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7.3k · May 2016
Taste Of Blood
gray rain May 2016
This tremble in my hands
and the aching in my muscles
but the taste of blood in my mouth
causes me no trouble

no defending
just attack
the taste of blood
the aftermath

this fight
I probably won
but the taste of blood
lingers on
Yes I had a fight at jujitsu so it was light contact but I hit myself by accident.
5.7k · Jun 2016
The Power Of A Gun
gray rain Jun 2016
the acts of one can **** another
one man and a gun killed someones brother,
someones sister, someones lover

one bullet leaves them dead
the blood they bled
left the ground stained red

they will be remembered for what another had done
by the actions of only one
with the power of a gun
The US need tighter gun laws so cowardly people can not **** people for being themselves. It's sad to see so many people be lost in such a tragic way. Two shootings and one attempted shooting in two days should not be acceptable.
3.9k · Jun 2016
Because Of A Gun
gray rain Jun 2016
Another hate crime.
Another death.
Another life gone
because of a gun.

Fatally shot outside a library.
People run to stop the shooter
but the damage was done
because of a gun.

Political difference, a possible motive.
Maybe gun laws aren't the problem.
In the UK people still die
because of a gun.

A city comes together
to celebrate love and loss
and remember those who
died in the past week
because of a gun.
The city of Bradford had a memorial to remember those lost in Orlando as well as Jo *** an MP who was fatally shot and stabbed to death.
To remember one persons actions does not make a community fall but stand together because they deal with hatred everyday.
3.8k · Apr 2016
Couldn't Swim
gray rain Apr 2016
Pain grasps around your chest
digging in as you take a breath
you try to swim but you feel weak
so you sink into the deep
the deep, where light is dim
and all because you couldn't swim
Thoughts whilst swimming
3.8k · Apr 2016
Screams Of Joy
gray rain Apr 2016
Muffled are the screams of joy
Co wrote with my friend
3.8k · May 2016
Sound Of Silence
gray rain May 2016
The sound of silence
is deafening
the loudest sound
is nothing

the sound of silence
isn't quite
this peaceful sound
more like a riot
3.4k · May 2016
gray rain May 2016
I would say ink runs through my veins
but I prefer to write in pencil.
3.3k · May 2016
Finding Memories
gray rain May 2016
Memories of you never cross my mind
memories of you I cannot be bothered to find
2.8k · May 2016
Killing Creativity
gray rain May 2016
Silent screams
come from
every student
as the lack of noise
kills creativity
2.5k · May 2016
Bad Days 2
gray rain May 2016
A bad day starts when another bad day ends.
2.5k · May 2016
Fear And Doubt
gray rain May 2016
I'm tearing myself
from inside to out
destroying myself
with fear and doubt
2.5k · Apr 2016
Yorkshire Accent
gray rain Apr 2016
The Yorkshire accent
sounds pretty rough
"T" doesn't exist
unless you from Bradford
then you can't pronounce things propperly
and you say Bratfd
and the "o" lasts too long
the note is held on
now you knooow
how two letters are pronounced
go learn the dialect
not heard down soulth
This probably doesn't make sence unless you are one of the select few. This probably isn't true it's just things my friends pick up on and things we told them. "Y" also sounds messed up.
2.4k · Aug 2016
We're All The Same
gray rain Aug 2016

