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H1GH3 May 2019
So you're insecure...
You've come to the right place
I wear the mask of alter
and then dance the night through peoples eyes
Oh sweet golly another one? Hidden meaning maybe.. :)
Tommy Randell Apr 2019
I have an alter ego
Who's kind of a mirror twin
He gets me out of
The trouble I get us in

For example I wrote an anonymous poem
Lusting my best friend's girl
Then pushed the wrong, the up-load button
Without a care in the world

He saw the poem on a website
And believed she was cheating
He called to tell me
Ranting & Screaming

And my alter-E says, all cool,
Hey man it was me didn't ya know
It's www(dot)screwwithyermateday

And we have a laugh
And we have a beer
And Alter-E he's round her's that night
Whispering the poem in her ear

She's cheating on her BF
My Mirror he's like Quicksilver
I can't do right for doing wrong
I admit I'm a bit bewildered
Little Red Feb 2019

Mirror on         the wall

Why can't                         I recognise

my reflec                              tion at all?

I recognise the                    face and skin

But not the                       personality

within             within

Oh Mirror mirror

On the wall

Tell me





Welp I tried my best to make this look like a mirror and I failed horribly :]

And yes the mirror I made is certainly not on a wall ;]
LylexRose Feb 2019
If I were say I'm out of time
You would believe me, right?
My life is dope
Its what I smoke
Constantine constantly so
Can't be, can't see, no?
Out of time, out of life
Bacardi so sublime
With a slice a'lime
Four lyrics a line
And substance abuse is fine
We going fishing some time?
No hook but I'm hanging from a line
Limited edition
I'm one of a kind

You wanted me to change my style
Change the one thing that makes me smile
Change takes time
So it'll take a while

What are you talking about Sam
Always acting like you've had
Enough of going through life
Here's the answer you've tried to find
I'll give you a clue it starts with Ssssuicide

Yeah but I mean it as a joke

Haha that's so funny you made me choke
I mean you rap'bout smoke
How' bout you join me for a ****
Ciggerettes or Dope?

But that's a slippery *****
I only do what I have to to cope

All this lying to ya'self has to stop
You incredible degenerate
Waiting for a ***** pop
Is that what you see
Cop a feel
Paranoid about the police
I know just how you feel

Get out of my head
I'm not some book you can just read

How'bout you get up
Get outta bed
and do something instead

I just hardly have anytime
I'm just trying to get by
Stop with the questions
Cos I don't even know why

They say fake it
Until you make it
But you ain't made it
And you just as fake, ****

What about the countless
Nights I work till late

Maybe we should just run away
Other side of the world is far enough away
Family don't matter to you so just get away
Find some other place
With a trusting friend to stay
Its up to you
What are we going to do
This choice is for you


No one's gonna love you
Like I do....
Rose Jan 2019
The feeling of your lips on mine
moving in synch to the music
slurred words
I cannot remember
laughter and tears
caused by forgotten actions
waking up
the next morning
feeling like
it wasn't me.
Wordsmith Oct 2018
Day by day I fritter away
Upholding decorum as best I may
Meet me as you meet — reserved somebody
Leave me as you leave — dull nobody

Dreary, weary, listless, spiritless
A resting spirit clamours to emerge
Unguided, wild, free and seeking
Boldly defying reserved somebody

But how, just how do I unleash this defiant spirit
For it is to cross all conceivable limits
Oh but a mask, of course a mask!
The perfect accessory for this task!

Careless of propriety
Boastful of daring
Acting against my will
Or in tandem with it?

This mask — just now I can't discern
Ponder I do with great concern
Does it shield my identity
Or render truth to it?

So now just what fun in masks
One may ponderously ask

Masks, bring to life fantasy
Fantasy, a realm of our reality
Reality, wherein lies multiplicity
Multiplicity, within each individuality
This poem takes a different view on a mask. Does it shield who we are? Or does it allow us to be who we truly are?

Isn't it ironic fantasy too is part of human reality? A realm revealing psychological truths.

Masks addresses the various facets of a personality. Our fragmented identities. Multiplicity in individualities.

Halloween is round the corner. If you had the chance, who would be the Hyde to your Jekyll?
Charlie Gnarly May 2018
Sometimes I wish I really was a bin.
Trash could fill my surrounds, and in.
******* would be in my mind,
I sometimes I could hope,
that a coin
might land
A graphically pleasing poem written about embodying my alter-ego transformation.
lara May 2018
what a pity

spent the last few years idling in a thin sense of self;
amid outstretched pores looking to photosynthesize more eccentric disposition
even though i know you know my woes consecrate through the spirit, through the veins
what i have shown you is thicker than blood–better count your blessings

so HA! neglect wont erase the ways ive molded your mind
its a gift, to
ditch reason for compassion
to breathe vanity
to breathe immortal sorrow…

my most absurd suggestion yet, now listen closely:
when the tips of my fingers freeze over, let sleeping mountains lie
do hate, but dont devour it;
holy holy holy holy hold the past like a knife
apologies for my insincerity but you must understand…
****, what is left of me?

trembling and then the blade clutters aloof, to and fro and to
i cower from the vision of my wicked phantom,
skin stretched tight over my bones–yet do what He says, for
He makes ruin a honey-like intoxicant
omega three, anti-this anti-that, acronyms galore,
each a little dose of layers of
Him, unraveling atop my fragility
Louise Ruen Apr 2018
I don’t want to be you anymore.
You’re a cheap version of every Instagram trend,
and you possess more duplicity than the rest of humankind,
when you slide chameleon style through a crowd of people,
professing your love to them, while your stare hits the ground.
making it clear for the rest of us
why you’re deserted
when you talk about obscure things, knowing nobody will follow you,
disarming people from questioning your intelligens,
just so you can feel a little better than them

But it’s okay,
because you’re a hallucination of every guy’s fantasy.
A true dream catch,
who knows how to use her catch-all affect

Making you exceptional.
Your self-control is infallible.
You would never burst into tears, without a proper reason, like I do.
And your body, your face, everything is so beautiful,
In a degree that makes me desire you.
So I coat myself in your charm,
when my feet stop feeling warm

And I can’t look at myself in the mirror, after your visit.
Because I know that you would never
leave this skin undone like I do,
would never
fail these walls like I do

Yeah, it’s a shame,
that your polished plastic perfect smile
don’t cover your crooked teeth
Yeah it’s a shame,
that you can spot me through the crack between your front teeth
if the light hits just right.
And even though my Instagram photos won’t admit it,
my expectations are always more exciting than the occasion itself
And my confidence is a glass tray behind  behind dark red tiles.
But you,
you don't have those problems.

Yeah, it’s a shame,
that I can’t love me as I love you
Not gonna lie...Originally this poem was 100% inspired by Billie Eilish's song "idontwannabeyouanymmore".
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