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Amanda Mar 13
Cover up my eyes
I do not want to see
All the things
I tell you not to be

Don't want to watch
You rip me apart
Don't want to lose
One more piece of my heart

Take my blindfold off
I can now clearly see
The man I fell for wasn't you
Just who you pretended to be
When someone shows you who they are; believe them the first time.
Tanya Feb 6
I opened my eyes to realize,

you were the one

trying to keep



You walk very slow.
Your face is aglow
With the light of the fire
As the flames dance higher.
You stumble and trip
Do a twist and a slip.
I reach out my hand
To catch you if I can.

Your eyes are tightly covered
Their beauty undiscovered.
Your arms stretched out for balance
Reach out and grab the valance.
It tilts, almost falling.
Your name, I am calling.
You dart away and giggle
And do a happy wiggle.

Off the blindfold comes.
Your smile shows your gums.
“Your turn,” you whisper.
Your laugh is even crisper.
I take the cloth and sigh
You think you are so sly.
I wrap it ‘round my head.
I rather would be dead.

To my face, the dark blindfold clings.
My arms shoot out like little wings.
I strain my eyes, try to see.
Your arms wrap right around me.
I stumble and catch my self,
Standing up beside the shelf.
I find my way all around
My feet gently graze the ground.

This isn’t so bad I conclude.
It isn’t so bad, me and you.
I wander some more, back to the fire.
I take off the cloth and then inquire.
“Why did you do this?” I ask you so sweetly.
You adjust your dress, ever so neatly.
“I’m a kid.” You respond.
“This little game with strengthen our bond.”
gray rain May 2016
Walk blindfolded through the city
to not see is a pity
unable to see the light
on this beautiful night
as we reach the mirror pool
judgement passed
like we're crazy

We take off our socks and shoes
as people exchange their views
Through looks and glances
we take our chances
and continue to run through the fountain
as the night become later
and later

numbness felt in our toes
as the unheated water shows
what it can really do
we put on our shoe
the the other
feet still wet
From the water as we leave
maybe something different next week.
We're crazy what can I say
Snehith Kumbla May 2016
words are wasted darling,
can't add an alphabet more...  

but make o's of your lips,  
measure the girth of your hips,  
tease the buds of thy nips,  
sip honey, lick nectar,  

fork a tongue into you,  
pierce your insides,  
twist your wild hair
around me,  
bolt love,  
blindfold you,  

warm your ******* to
the incandescence
of the moon,  

nibble your ear ends,  
step away a moment,  
gaze at your island body  
your shy fluidity,  

watch you bathe
in candlelight,  
catch every
running drop
off you,  
every globule,  

wrap you up,  
unknot you,  
tie your hands together,  
feed you a smear
of chocolate,  
seat you
on a chair,  
eat off you,  

days and nights shall embrace us,  
seasons weave a cocoon,  
ice slide down our bodies  
and I shall make love to you,

and now as I utter  
these little strands
in whispers,  
I am here entwined to you,  

I promised to read out these lines  
if I ever make love to you,  

now that the words
are in communion,  
let us dearest,
bid them adieu
Julie Apr 2016
Blindfold me with your words;
thick like paint they cover my eyes with lies.

Why must I be oblivious if I cannot see?

I still have my ears,
my touch,
my sense of smell,
my sense of taste.
I don't need my eyes to find the light.

The truth can be found without a steady gaze.
There are so many ways your ignorance will never figure out.

Let me show you when I give you my goodbyes,
untying the knot with my own two hands.
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