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I never wanted to admit it it. I hated that it stayed so long. However the more I tried to fight it, the more apparent it became. The deeper the roots, the stronger the hold. To the point of my beginning was its end and its end my beginning. I let it wrap me. Take all my energy and love. Even though I could feel it, I didn't want to admit it was there. So I moved only when it let me, I thought only want it allowed me to. I spoke when spoken to and overslept to the point of illness. I no longer cared. I no longer felt. I no longer…. I no longer…. I was longer.. There was no I. There was simply it. And it fell deeper. And then I knew I needed to turn. To face it. While there was still some small part of me that could.
Creating a scene
Won’t make you be seen.
Not in real way,
The way you can say,
“This is who I am.”

Creating a scene
Won’t make you be seen.
The outside you show,
Is not how you know,
“This is who I am.”

Creating a scene
Won’t make you be seen.
Others may flatter,
It does not matter,
“This is who I am.”

Creating a scene
Won’t make you be seen.
Not till we can see
“That is who you are.”
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Fenne Feb 28
Where have you gone?
What corner of your mind have you
drifted into?
Is it quiet there like the silence that has
unfolded so hastily between us?
I understand.
We collided like two galaxies, our souls
intertwined as one.
Ohh love, what beautiful stars we made.
But look at us now.
Constant silences to keep us talking.
I have been an anchor pulling you down into
the depths of my selfish heart.
And you held on with a strength
I do not possess.
I grieve for what I kept us from becoming.
For not being the person
I need to be.
Do not tell me where you have gone,
for I am not certain I could
stay away.
Aaditya Feb 19
An argument ensued
between the two people
who knew each other
better than anyone else.

Every point put forth, made
more sense than the other's
No one was wrong, but
both weren't right either.

How was one supposed to
come to a conclusion now?
Hardly anyone realised, that
all that mattered was to talk it out.

The more they conversed,
the clearer the picture seemed.
The right choice made eventually,
there couldn't be a better team.
You always need someone
to talk to, that someone is
always there with you.
For you, in you.
Sillo Anderson Dec 2018
Jasmine tears went with the sea
Drop by drop, filled streams of ****
Spectacular aroma made *** the shores
And Agendas of menage stained the world.

For surely one must have seen reasons for elongating the times retained
For wants and needs to be renamed human greed.
But songful sins gambol on, upon sea beds
Merging ardour with the emptiness of lofting ****.

Never contrary to the man made shows of happiness.
Staining visions of innocence.
Untouched by misunderstandings, tasking greatly aversions pouting from reality.

But exceptional as it all stands!
Dire momentums retreat reasoning’s, conceiting the flares of hurt
Elevating progressions through revelations aloud
PJ Poesy Nov 2018
Trying to expediate the process in which
another man’s pain is relinquished can  

only happen in two ways; (a) drugs or  
(b) leaving him to it. There is a third

but that involves trickery of a rather
sorted questionable ethical suspicion.  

Fishy as this all may sound for the
sake of trepidation alarming itself

within one, must only come from within.
Other academia or institutionalized

theorizing shan’t ignite the inner lamp
or give levity to situation. Trust of one self's

own recognition in this be the path.
So, take it or leave it. Your choice.
Medicine for the mind.
ffn Oct 2018
I feel you trying to love me
I see the effort
I feel the effort
It hurts my heart
I'm too ashamed
Too many skeletons
Too many sins
More secrets than I'd care to share
I think you'd accept me
Take me as I am
The issue isn't you
I'm ashamed to be so
Standing next to your
Immaculate existence
You know when someone deserves better
Alexis karpouzos Sep 2018
When you look deeply into yourself you may be able to see that there is, in this moment, a quality of aliveness that is animating you that is not philosophical and is not abstract. It's independent of what you think about it, what you believe about it and what you feel about it. It's always there! it is animating your breath, It is coursing the spirit, it is what makes it possible for you to think and speak and see and hear.
                               This is the Invisible Touch.
Poppy15 Aug 2018
Let's pretend to
be someone we
can escape from
the reality and
live in the world
we dream always
play our own roles
disobey what
others ask for
carry on write
our own Fiction.
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