Collectively we're all the same

2.4k · Apr 2016
Bad Days
gray rain Apr 2016
Sometimes bad days come and pass
Most of the time they seem to last
2.4k · Jun 2016
gray rain Jun 2016
unity          of id
eas                       link
ing p                               eople
toge                          ther
to f              orm
2.3k · Jun 2016
The Sky Is The Limit
gray rain Jun 2016
I climbed a tree
as you may have seen 
to reach the sky
how I must try
limitless possibilities
yet limited capabilities
because when I passed the sky
I couldn't breath so in the vacuum I did die
Is the sky the limit or is death?
2.1k · May 2016
Loosing Blood
gray rain May 2016
I'm loosing blood
to this machine
it's ripping me apart
soon I'll be empty
It drains me dry
and I've lost my mind
It drains me dry
'til there's nothing inside
Not the best
but it's 7am
2.1k · Apr 2016
Human Punching Bag
gray rain Apr 2016
You hate yourself the way you look
You take it out on me
You try and make me feel bad
About my body
I don't really care
I don't really loose
It's your opinion
You're entitled to your views
Just don't effect others
Who aren't as strong as me
Who's mindset is weaker
And has less stability
Just take your self hate out on me
I'll be your human punching bag
Even if you won't do that for me
2.1k · Apr 2016
I No Longer Know Why
gray rain Apr 2016
I'm under so much pressure
my mind is starting to melt
my heart is running dry
to these new feelings that I felt
my knowledge starting to empty
in a vacuum called my life
my heart is still pumping
but I no longer know why
2.1k · May 2017
gray rain May 2017
I can wish you were here but it doesn't make me hear your voice or remember what you were like.
I just remember that I never felt connected to anyone like I did when I met you.
2.0k · Apr 2016
We Control
gray rain Apr 2016
The trees talk
the leaves walk
mountains stand
rain commands
the wind patrols
but we are the controls
gray rain May 2016
Remember this...

You are the reason for countless,
sleepless nights where I lay awake
wondering what light you would bring.

You are the reason I had no imagination,
believing that no one could fill the gaps
and why each day came with a sting.

Unknown to me, who you were going to be.
You sang to me, so sweet! You make my dreams
weep with joy and sadness.

Unknown to me, you were everything
or nothing. Someone to depend on or destroy.
I've torn you down but you stand with me in the mess.

You helped me through everything,
good and bad,  through my darkest moments when
self-harm and suicide didn't seem so bad.

You expected it back in return but when I couldn't
live up, you didn't leave you stayed
because you knew you were the only thing that made me glad.

This is for you, whoever you are,
thanks for being there. I know I don't say it much
but I don't know what I'd do without you.

This is for you,  because I know you are truly
willing to forgive me and I cannot repay that
or even begin to.

Just remember I wrote this for you.
This is my 200th poem on here.
2.0k · Jun 2016
Unnecessary Arguments
gray rain Jun 2016
Unnecessary arguments
why do they happen?
All unproportionate
to the problem like a cannon
being set off if someone threw a pebble.
In the end nothing will settle
and everyone is angry over nothing.
1.9k · Apr 2016
Your Eyes
gray rain Apr 2016
Your eyes
a dark sea
so full
yet so empty
I looked in
to see what I could find
but it was only you
dead inside
1.9k · May 2016
Writing The Same Shit
gray rain May 2016
I can't be bothered with this
I'm writing the same ****
in every way I can think of
yet these sessions of venting
just build up my hate
and make me regret
I'm afraid to tell someone
in case they don't accept
but I need to be free
free to be me
sorry for this terrible rhyme scheme
but it's flowing free
and structure isn't working for me
1.9k · Apr 2016
gray rain Apr 2016
Say goodnight to your friends
when your day ends
and as your eyelid decends
1.8k · Jun 2016
gray rain Jun 2016
I wandered down a path
until I started to stray.
How we walked it made me laugh,
so I went the other way.

I had to step over an obstacle
as I made my way through.
At times it didn't seem possible,
that I would breakthrough.

As I watched others take the easy route,
I didn't know what to say.
I wanted to do something they couldn't do;
to do that, I couldn't stay.

