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Phia Oct 2023
Why am I not good enough?
Really in my feels tonight
basil Jun 2020
i'm falling porcelain:
okay for now.
Loses its taste..
Anhedonia - inability to find pleasure in what one normally finds pleasurable.
Haylin Dec 2018
Somewhere along the way,

We changed
Semicolon Aug 2018
My family hangs on loose threads.
My family's not broken,
But **** me if it's any better.
My mom tells me
That the only reason she's in this relationship
Is for my sake.
I laugh and laugh and laugh.
Mom, as if this relationship is of any good to me.
I want to run away,
Away and away and away,
But then, I'm the only one actually stitched deep into this family,
And not just standing there for the sake of its existence.
No, I'm not a child of a broken home,
I'm a child of a house hanging loose.

© Semicolon
Semicolon Aug 2018
Dreaming in roses,
Living in thorns.
"like the sky
my beloved is everywhere
but next to me"
– Rupi Kaur

MicMag Aug 2018
You rise
I fall
for You
falling for you again
every morning

Counting on You (5 of 10)
a countdown series - poems of decreasing length, each using You as the first and last word
Harsh Aug 2018
The thought of you wrecks me.

What would you know of heartbreak?

I’ll always answer if you call

I haven’t heard from you since-

I was someone you once loved.

I ruin my day by myself.

How do I cope? I don’t.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale again.

I’m so tired of being tired.

It’s never hurt like this before.

Sometimes love can hurt you, too.

**** **** **** **** **** ****.

I’m a wreck- your collateral damage.
6 words can be more powerful than you think
Pax Mar 2018
At most insecurities defines every envy.
a quote, 6w.

not sure either ill come back or not, writing seems so far away. my darkness keeps invading. life's darkness its weakening my defences..

I truly wish everyone is okay here and doing fine.
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