2016
You cut yourself
you feel the pain
stuck in this cycle
and feel no shame

failing school
your life's a mess
and will soon
be just emptiness

smoking too much
and getting high everyday
I can't stop you
but I know what to say

you don't get help
you need too
if not for anyone
do it for you
703 · May 2016
Puppet Master
gray rain May 2016
The puppet master cut the strings
and left the puppets free to sin
700 · May 2016
Face It
gray rain May 2016
Let's just face it
we're all living a lie
thinking we're something
but eventually we'll die

we'll be forgotten
buried in the ground
or burned down to ash
and scattered all around
698 · Jul 2016
The Original Cliché
gray rain Jul 2016
Everyone aims for the same thing.
They just have a different things to do that with.
Whether it be music, sport, writing or whatever else.
We all have something, physically or not.
Most choose not to use the things they are have.
They try to use what others have.
Take what makes them unique and for most it leads to both having less.
Because although inspiration is good.
Taking that thing one person has and spreading it umong many.
Makes their thing have less value than everyone else's.
Making their thing cliché.
But does them doing their own thing makes them the original cliché? Or just a cliché because they have nothing original to them? Because everyone else took it.
I was just thinking everyone is trying to be someone they're not and as soon as someone's idea goes viral people try to copy it. People have their own talents there is no reason to do the same thing as anyone else, no matter how much of an inspiration they are. Everyone is different yet we are trying to be the same... sorry if this offended you.
gray rain May 2016
so there's this band I wanted to see live
when they went on 'hiatus' I didn't know how I would survive
they're music was amazing
they went back and forth when they sing
but they are 'on a break'
and will probably never be returning

the closest band to them is the bassists brothers
they're already amazing after just a few summers
yes they won't be who I wanted to see
but they're the closest thing to the band that started me
on this journey of my discovery through music
every opportunity to see it live. I will use it!
I know this isn't the best.
WATIC= we are the in crowd
ATC=against the current
I just got ATC tickets for September. If you haven't heard of them what are you doing? You should probably listen to them!
687 · Jul 2016
gray rain Jul 2016
Pieces of our hearts
fit together like a
jigsaw puzzle;
each piece fitting
uniquely to us.
yet somehow
someone managed
to break us appart.
681 · May 2016
gray rain May 2016
by a system.
Drawn in
to become a victim.
by the mind,
can't tap into the other side;
when hypnotised.
678 · May 2016
Alter Ego
gray rain May 2016
I am an alter ego
just a part of someone bigger.
The part that has a voice,
some sort of confidence.
The part that makes no noise,
and that isn't conscious.
I am an alter ego;
I takeover when it's right for me.
I will never be seen,
if you see the greater me.
672 · Feb 2017
Hollow Soul
gray rain Feb 2017
I can see the world flash by through my pupils.
Black holes reflecting all that I can never be.
Black holes of a soul so empty.
No hopes or dreams
Just heavy black holes
Watching the world pass before me
666 · Apr 2016
Do You Know Impatience?
gray rain Apr 2016
Impatience, someone I once knew.
Impatience, you may know him too.
He knows me
like he knows you.
He treats us different.
He treats us same.
Sometimes he makes us feel insane.
He understands just how we feel
and to his power we will kneel.
Follow his orders
for he is wise.
He takes over
and makes us cry.
He makes us angry
because he knows what we are anti
but to his power we will kneel
because he tells us how to feel.
662 · Jul 2016
The Negative Optimist
gray rain Jul 2016
Everything is perfect,
everything goes well
but when it doesn't
the world turns to hell.

Everything is bright,
nothing out of place
but when something does
it causes an earthquake.

Everything is happy,
nothing's ever sad
until something goes wrong
then it's really, really bad.

Everything is great
unless something is wrong with it;
then what was great
is absolute ****.
656 · Jul 2016
Farm Camp
gray rain Jul 2016
Bright green fields
And a brighter blue sky
Tractors moving
As the clouds float by

Tent's pitched
Kinda quick,
Fire's lit
No wood on it

Guitars strum
Then uku joins along
But my phone is singing
The song

Playing football
With the farmers dog
Then go back to
Burning logs

As night falls
On the fields around
The gentleness of the
Guitar is the only sound.
I just got back from camping at this farm.
652 · May 2016
Panromantic (3w)
650 · May 2016
Martial Arts (quote)
gray rain May 2016

".Keep calm, smile and
then headbutt them."

~ Sensei ...
I'm not putting the actual sensei's name as I feel as though it would not be fair because it is not actual advice and was said unseriously and I don't feel as though it important,
643 · Jun 2016
He Is Unstoppable
gray rain Jun 2016
Burning up everything in his path,
never taking a moment to look back.

Destroying everything he comes into contact
with no regret of his attack.

Surrounding them
engulfed in flames,

his fiery rage
of them it claims


They will fall.

For he is unstoppable.
The first poem I wrote I lost so I rewrote it.
636 · Apr 2016
Cannot Forget You
gray rain Apr 2016
One stary night
I don't know what to do
so I sit and think of you

Your wide eyes I can't forget
been in my head
since the day we met

I can't live without you here
my head bows in fear
my eye let's out a tear

young in love
didn't know what to do
but I cannot think of you

your eyes
your smile
things I haven't seen in a while

your laugh
your cries
your tears all dried

you moved on
I should too
I try but cannot forget you
628 · May 2016
Living In A Dump
gray rain May 2016
The streets
The latest landfill site
created by us
to ruin us
627 · May 2016
Your Lies
gray rain May 2016
I can't look at you
I can't give into your lies
but it is still hard
616 · Apr 2016
I Am Fake
gray rain Apr 2016
I am fake
and that's all I've ever been
I realise that now, that I'm not who I seem

This name is fake but inside its me
My real name, isn't who I was made to be
may be one day people will see

I'm not perfect
inside I'm falling apart
I hope you see me before I depart

but until then
there is secrets I'll keep
you will know them
when you're ready to know me
I will reveal my actual name when people know who I am.
607 · May 2016
gray rain May 2016
I can't wait for Tuesday
but don't want it to come
the confrontation on that day
will find out who was wrong

I personally don't care
who was telling the truth
This very rare
An occasion that has something to prove

Which one is the back-stabber
I have no reason to worry
Which is the one holding the dagger
who made up this ******* story

I did
but I trusted you
with it
what did you do

To let it slip
you had a grip
You helped me through ****
then you left me with it

you betrayed me
what happened to we
it ended
and you're befriended
This is kind of angry but I am, so it tells the story.
602 · Apr 2016
Fencers And Me
gray rain Apr 2016
Everyone here seems to know each other
not like a son knows his mother
but they know each other

and I'm sat looking over
hundreds of people
yet alone I feel

in an unknown city
with people wearing white
people dressed to fight

they fight with swords
but not with shields
in straight lines
is where they choose to shine
gray rain May 2016
I've grown distant.
I've grown appart.
I've separated
myself, my heart.

My identity hidden.
My soul is lost.
my heart was beating
but then it stopped.
This is the first 2 stanzas.
written 12/5/2016
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