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Passed down from one generation
to the next
not knowledge
but values - limiting beliefs

constraining, they were not healed
raised in the system, they knew only to heed
what is worse, their children plead
victims of the system their parents preach.
Systemic racism, systemic sexism, systemic- it never ends. flawed systems need to changed, not perpetuated further.
8 registers open
only 1 cashier
6 other employees
milling around
the store
assisting the 3
remaining customers
while 16 other people
wait in line to check out

their system works
like most systems
I’ve seen before…
backwards and drivel.

I guess common sense
isn’t so common anymore.
I yearn to have your warm arms around my aching

cold body

I yearn for the taste of your sweet lips.

Holding, gently, on to your hips.

Listening to your pounding heart

I feel it’s beat

A sweet rythym

Looking into your deep crystal eyes

Running my fingers through your silky,long hair

I wish for our souls to be connected

Deeper, still, forever is not long.

Feeling your body against mine

Making steamy and meaningfully deep love

I can feel our souls start to intertwine

Even though we are of two different ages


We read the legend’s books

who knew how to love, unconditionally

and book marked their pages.

Feeling your hands rub the pain from my soul

I cuddle with you as you melt like ice

For our love is a power

That can be a very powerful and overwhelming device.
Foggy memories
A dream or a nightmare?
Pain and stress...misery.
Give me the pills for the pain....
Hell, I'm a little quack!
I strike hard to make the ball a winning shot.
I sweat life ..
all of the remaining strength that I've got.
Down the same old halls...every day.
A gallery of my life.
I smile at the visions.
For I've survived ....
I deserved a name plate...below the art
I survived over every hectic way.
(C)2019 Kevin Michael Kappler Life's Gallery
Raven Feb 2019
The flow of systematic beings disintegrate and **** with my own flow sometimes.
Can't seem to get a grip on my mind.
I'm losing myself in lost formalities.
The whole diagrammatic systems falls into closure and creates a case of it's own.
The system is wrong, it doesn't flow with the equilibrium structure of life itself.
It just falls off, and finds a balance of it's own.
It has no real forecast, nor balance, just destruction.
It's chaotic to humankind and it needs strategy of some kind.
It needs appreciation, moral technique, or justification.
The flow of the subconscious is losing itself again in the brainwashing systems, it's locked, it cannot get out, stuck.
This philosophy is somewhat confusing, but it's just a descriptive rant about the brainwashing formula of society itself.
We a part of it, living in the lie, suffocating, trying to find, trying to heal, trying to bind.
Society has become so fake that the truth actually bothers people, the truth that, technology is not needed, love and purity is needed, humanity got so caught up in the wealth, they forgot the essence of true love.  
blushing prince Feb 2019
a decimal of time
wedged between a tile
of a room - unknown
it could have been a kitchen or the delirious floor of a bustling shop
down to the tedium of banter and the slow trickle of something like
a cultural shift
inside a downtrodden window she stared too long until she was
unrecognizable by her and those around her
disappearing from picture frames and unable to remember
what it was like to say something of importance
her tongue now a foreign agent unsure if it still served a purpose
other than being in someone else's mouth
her shirt pocket always containing something of a thrill
like pearls or cigarettes
but now there was nothing in those pockets
tea bags were now placed in jars and her nails never veneer various colors but the same **** that had enthralled her years earlier
now blending in with the canvas outfits she wore to be reminded of a hobby that could have meant something
if only she believed in anything
a note on apathy and the droll feeling of nihilism that comes with age
cypress Nov 2018
some classify
while others

the decision to root
this thorn of chance
may sadly,
worm the systems

grotesque foliage
will enter through

if one begins to fail badly
and discard
Steelyvibe Aug 2018
Control alt delete
Not yet obsolete
Micro electronic brain
Bypass network domain

Automated apparatus
Instrument monitor status
Central processing unit
Rackmount server outfit

Software hardware firmware
Computer fatigue despair
Frozen screen blindness
Information process

Program stopped responding
No more corresponding
Hour glass count down
Start power shut down
Zane Gorham Apr 2017
Each mind is situated on  the spectrum of belief and reality.
Both ends suffer in their search for the truth.
The man who spends his life navigating the spiritual realm.
He attempts to find the greater purpose for everything.
Every blade of grass, each eroded stone a symbol of something bigger.
The nuances of life analysed and expanded upon to their very limit.
Given meaning in the name of God or the foreshadowing omen of an individual.

The man who traverses reality, grounded in science and logistics.
His mind filled with hypotheses.
Observing outcomes to explain the inexplicable.
He fits his grass and stones into the puzzle of a greater system.
In doing so he is God and the purpose for all things he assigns.

Both men strive to be the voice heard by the masses.
Their findings recorded, read, believed.
In the end does it truly matter.
Two lives spent.
Kneeling, yearning for some kind of affirmation that their time was spent correctly.
That they added anything to the greater scheme.
Pages upon pages filled with every detail in a grain of sand.
The end comes, the ink runs, the pages wither to dust, knowledge lost, purpose forgotten.
The world keeps turning.
Some notes about my insecurity on taking the right path in life. I feel I may never know the answers I seek and I don't even know if the answers truly matter.
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