So I lead myself off the trail.
I didn't care anymore.
It no longer matters if I fail.
I did something different. Something you'll remember.
1.8k · May 2016
gray rain May 2016
There's this obstacle on my road of life.
A small pebble in my shoe
so it hurts to walk,
this mountain growing more distant
as I get closer but the pain increases

There's a obstacle in my river of life.
A river that I'm drowning in
yet nothing to hold onto
drifting further from the boat
as by body becomes weaker

although this seems like a large obstacle
It's really just a small hole in the road
that is yet to be filled
because no one will help me fill it
1.7k · Apr 2016
I Wonder
gray rain Apr 2016
Put gasoline on my dreams
enough to make me want to scream
light my heart, set it aflame
but I will never feel the shame,
the hate you think I'm under
for what, that I wonder
1.7k · Apr 2016
Nobody's Perfect
gray rain Apr 2016
Nobody's perfect
but we think people are
nobody's perfect
but we see people that are close to
nobody's perfect
And we can sometimes forget that
nobody's perfect
but we are taught to change our flaws
nobody's perfect
but we're all unique
nobody's perfect
but thats all we'll ever need to be
1.7k · May 2016
gray rain May 2016
I'm awake all night
I'm awake all day
the restlessness won't go away

They think I'm worried
but I'm not
my thoughts are just tied in knots

confusion lingers in early hours
and continues 'til it's late
As my body starts to abate

The inability to sleep is killing
So I sit and write with ink
And caffeine in my drink

Music playing loud
and I'm waiting to be found
and sleep in silent sound
1.7k · May 2016
Dream Vs Reality
gray rain May 2016
Lost in reality
caught up in a dream
1.6k · May 2016
True Message
gray rain May 2016
I* love you
with a heart
only for you
and you don't
say it back
maybe it's 'cause
you know
the true message
of this
is only seen
by yo
1.6k · Apr 2016
My Opinion On War
gray rain Apr 2016
Just war
war is acceptable
if it's self defence
unjust war
is unacceptable
a terrorist offence
of a nation
take resources and land
just or unjust
in my opinion all war should be banned
I'm not a pacifist but I don't agree with war.
1.5k · Jul 2016
True Friend
gray rain Jul 2016
You're there to talk to
Even though no one wants to
I want to leave too
But i'll stay if you stay too
Know I'm there for you
If you need help, I'll help you

When all our other friends fade away
Don't leave me, don't go away
Know I've got your back always
I'll be there for you always
No matter what anyone says
You got a friend, and I'll stay
1.5k · May 2016
Rise Above
gray rain May 2016
The more you do to correct yourself:
the more attention you bring to your flaws.

You're the greatest critique of yourself.
If you stop judging you,
people will have to live with who you are!

In return you become stronger,
admired for your pride.

Not torn down by opinions
you make based on how
society is standardised...

so all benefits are erased when
self-acceptance of flaws is achieved.
You will not be torn down
because you're too strong for them...

and you stand above what is thought of you
because only you can make yourself rise above them.
1.5k · May 2016
gray rain May 2016

**if exclamation
marks  put
on   the
word or

it ?
1.5k · Jul 2016
I Don't Know
gray rain Jul 2016
Sexuality is like colours
There is something between
Black and white
It's grey
I'm not in between somewhere, I just felt like writing this.
gray rain Jul 2016
Issues that don't effect you is like
The news in another country.

We don't need to get involved
To know what's going on

But want to know to stop it
Occurring again

Or to reduce the increasing amount
Of ignorance, globally.
1.4k · May 2016
This Shell
gray rain May 2016
Stuck in this shell.
Like a part of hell
it torments.
But at moments
it's like a calm sea
so empty.
Until a storm comes
and I'm the only one
and it goes back to hell
and I can't escape this shell.
gray rain Feb 2017
Masculinity is fragile
A mask to hide the brokenness of the soul which lies beneath.
The strength that you're supposed to have but was just out of reach.

Masculinity is fragile
You have to pretend to be strong
The cracks are forming on your skin waiting to be fixed with the tears you have to hold on.

