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Success is an illusion,
Luck – brad.
Lived in the hot Georgia
Sullen Swede.

Afraid of the sun,
Sat in the shadows.
Cut on a log
The tick-days.

In a secluded green
Honey pears
Dreamed of mold,
Sought in the wilderness.

Shells piled
In a big bag.
Crossword puzzle solving
And sang rhyme.
Poetic T Jun 2018
oblivious to surrounding
seeing inner strength

a cane guides
Bibek Oct 2017
I have been alone,
How alone you ask?

So alone,
Even the tears flowed away,
Bearing disapproval to my state

So alone,
That my lungs haven't been polished for years,
With breath shared by a beautiful soul

The windows, they stare at their own scars
The old doors, go either way to closure,
The torn roofs welcome the rain
But the drops fill spaces,
   Not hearts
Suicidal thoughts on being alone and feeling the non living
kainat rasheed Oct 2017
is there any word
which can
define this surrounding
when it is giving you
Sarah Isma Nov 2016
one, two
one, two
Train yourself, steady,
one, two...
Whenever you feel like everything is ending
Take one, two...
Whenever you think that nothing is working
Take one, two steps back and
Because it's one thing to suffocate on fear,
But another to realize that you can take
one, two, three steps back and...
And figure out you still have enough air to change the atmosphere.
i've been at the top of my limits lately and i thought of falling over at most times at for once I id fall and turned into a pool of chaos. Everything didn't seem right and all i thought to do was cry. and I did. And I took a deep breath, and realized that it's not *over*. Try getting back up, you'd never know what you can handle until you actually handle it. Take my steps, one, two... breathe.
jerelii Aug 2016
better get the idea
of learning new things.

through experienced
you know.
It comes from you.
being knowledgeable it isn't all about as being as smart or nerdy but being aware of your surrounding that you know is something that is not right.

August 28,2016
gray rain Apr 2016
Sun is shining
upon the city view
water running under ground
sat on the rock I found
on a dead end road
the remains of a school
shattered glass on the floor
worn out road markings
softly birds tweeting
and a stray ****** cat
all this found
in an abandoned part of town
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