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Stella Sep 9

Everything revolves around a number.
My tiny height.
My average weight.
The very day I was born.
My minuscule SAT/ACT score.
The multitudes of AP credits.
My hefty GPA.
The numbers will never leave me.
Constantly graded on a scale.
Never good enough to pass.

None of it.
None of it.
Doesn't matter how I do,
My grades are always defining me,
Leaving me tired and blue.
An 80's not satisfactory.
90 is okay.
I cannot stop pushing myself with all the stress,
I have to pass, okay?
Alina Aug 20
The next few hours  can determine
ones chance of survival.
Of stability in their lives as an adult.

Good luck in your GCSEs my dear friends! It’s not your fault exams got cancelled.
It’s the GCSE exam results day. They were cancelled due to covid 19 so now people are getting predicted grades.
Dreamer May 24
As the days goes by my regret becomes stronger,the regret of letting you go before time , i wonder till now ,why did i let you go so easily , my dear exam paper
Ryan May 17
School's coming to an end,
and it's GCSE's,
using all my expertise gained through-out the school years,
It could all end in tears.
Teachers say it's a big deal,
that's what they convey,
it is for them, anyway.

The last few weeks of term and you hand in your coursework,
that was fine, I wish I could shirk the exams,
not very good at revising,
but our teachers are advising us to watch GCSE Bitesize,
but it doesn't really cover what we've learned,
which is a bit of a concern.

We all cram into the exam hall,
it's a bit last minute,
but I'm trying to recall my revision notes.

An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestley,
something's stirring,
Arthur Birling,
a public scandal is too much to handle,
Eva Smith,
Eric and Gerald both had affairs,
but the latter actually cared.
That's a start, I guess.

The exam invigilator sets the clocks,
and permits one hour and forty-five minutes.
The Science exams are multiple-choice,
Biology is fine, but Physics and Chemistry haunt me.

Geography next,
tectonic plates,
and the traits of EDC's,
as well as Less Economically Developed Countries.

That's all over,
we await our mark,
the best part is still to come,
everyone meeting down the park,
and that too me is the abiding memory of my school days,
one last time we're all together in glorious weather,
before going our separate ways.
A beginner who is looking for some constructive feedback.
Monet Echo May 9
The chill crawls up my spine
Its tendrils of fingers intertwine
I walk a never ending line:
Anxiety that goes on

I stumble forward, determined but weak
I can’t remember how to speak
But from my mouth: a mournful shriek
Will there be a dawn?

Whispers begin to fill the air
They come and go from nowhere
Were they even real? Is nothing there?
Fear has a reek

What brought me to this dark place
What set me on this eternal race
What being or spirit, what face?

Ah, it’s finals week.
A little humor to end off finals week for some of us :) who knew one week could feel so long...
So stressed,
No rest,
Rush here,
Such fear,
All rise,

One more week untill break... Dragging myself through every day
Bookwizard9 Jan 26
In. Out.

Choke back tears.


“How was your day?”

“Good. How was yours?”


“Why didn’t you say anything earlier?”

(don’t know how)

(so much happens in a day)

(not important)

(i’ll get over it)

“I dunno.”

I know grades don’t really matter.

Nineties are like drugs,

once you start you can’t stop,

withdrawal hits you like a truck.

“What did you get?”

“Ninety seven.”

“Oh, that’s not that bad.”

“But what if it takes down my average?”

(I shouldn’t eavesdrop.)

(need to finish this problem)

(four months late)

(one ******* question)

(what the hell is wrong with me)

(ask for help?)

(too late)

(oh god)

(please don’t let the bell ring)

In two three four

Hold two three four five six seven

Out two three four five six seven eight

(don’t cry)

(too late)

(please stop looking)

(what’s wrong with me)

(i want to disappear)

(i’m sorry)



“Did you write any more?”


“Oh. I guess it’s a busy time of year.”


“Well….have a nice evening.”

“Yeah, you too…”



(what was i thinking)

(so cocky)

(don’t want to open that doc ever again)

(too sensitive)

(never go anywhere)

(not cut out for this)

“How did your exam go?”

“...better than I was expecting.”


“Yeah. Thanks mum. Love you.”

(no music?)

(can’t believe)

(can’t vote)





(can i?)

(would it work?)



(too weak.)




(as if life couldn’t be more complicated-)

“We have to get Ethel out more. We can’t stop walking her because Gunther can’t-”



(good boy.)


(stay by me.)

(just for a bit longer.)


(not him, please god, not him)


(let me keep my boy)




“We still on?”

(I dunno, are we?)

“Maybe after exams.”

“Sometimes people drift and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

(shut up, Shut Up, SHUT UP)

“I can cover you for the movie.”

“Thanks! I’ll pay you back, I promise.”

“I’m just happy that means you can come.”



(do you still care?)

(i do.)

(i miss you.)

(do you miss me?)

(don’t break)

(don’t want to go back)

(brave face)

“Crying is okay.”


“It doesn’t seem like you’re handling it-”


“Do you need to go and see-”


In. Out.

Choke back tears.

mjad Dec 2019
The days are starting to run together
It's the beginning of December
Ken Mears Nov 2019
It's Exam Day

I think it's time to run away

Tests here tests there

Tests everywhere!

Scarier than spiders

Created by those insiders

Teachers, dreaded villains

I think this school needs some penicillins

Tests, such a virus

So undesirous

Infecting our schools

Making the smartest of us look like fools

Vile creatures

I'd rather cheer on the bleachers

Then have to take another test

They make me so stressed


Our education interrupted

All so the state can judge us

It should be treasonous

How I lothe exam day

This is a good time to run away

But I can't do that

Else the system will make my life fall flat
Majd Al Deen Oct 2019
Time Time tell me please
Why am I still sitting on my knees
You pass as fast as bees
That is why I wish you freeze

I used to hear : "Time is gold"
And we must use it before getting bold
But sometimes I get so bored
And waste you before getting old

While young and youth must be the prize
I spend them eating some pies
I wish I could buy you but there is no price
For such a thing that never dies

Dear time dear time
You are my prime
I even wasted my time
Writing you this poem rhymes
So could you give me back what is mine
Or it's too late to cry and whine

Suddenly my hand watch started to scream
And talking as fast as a steam
Stop blaming time and seek your dream
Work hard because you can't redeem

Dear hand watch dear hand watch
I swear I will never let you down
But if only you promised to wake me up before dawn

Because big dreams need much time
And working hard is the prime
Honest comments and opinions are always appreciated as I am still trying to build myself
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