Masculinity is fragile
Because it's like glass in you're hands that you hold so tight it shatters.
Then you have to pickup the pieces and look at the broken reflection of yourself.
Everyone has a breaking point it's just harder to accept when you're expected to be strong.
1.4k · Apr 2016
Shady People
gray rain Apr 2016
We're all shady people
in a shady room
secrets hidden
out of view

we're all shady people
in a shady room
you don't know me
I don't know you

we're all shady people
in a shady room
the people are us
and the room is school
1.4k · Apr 2016
My Band
gray rain Apr 2016
one by one we started to depart
everyone moved on for a new start
after we drifted apart
I was left with no way to make art
my band departed before I found poetry
1.4k · May 2016
gray rain May 2016
feels like death
in your chest

drowning emotion
space explosion
gaps unfilled
yet nothing spilled

no emotion

just hollow
a shell
living in hell
you follow

no interest
no meaning
just destress

nothing inside
1.3k · Jun 2016
Kinda Ironic
gray rain Jun 2016
Kinda ironic
I write poems and find myself
writing about how much I hate English.
I don't want to read
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde again
or analyse a play!

No matter how interesting.
The themes are the the themes
and the characters the story tellers
but to me it's just words
No link in my head.
Every sentence is read.
Then the next,
makes no sense.
It all seems out of context
but no one realises
I don't know what the ****
the teacher goes on and on about,
it goes over my head.
I can't explain my ideas
because I can't make them myself
and I can't understand where anyone else's are from.
So I lead my self on a tangent,
that could go on and on repeating itself
that could go on and on repeating itself
that could go on and on repeating itself
but will never come back to the beginning.
Writing aimlessly
but no one seems to see;
it's all nonsense to me.
Kinda ironic.
As weird as it sounds English is my worst subject at school.
1.3k · May 2016
Originality Isn't Dead
gray rain May 2016
Albums, collections of songs,
A collection of words
brought together
to right, wrongs
or just to hurt
they're there forever.


Old recordings
on vinyl
or hand written on papers.
New recordings
still on vinyl
but more objected to haters.

To be

easily accessed
and heard by everyone
fans or not,
torn to shreds
when criticised, a song
is unappreciated for what

amount of effort

the artist went through
to create something new
and original
just for you,
for your ears. To view,
to be a signal.

That originality

isn't dead
or dying
or even injured
but instead
to be heard

by millions around the world.
gray rain Aug 2016
I miss the bright blue hair that doesn't stand out.
I miss the croaky voices when we all decided to shout.
I miss the midnight raves in all of their madness.
I miss the people being free and just pure happiness.
I miss just the people and how amazing they are.
I miss the walk to the village 'cause we're all too young to drive a car.
I miss the henna on my arms which instantly washed away.
I miss the pride march and queer disco all of which were pretty ******* gay.
I miss the ****** baloons 'cause why the **** not.
I miss the one ******* girl who I didn't tell was hot.
I miss the political jokes and the question time Q&A.;
I miss the jokes about consent and the woodcraft way.
I miss the workshops on politics, on science, on the war (against fracking).
I miss everything including the café and folk suply store.
V Camp finished today and I miss it already.
1.2k · Jun 2016
6 Hours
gray rain Jun 2016
6 hours until school
4am and I'll be there
But Wimbledon sounds cool
So I don't really care.

6 hours in a vehicle
4 probably sleeping
It should be feasible
As long as my friends aren't beefing.

I'm going to Wimbledon tomorrow with school. I don't know anything about tennis and it's a long journey.
1.2k · May 2016
gray rain May 2016
I'm lost
when I find myself
I'll come back for you
1.1k · May 2016
Distance (full version)
gray rain May 2016
I've grown distant.
I've grown appart.
I've separated
myself, my heart.

My identity hidden.
My soul is lost.
my heart was beating
but then it stopped.

I carried on without it,
slowly dying inside.
As my existence was descending,
I started to wither and hide.

In the shadows I lurked
and barely spoke a word.
My mind started to work.
I started to wonder,
my thoughts couldn't stop
I started to ponder.

What would life be
if my heart would just beat?
My identity seen.
The dudum dudum on repeat.

Where I wasn't distant,
still held together.
I could be myself,
truly forever.
Written 12-13/5/2016
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