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Aseel Jul 2022
كان لأمّي مجموعة من الأطباق الخزفية، ترابيّة اللون بنقشة زرقاء ناعمة. كانت مجموعتها المفضلة.
في اليوم الذي استأمنتني به على تنظيف أطباقها، كسرتُ أحدها. كانت أمّي في الغرفة المجاورة، لكنّها ببساطة، لم تقل شيئًا.
كسرتُ بعدها أربعة أطباقٍ و ثلاثة كؤوس إلى أن تعلّمتُ كيف أمسك الأطباق المبلولة دون أن تقع من بين يديّ. و في كلّ مرة، كانت أمّي تتركني أُخطئ، أتعلم، و تتصرف و كأنّ شيئًا لم يحصل.
أُلملم ما كسرت، أرميه، ثمّ أُطفئ الضوء.
كان لي قلبًا سكّري اللون، بشواطئ بيضاء، و كهوف تُضيء عندما تسمع الموسيقى.
و في اليوم الذي استأمنتُ به أحدهم على قلبي،
كنتُ أمامه، أنظرُ في عينيه، لكنّي ببساطة، لم أقل شيئًا.
و في كلّ مرة، أتركه يُخطئ، يتعلّم، و أتصرف و كأنّ شيئًا لم يحصل.
يُلملم قلبي، يرميه، ثُمّ يُطفئ الضوء.
Let me keep in secrecy the troubles that have befallen me. For if she sees the worries written upon me she's sure to make note and in turn ask me for my reasons of longing. My sudden unbelonging for it is not here I want to be, cast into shadows walking amongst the lost and forgotten treading on a muddy Valley floor whos paths were long worn and trotted with many a misery, and snare. Please let my feet not fail me nor my minds eyes bury me in fear. Let these tribulations befuddle me no more instead place my mind on beauty and lend me a message of hope and prosperity a figurative ladder to reach heights of lights gleaned with Emerald ethereal glow and plate colors pure as snow glown in strewn out rows across the skies like Aurora Borealis
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2021
The rosy-fingered dawn
  bleeds excitation
and atmospheric trails
  for seeking out tomorrow

Are these stars like rain?

  Emitting imagination,
  refracting suggestion?

Perhaps a new art form swimming
about as cloudbursts?

In undulating waves
  war and peace
are colliding out from
  the center of the sun

Could they be
messengers from heaven?

  A signal from God?

Perhaps at magnetic midnight,
four horsemen shall ride?
ara Nov 2020
the very first time i looked up to the sky,
it was dark, and it was scary— still, i tried.
the world was so cruel, and my mind was in chaos
but someone told me, “it’ll be the most brilliant darkness in our eyes”

darkness has never felt this comforting before
so warm, it feels like home. so accepting it feels like a hug.
since then, i never took my eyes off darkness
because i know, it’ll be the most brilliant in our eyes.
someone told me darkness would be the most brilliant in our eyes :]
What if it is not what I imagined
What if the cold breeze is harsh on me
What if I couldn't find my warmth then
What if I feel lonely, even though I wish to be alone
What if that dream stays as a dream
What if I fail to love the moment
But what if,
What if all my "what-if's" are wrong
One day :-)
Eva Aug 2020
Dear Aurora,

Beautiful and sun-kissed

Warm and enchanting

Delicate and glossed

Mystically enticing

Dear Aurora

I could never thank you enough for splintering my sorrows away

Letting me rest for another day

You slowly happen

The entire world knows you,


Many people start believing you are weak

And selfish

But dear Aurora,

I know you only too well

I have seen you rise up

And have seen how you fell

You are beauty full of sorrows

You are here today and gone tomorrow

You are healing

Aurora you are liberating

Dear Aurora

As you fly across the sky announcing a new sun

A gleam appears to me as a swift burn

It reminds me I am always apart from you

But you will always be a part of me

Dear Aurora

I love you.
Yohan Aug 2020
The lights fill the sky
As we tell stories about our lives
Our pasts, present, and future
Laughing at every misspoken word

Even if things go south
Surely good things will be up and about
The lights may fade in a few minutes
But surely I know this wouldn't fade easily
Aseel Jun 2020
أين أذهب بغضبي عندما يرميه الجميع بوجهي ما أن أُخرجه؟
Tiana Feb 2020
Because I've dreamt a life
with you,
That's more radiant than the sunlight,
More charming than the moon
when shining bright
And more magical than the aurora's
of the north side;
dreaming the life with my love of life
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