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Juliana Apr 10
X Paper two—peer edits
X Chem homework
X Read paper 1, 2—for annotated bib  
X Bio notes
    Read book—your favorite, snuggle up and drift away
X Bio Exam
X Bio reading 1, 2, 3
X Chem notes
    Read Book—the one on your shelf for ages
X Chem reading 1, 2, 3, 4
X Write paper one—second draft
X Bio homework
    Write book—this has been your dream since you were a kid
X Write paper three—first draft
X Write poem—last thing before bedtime
(lines with an "X" should be crossed out instead of the "X")
Dear dog:
it may be suggested
I write on paper of rice
the better to be digested
since your critique's so nice

I notice you baulked at the stamp.
Should I enclose a bone with future submissions
begged from my midnight lamp?

I suppose it could have been worse,
at least the dog has devoured my verse!
some lines on a real event!
Strying Feb 11
I gasp for air
I reach for the surface
I fall by the call

I hope I will see
another deity
coming from the sky
like a prince or a knight

I wish for the day
I finally see the light
because I'm drowning in denial
and all the plight
I see in my life
where there used to light.
I felt like writing ab something with drowning because I am truly drowning in school work right now and I have two tests tomorrow which I'm not ready for and so many assignments and school is just so hard right now for me.
Hope everyone is doing amazing and I love each and every follower I have on this platform <3
neth jones Feb 1
Retreating from
  weighty day of toil
I settle my slack
  on tailored sprawl of lawn
Compressed soil radiating ;
  tapped battery
  of a day's warmth
Life is raised through my cartridge
  I stretch out
  receiving reptile charge

Aimed shyly
   at the expansive dark bedding of night sky
     pecked at with pinholes...
each emitting brilliance
firing out fuel
  exhaust from further worlds
                less adulterated than our own

There is a correspondence
  amongst the insects in the grass
  ticking, clicks and tats
  like static amongst laundry
There's a great correspondence out there
  in the night sky

here am
   invulnerable human
    suburban and secure

a cross draft
   from the open basement window
              invades me
eggy sulphur burping from the drains
an organic degassing from below my house

: Betrayed ! 

my feeling passes
the stars behave stagnant
       and dismissive of me
; withholding glove oblivion ;
the clouds step in
  like a quick curtain
  over some 'lewd private show'
(must I pay more
                  to see more ?)
My world is kept restrictive
; a muzzling

I bare the weight still
      of the days wetter ill
Better off indoors
            of my own dander
and projected upon
        by a feeding screen
karly codr Nov 2020
i'm not good enough
for them
i don't spend enough time
on my homework
instead i draw
i spend too much time listening to music
my room isn't clean enough
i play piano too loud
i'm in band not sports
i just can't be good enough for them
no matter how hard i try
i always end up crying in my room at night because the only thing i feel is not being good enough
Strying Oct 2020
Music blasting,
Skin tingling,
Face frozen,
Eyes cold.
Am I dead yet?
Haven't been so active on HP but I have been writing book ideas so I'm still passionate don't worry :)
Sad little poem, been overwhelmed with homework and tests recently.
neth jones Oct 2020

threadbare feline
retreats under my porch
cold Autumn rain falls
integrating my soul
part of a greater sadness
neth jones Oct 2020

May Day at dusk
flittermice take flight from the eaves
flirty thoughts freed
swift pacing of my heart
when passing me you smiled
neth jones Oct 2020

my footfalls concuss
the ground beneath my boots
a human walk
any beasties that can flee
are missing from my experience
Anais Vionet Oct 2020
My palette is empty
after over-busy school
and tense homework.

By the time dark night
staggers onstage, sleep is my
longed-for, **** muse.

I’m greedy for sweet,
numb sleep or perhaps to dream
love-flushed fantasies.
tedious days and boring nights - how lucky can one person get?
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