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Eva Aug 13
Dear Aurora,

Beautiful and sun-kissed

Warm and enchanting

Delicate and glossed

Mystically enticing

Dear Aurora

I could never thank you enough for splintering my sorrows away

Letting me rest for another day

You slowly happen

The entire world knows you,


Many people start believing you are weak

And selfish

But dear Aurora,

I know you only too well

I have seen you rise up

And I have seen you fell

You are beauty full of sorrows

You are here today and gone tomorrow

You are healing

Aurora you are liberating

Dear Aurora

As you fly across the sky announcing a new sun

A gleam appears to me as a swift burn

It reminds me I am always apart from you

But you will always be a part of me

Dear Aurora

I love you.
Yohan Aug 12
The lights fill the sky
As we tell stories about our lives
Our pasts, present, and future
Laughing at every misspoken word

Even if things go south
Surely good things will be up and about
The lights may fade in a few minutes
But surely I know this wouldn't fade easily
Aseel Jun 24
أين أذهب بغضبي عندما يرميه الجميع بوجهي ما أن أُخرجه؟
Valentin May 16
The lights of the night through my eyes
By the beauty of our sky I am paralyzed

In my body a shot of freedom
In the snow I forget about the cold

Shutting my eyelids is now impossible
The aurora borealis bring me peace

I walk alone in those dark mountains
I want to spread this full happiness

The uniqueness of this moment is addictive
The drunkenness I feel is flawlessly attractive
Tiana Feb 29
Because I've dreamt a life
with you,
That's more radiant than the sunlight,
More charming than the moon
when shining bright
And more magical than the aurora's
of the north side;
dreaming the life with my love of life
Tiana Jan 19
Dear Aurora,

I still remember the first time we met,
In black and red
You were gorgeous
(And you still are)

You were full of surprise
And the only precious piece
my soul recognized;

Your sight soothed my eyes,
As crazy as it'll sound
I was beginning to think
that you were some enchantress in disguise;

And now after a lot of difficulties
We got together
Just know if you're by my side
Nothing else would matter;

Even how much annoying
your pranks are
And how much bad your cooking gets,

You'll always be the Aurora,
the miraculous light to my darkness

Yours Only
Letter to someone he loves
Valentin Nov 2019
I gave her a call this night
When the sky was green
She didn't pick up the phone
Suddenly the sky turned black
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
the blue glow of the television screen
mimicked the moonlight through the car window
where sat, Kate and i, in silence, watching
after a day gone that began with my name and hers

continued on until her slumber
whilst a lunar halo around me kept me walking in the night

the Georgian oak canopy hangs around like aurora borealis
i’ve never noticed it before
from "salve" 2019
available @:
Mark Toney Oct 2019
moonbeams bathe the night
auroras shimmering bright-
fireflies delight
09/21/2018 - Poetry form: Haiku - FYI - The Rules for Writing Haiku - English Grammar Rules & Usage states the following: "Punctuation and capitalization are up to the poet and need not follow rigid rules used in structuring sentences.  A haiku does not have to rhyme, in fact usually it does not rhyme at all." My muse understands this, but this time my muse wants it to rhyme.  Just sayin'... :) - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
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