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Karen M 2d
Sounds of rubber against rubber
Scraping a sandpaper Q-tip through
Your ears will raise hairs from your
Arms and neck to be tugged
On by little ghost hands
Of electricity coming from a tiny sack
Of nothing that fits anything and everything
Wrong you've ever said
Or done and thought rising above
Your head out of reach to be
Popped outside of Heaven's
Kivanc 5d
Wrapping souls,
Always live down it,
Lands aren't awake now.

Don't burn,
Let it just stay,
Don't drive a stake to my mind,
Take me completely please my soul.

Weird phobia,
After odor left the room,
Dreams will stay, awake immediately!



What phobia should I do next?
Bartholomew Jan 20
For this point and time being my life is good up in this moment
It’s showing and the hoes know it
so it’s hard to overthrow it
So I’m living like a rockstar but funny cuz I ain’t famous
And it’s funny, see the money then you start to see the changes
See my friends in different places
cuz we walk in different paces
And we trapped up in the struggle hoping one day we can make it
And I’m scared to loose em to death cuz we outta luck
But I’m really afraid to grow apart cuz we outta touch.....

**** where’d the time go
Looking at me in this mirror, realizing I’m getting old
But yet I’m still young and I’m happy within my placement
But with all the **** I’ve done what happens if I never make it
Afraid to drop a seed, I’ll raise him, I ain’t bluffing
But how can he look up to me if I don’t amount to nothing
I’m taking a second to sit and think about my fears
Will I lead to my own destruction or continue on my years
Part I (pages from 2011)
blacklocket7 Jan 20
The thing is,

my nightmares aren't about huge spiders,

or falling off the top of really tall buildings.

They aren't about the monsters in the closet,

or the monsters in my head.

They aren't about ghosts,

or creepy clowns.

My nightmares are about you.
The way you killed me with your eyes.
I've never been the same.

The way you stabbed me in the back when I wasn't looking.
Red eyes,
love made me blind.
The way your words trapped, strangled, and suffocated me.

Sweet dreams.
My first poem.
Sabrina Dec 2018
Rise above
It all
Don't let anyone stop you
Not anymore
We won't fall
Let the rage take over you
Show them what you're made of
Show them the strength that's made you go up
Be the person
You've always wanted to be
Show them even though you've been through your own kind of ****,
You're still genuinely smiling.
i had a little lyricy tune i made up in my head and put it into a poem, this doesn't really apply to me but i'm sure it could inspire others :P
Shruti Dadhich Oct 2018
I saw them decorating the whole place,
& decorating me;
    the thing to be sold,
    the burden which since my birth they did hold,
     the burden from which today they will get free...

I saw them giving me so many blessings,
& also listened to their relaxed breathings,
   Cause their biggest tension is soon going to end,
In my whole life after those seven rounds I found them most relaxed...

I saw them giving my hands in the hands of a boy, to me a stranger,
I wonder are they the same who kept me away from boys, from that lover?

I saw them packing in my bag
so much of gold & insurance paper of the new dowry's car,
   but they forget my love, my guitar,
I saw people asking them -
       "Does she know cooking?
     Is she good at house holding?"
But nobody bothered to ask,
      Was I still breathing???

& at last tearing they took me to a car,
& told me,
"Take care of your new family,
            & your husband"
the one who has got a new servant!!!
As I looked in the car I saw them smiling cruelly,
& as I looked back,
I saw them smiling,
& those momentary crocodile's tears ending,
I saw them relaxed & calm ,
Having got freedom of the biggest burden & a very big duty...
I have seen my elders guiding me every time that I will have to go to family of my in-laws...
It's just because of these guidelines & the destructed marriage lives around me that I'm having a big phobia of marriage, & these days am unable to sleep because of nightmares of my own wedding, which is equal to my destruction...
This is the form of the insecurity & fear I felt in my dream...
Hope to get rid of these nightmares after sharing it in this form...
Jayce Sep 2018
we got tattoos and the ink overpowered your blood
i cut myself open to remind you of it
you grew bored of trying to revive your heart

we pledged our allegiance over shared bottles of *****
the alcohol whispered that I could finally stand on the edge and drop off
you stopped helping me down and started offering to push me

you'd called me your sister since we were eleven
we grew like flowers, but my mind began to wilt
your garden grew despondent,
you pulled your roots from mine and grew away from me

heaven, don't leave me at the gates
i'll shred my throat raw from begging for help to heal an ache that Fear keeps sore as he reminds me
"angels do not befriend the deficient"
Sabrina Sep 2018
Get out of my head
Stop ruining my life
Creating up little lies and scenarios
Forcing me to believe them.
Atelophobia along with my anxiety and depression that controls my everyday life.
I depend on that one small pill to keep me happy and sane
My brain is so ****** up that I cry for no good reason without it.
I miss one day, and I break.
No reason for me to snap, no reason for me to cry, no one can tell me why I randomly developed this mental issue that runs my whole life.
Let me love someone for once without being doubtful.
Let me love someone without a fear of being thrown out.
But maybe it's just trying to protect me,
So that I don't get any worse.
Get out of my head.
Amy Duckworth Sep 2018
There is a girl,
She is scared of love
She doesn't want to be cared about because she is afraid of losing someone she loves.
So she is scared to caring or loving someone.
There is a girl,
Who is afraid to be blind
She doesn't want to miss out on all the pretty sights she could see.
So she is scared to not see the world in all it's glory.
The first girl falls in love and gets married,
But her husband cheates on her.
The second girl loves to star gaze,
But she is just dreaming when she wakes up she is blind.
These two part are like the two sides of me and I fear both things and I am afraid of what's going to happen
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