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Anais Vionet Sep 11
They say we’ll get a hurricane,
that they’re calling hurricane Lee.
Probably later this week,
and it’s a category 9 at least.

Some are saying prayers, but I say:
Why’s God sending it here?
Someone must be sinning a LOT.
Hey, don’t look at me - I’m not.

You’d think that would affect our classes,
that maybe we’d get hazzard passes,
for assignments that are due,
but nope, it isn’t true.

“I don’t want to hear excuses,”
my chem professor said,
“the only acceptable excuse is,
that you’re dead.”
Anais Vionet Sep 2022
It’s Sunday morning. It’s bright and cool, the sort of fall morning that makes the world’s problems seem like fake news. Peter and I are at the Marriott Courtyard, off campus. This morning’s breakfast is Peter’s 19th birthday present to me.

I’m redorkulously happy and surprisingly hungry. Somewhere, in the noisy, happy sounding kitchen, there's a bacon, cheddar-cheese, tomato, ham, green-pepper, and spinach omelette being convoked in my name, and my tummy is growling in anticipation.

Our waiter brought us large white mugs of nutmeg coffee - God bless her for that. Sipping it, I scanned the dining room, where carefree, normal people were enjoying their brunches. They didn’t look like they had hours of reading and problem-sets (homework) waiting for them later - but who knows?

Peter leaned forward, smiling, to refill my mug and then, when adding some cream, he almost overfilled it. I couldn’t help chuckling. I enjoy this awkward man’s company beyond all sanity, to the point that it’s a little cringy and embarrassing. Our smiles seemed to clang together, like symbols. I wish I could bask in the warmth of that smile all day.

“You could do me a favor,” I say shyly, “a little extra present?” I said, trying to look pitiable.
“What?” he asks, with a skeptical look. I open my bag and pull out my latest physics PSET (a homework problem set).
“This problem haunted me in my dreams last night,” I say, smoothing out the wrinkled paper and rotating it so it was right-side-up for him. “#6,” I said, confirming that with a pointing finger.

He glances at it. “Ahh, classical mechanics?” he guessed. “Right,” I confirmed.
He looks up at me through his bushy, blue-black eyebrows, “You took AP physics one in high school and physics 2 last year?” He asked. “Yeah,” I confirmed, “but this problem is throwing me.”

“Well,” he says, motioning me to hand him my pen, “you’re perspicacious all right, but you’re basically a biology major,” he begins, “a set of studies that involve a memorization mentality. For physics one and two, I bet you memorized Maxwell's laws, the Kinematic equations and the table of equation cases, ya?”
I nodded yes.

“Unfortunately, that’s not going to cut it here,” he says, shaking his head, “All of those nice simplifications aren’t in play here - there are no cases to rely on - it’s derive as you go.” As he explained this he was briskly scribbling something on a paper napkin and the answer was there, on that, a second later, when he rotated the paper back to me.

His eyes are a dark, gingerbread brown, but despite that darkness, they seemed warm and lit from within. A swoop of his dark blue-black hair has fallen across his forehead, I leaned over the small table to tuck it back into place. “Thank you,” I said, breathing a sigh of relief, “did you show your work?” I asked as I folded the paper and napkin away.
“Of course,” he says, amused, “but we’ll review it later,” he assured me.

“Happy birthday ME!” I said, in a whispered cheer.
“Yes,” he grinned, “Happy Birthday, YOU,” he pronounced as our omelettes arrived
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Perspicacious: “the keen ability to understand difficult or amorphous things.”

Redorkulously = so ridiculous it’s dorky
neth jones Sep 2022
s t a t i c

populous city
summer heat gloating
these isolated nights poison
anxious residents
all strangers to their neighbours

squared away
they coil about their trusted genitalia

c o w e r

wolf ,
          could you even go stalking in the woods ?
                 you'd get blisters
                            breaking in pricy footwear
          that smart suit ?
                             ridiculous ;     covering your fur
           you've become cowed by your domesticated soul
other brevity version - static

summer   city   night
cast    in orange static
dried spoil crunches underfoot
heavily housed buildings
of their unknown neighbours       
they coil
  around their genitalia
                and despise
neth jones Aug 2022
please-please   add your waxy scrolls
   truths   to the panic pyre
madden   an inflamed swarm of intelligence
worm warrens    into the collective of our brain
   having been riddled
      it'll collapse under the corrective strain
      and start blinking a genuine signal
process recognized    compassionate inkling
(46 words)
neth jones Jul 2022
a curious pallor
      in the tallow beneath my skin
strained of nutrients
    drained of nerve signals
a cold dough of bruise yellow
   expanding in blottings
   into a skimmed milk white

weened hollow in my desperate fasting
put myself into a 'gallow gasp'
heartbeat ? Quite undetectable
feigning death to evade a debt
but 'Shh !...'
              (i'm just in a pale hibernation)
60 words
neth jones Jul 2022
questions drop dumb weight from the night
they distribute anguish and fright
battle tight against comfort
moral prattling defeats sleep
international distress weeps
from my seeping device fraught
Cywydd Llosgyrnog  
Brevity Homework

original version

a plumage of anxiety

questions drop dumb weight from the night sky
ample plumb                                            
they plate anguish
       offence of any moral comfort in my sleep
like senility   milking                              
         suction on thumb
           with pained dental needs
         no answers
                     no sleep tonight
                   no piping pan
                            no kingdom come and feed
neth jones Jul 2022
you conduct winds about the room
    whipping decor and geisting destruction
breaking into a tempest tantrum and fume
    you use up the air in aggressive combustion
    foam breath, thunderous in gloom
and then its pulled-over, you've attained exhaustion
    you need a hug, a glass of water, tears drench
      it hurts barrenly and then a healing quench
Ottava Rima
Brevity Homework
neth jones Jun 2022
while building static warmth
  unbiased night has nurtured strain
now! ;
  breaks akimbo in filling veins
  silver branches
  lipping open flare across the sky
stimulated charge raised
  through our earthed souls
  greeting heavens kindle above
Brevity Homework 2
neth jones Jun 2022
every cloud i've ever seen
has demonstrated God to me

                          there is no aspect of nature
                          that hasn't handed God over
                                        to my custody

[negative version / includes extra verse]

No cloud has ever
Demonstrated God to me.

                          No aspect of nature
                          Has handed God over
                                        To my Custody.

    (yet still I pray)

No father figured
In lord all recreation.
It seems but a rambling animation
Even under scrutiny

     (yet still I pray)
2.  I talk to God but the sky is empty. ~Sylvia Plath
neth jones Jun 2022
invest     in  your  dreams

for they are nestled in life

and life is    but  a  dream
3. All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. ~ Edgar Allan Poe


paddle your feet
                       in life's great jest
        make it your dream
          explore company
           but safety first
            wear a vest [19]

i am a limber explorer of life's dream
today has been exhausting
i lay down and kip out
to dream within a dream
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