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Majd Al Deen Oct 5
Time Time tell me please
Why am I still sitting on my knees
You pass as fast as bees
That is why I wish you freeze

I used to hear : "Time is gold"
And we must use it before getting bold
But sometimes I get so bored
And waste you before getting old

While young and youth must be the prize
I spend them eating some pies
I wish I could buy you but there is no price
For such a thing that never dies

Dear time dear time
You are my prime
I even wasted my time
Writing you this poem rhymes
So could you give me back what is mine
Or it's too late to cry and whine

Suddenly my hand watch started to scream
And talking as fast as a steam
Stop blaming time and seek your dream
Work hard because you can't redeem

Dear hand watch dear hand watch
I swear I will never let you down
But if only you promised to wake me up before dawn

Because big dreams need much time
And working hard is the prime
Honest comments and opinions are always appreciated as I am still trying to build myself
doubt seeps through
my head
the questions I've said

don't really make much sense
have I passed?
I beg

You, please tell me
I just can't wait much more

I wish I could be her
Or anyone

Somebody good
And professional
Just down right nice

If I could switch my place
Or just switch my eyes

But that's nothing
I need to analyse

But the more I find
The more I want to cry

They don't stop
I just think too much

I know just what to do!
But never know enough.

I need to scoop my brain out
Empty it like ice-

Cream, lay the contents out
and hope that would suffice

Me, I should mix them up
And see what I'm made of

Which flavours do I make
Which flavours are made up?

Because I'm done today
Sort it out!

it's my mess to clean
It's my success I doubt
Sarah Jul 20
Scattered books and pens
A noose hanging from the roof
The ink running dry
First attempt in Haiku,
I wrote it a couple months ago during the final exams.
roni Jul 11

the coffee's too bitter and i'm losing my tether
to the world of dreams grounding me to reality.
i think i want to sleep but the coffee's too bitter,
and my mind takes a thought and runs with it.

i'm feeling it, feeling hopeless bloom in my chest again.
i think that i don't care for once.
****, sadness won't let me rest again.
i'll just fail for once. let me fail for once.

i'm tired but the coffee tastes bitter on my tongue.
i should be studying but i'm getting so hung
over my spinning mind. it feels nice to unwind
when you're so high strung.

but i'm falling and falling into this black hole
and i fear that i don't really mind it.
so where's the ******* point,
where's the light dawning down on me?
where's my epiphany?

bitter coffee makes me bitter, makes me sadder,
makes me think harder 'bout where i'm supposed to be.

now it's 1 am and i can't sleep.
the ice has melted in the cup.
i'm self admittedly in love with
the idea of not giving a ****.
- i forgot i even wrote this till i found it in my notes two months later
- wrote this when i should've been studying for my calc finals (which i was gloriously failing)
Working way too hard
for something
that means nothing.
Working way too much
to get somewhere
you've been for years.
Working way too often
for something
that does nothing
but take up my time.
Working way too hard
to get somewhere
you've already gone to
a million times.
How did you get there
when I've always been here?
I've had my fair share of exams-eroni and cheese this week, and I've gotta say, I'm full.
laura Jun 14
School is finally over,
it has felt like an eternity.
So many exams,
and so much stress.
Finally, summer is here.
We finally finished school on June 12
lilly Jun 13
gather round, as it is the season of stress:
as it nears may and june and
corners the wisps of summer that sting the air.
the scent of freedom and flights,
so close yet never close enough.

gather round, and watch as the silken spring leaves
(or, the strands of your hair)
turn inch by inch into summer screams of green
(or, the jealously burning inside you--
when you see someone smarter
see their right answer
see their paper; green and ticked and better.)

gather round, for it is almost over.

and you have worked hard- you have
(or, you have tried to)
and often that is enough.

the season of stress will fade soon,
but summer?
summer will always come.
summer sings in sun-kissed skin and lazy leaves
and blithe birds and timely trees;

gather round, to hear summer's sound.
final exams are rough but we can be tougher. the worst is over.
Haylin Jun 11
I am studying.
I am dying from exams.
I should get some sleep.

Don't you just love exams?
I don't.
I hate it
I'm reposting this cause I just finished my bio exam
Kieran Messer May 26
I miss Sam.

My best mate.
We'd hang out all day,
And talk on the phone 'til late.
Sammy really was that great.

But before my eyes,
It seemed as though he was vanishing.
I wish I could pull him back.
Why didn't I grab him?

Why didn't I tell him
He was more than an A-grade student?#
He was an A* lad.
Aglow with glee,

And so, so chirpy.
But the bluebirds and parrots won't visit him.
Instead, blackbirds and pigeons flock,
Grazing at his grave.

I can't visit his room anymore.
But I imagine vividly
His workload piling up,
As he tumbled further down.

Why did I let this happen,
And of all people,
To Sam?
Sam is a figment of my imagination, but his story is faced by many every exam season. Whichever type of exam you're taking, whether they're GCSEs, A-Levels, the International Baccalaureate, SATs, ACTs, or something else, remember to look after yourself and others around you. We can get through it all together.

If you're struggling, do seek help. You can find helplines for your region on
morrigan Apr 3
every morning i wake up
i am 18, and an adult
constantly fishing for good results
in the steps that i take

everyone morning i wake up
i wish i were 9, and a child
so i would never have to worry
about whether or not i am worthy

tell me---
how can it be
that the world is so big
and yet i feel so small.
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